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Social media 101

Social media 101






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  • LARA

Social media 101 Social media 101 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media 101: B2B Molly Borchers Mollyborchers@gmail.com @MollyBorchers & MollyBorchers.com
  • Marketing Trends Shift in focus from outbound to inbound marketing  Outbound = telemarketing, tradeshows, direct mail, email blasts, traditional advertising  Inbound = Permission-based via social media, blogging, search engine marketing Content is the key to inbound marketing  Content curation Social media places content where customers and prospects are looking Social media is heavily favored by search engines Without an active voice in social media, the brand is defined by others
  • Managing the B2B Brand Social media provides another strategic tool to reach these types of goals:  Better engaging media, prospects, customers  Finding additional avenues to market your views, products and culture  Establishing the business as a thought leader on a subject  Understanding what the market is saying about your products Potential benefits from creating a social media hub as part of an effective social media campaign include:  A boost in online traffic to website  Word-of-mouth referrals  Increased brand awareness among customers, prospects, media, partners  Increased brand loyalty
  • Social Media + Media Relations = <3 Relationship building New touch points New avenues of research SEO
  • A Proven Approach
  • Top 4 Things Social Media Can Do For YourBusiness Extend your current marketing plan Drive business development Find passive recruits/prospects Improve your customer service
  • Top 5 Social Media Mistakes Just having a profile (usually incomplete) Self-promotional spamming Assuming social media replaces networking Thinking others will flock to you Not being able to handle negative comments
  • First Things First Who are the People you’re trying to reach? What are your Objectives? Does social media fit as a Strategy? Which social Tactics make the most sense? (Forrester’s P.O.S.T. model)
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social for Business LinkedIn Twitter Blogs Facebook YouTube
  •  LinkedIn is the most professional of all the social networks The median age of LinkedIn users is 41 All Fortune 500 companies are represented on the site
  • LinkedIn Facts LinkedIn is the oldest of the social sites in this presentation There are more than 70 million users worldwide, with 12 million unique visitors to LinkedIn per day 80% of companies use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool A new member joins LinkedIn every second
  • LinkedIn Best Practices Complete your profile. Add a photo, not a business logo Upload your email contacts Think quality not quantity Always send personalized notes to connect Stay top of mind with smart status updates
  • Next Level Tips Boost your company website and blog URLs with keywords as the linked text Impress and attract prospects and customers with smart group participation/ leadership Demonstrate expertise via Q&A contributions
  • How Can it Work for Me?Of all social sites, LinkedIn is best at helping to open doors for you and your business… But it’s up to YOU to continue these business relationships in real life.
  •  A top three social media vehicle A business and communications tool for 110 million active users including:  Consumers  Professionals  Employees  Volunteers  Media  Brands  Elected officials
  • Twitter as Search EngineThe world’s fastest-growing search engine Twitter search volume is up 33% since last year Twitter has 24 billion searches per monthBy comparison… Yahoo has 9.4 billion searches per month Bing has 4.1 million Google has 88 billion searches per month
  • Twitter as News Source News is happening first on Twitter Great way to get the headlines before they even hit the newswires Find out what is happening in your industry or local community right now
  • Why Twitter? Twitter hosts the same business conversations we’ve had for years over coffee, golf or a board room table – but now it’s in a format that allows more than two people to listen, learn and benefit
  • Twitter for Business  Monitor for leads and prospects  Trend on Twitter by using #hashtags  Participate in Q&A  Search for and share content  Increase web site traffic  Build B2B awareness  Engage with customers  Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Next Gen Tips Use Tweetmeme to track hot trends, see most- Tweeted links Create visual graphs of hot trends over time at Trendistic Use Hootsuite to post and track your content and its impact Use Chatterscope to compare your results vs. competitors over time
  • Blogs Matter 77% of Internet users read blogs, according to Universal McCann 70% of bloggers are talking about brands 46% of respondents post about the brands they love (or hate) 38% post brand or product reviews Corporate blogging accounts for 14% of blogs 89% of journalists conduct research on blogs 72% of bloggers blog to share expertise 61% of bloggers supplement their income by blogging
  • Would Blogging Work for Me? Company branded blog vs. guest blogging Focus on sharing insights and information Minimal self-promotion Keep content relevant to your audience Feature diverse employees, not just execs Update regularly
  •  Relaxed, multimedia interaction opportunity Brands are welcome Wide demographic use Real-time access to brand/company supporters 700 million users
  • How Can it Work for Me? Company page vs. groups vs. community pages Share advice/counsel Create a content calendar Connect with the community Address service issues in a fair, quick manner
  • Next Gen Tips Set community expectations Provide cohesive branding Be up to date Live authenticity Participate in dialogue Enable peer-to-peer interactions Foster advocacy Solicit a call to action(Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group)
  • More than funny videos:  Education opportunities  Awareness/loyalty building  Exceptional search engine benefits  Measureable results
  • Facts about YouTube YouTube receives more than 2 billion viewers per day YouTube is the second largest search engine, with 3.9 billion searches per month YouTube uses the same amount of bandwidth as the entire Internet used in 2000
  • How Can it Work for Me? Educate Demonstrate and simplify complex concepts Provide useful tips and how-to information Showcase your expertise Be interesting!
  • Next Gen Tips  Brand your channel  Populate with existing videos  Share and aggregate relevant content from others  Use keywords as tags on each video  Remember to include a call to action/web address  Promote your video links across other social networks  Embed your YouTube videos on your website, too
  • Where To Begin?
  • Strategy First Listen to the conversation Review and analyze learnings Engage if and when it makes sense Commit to 30 minutes per week Monitor and adjust efforts Measure results
  • Top 5 Hot Trends1. Geolocation2. Mobile everything (apps, ads, payments)3. Group buying / social shopping4. Social media policies5. SEO (keywords/tags are everything)
  • Best Social Media Resources1. Smart Brief on Social Media2. AllTop3. Delicious4. Mashable
  • How it All Fits Together
  • Holistic SEO
  • Final Thoughts  P.O.S.T.  Be willing to let go of total control  Balanced Content  Monitor. Test. Adjust. Repeat.  Social media is not solely a marketing function  Integrate social media vehicles for optimum SEO  Embrace 1 to 1 interaction with your audience
  • Questions? Mollyborchers@gmail.com @MollyBorchers MollyBorchers.comFor slides and resources: http://www.slideshare.net/mollyborchers