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Presentation for my Social Media & Journalism class on my Social Media Brand Plan.

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Social Media Brand Plan

  1. 1. Social Media Brand Plan<br />Mollie Dobersek<br />
  2. 2. Goals:<br />My online brand will be used to network with people in the field of Journalism and Broadcast Media, as well as accomplish a credible reputation of myself.<br />My ideal job would be a career in the field of Broadcast Journalism, working as a news anchor or reporter.<br />
  3. 3. Portfolio:<br />My portfolio will include samples of my written work, such as blog entries, past articles I’ve written, writing samples, photos I have taken, and a headshot. In the near future I will include video uploads on Vimeo of my work. It will also include information about myself and how to contact me. Social Media Profiles that are an asset to my online brand include; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Youtube, and Vimeo. An employer would be able to view my resume on LinkedIn or in my portfolio as a .PDF file.<br />
  4. 4. Objectives:<br />Goal: To obtain an internship in the broadcast journalism field and further my education and experience within the field.<br />I would like my employer to be able to have a good sense of my ambition, hard work and dedication to my education over the years. I would want my employer to see the passion there is within me.<br />Professionally, I will strive to accomplish my goals in order to achieve the career I’ve always wanted. The road is long, but by taking the right steps along the way, I am sure to reach my destination. Education is so important in the competitive market these days, that by completing higher level education, I plan to outshine competition in the field with my level of education and overall experience.<br />Strategy: Apply for the Institute for Humane Studies Broadcast Journalism Internship for the Summer of 2011. Become a member of the National Association of Broadcasters. Graduate with a BA in Journalism Spring 2011. Further my education for a Masters Degree in Journalism.<br />
  5. 5. SWOT analysis:<br />STRENGTHS: Oral, Written, and Visual Communication abilities. Work effectively under deadlines and pressure. Interviewing, reporting and people skills. <br />WEAKNESSES: Need more familiarization with technical newsroom skills, and on-scene reporting.<br />OPPORTUNITIES: Education, Internships, Summer Broadcast Seminars<br />THREATS: The new media, funding for the provision of broadcast news have made cuts, narrowing the availability of staff positions.<br />
  6. 6. Online Presence:<br />I am very active in social media, which as an aspiring journalist is very important for my brand reputation. Social media helps one be seen as a more credible journalist, one that people can identify with and in turn be able to trust more. I have a blog on Wordpress, you can follow me on Twitter, I have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Flickr. <br />
  7. 7. Social Media Brand<br />My social media brand represents me, who I am as an individual, what my goals, ambitions and future plans are. Employers will see my focus on journalism, current events, as well as my passion for writing, reporting and broadcasting. With my social media brand, using the outlets alone will allow an employer to get a general idea of who I am, an idea of me before they meet me for the first time. Thus, I want that to be a positive, informative, first impression.<br />
  8. 8. Strategies for Success:<br />I will continue to be active in social media, updating regularly and posting articles related to my industry focus. I will stay informed on current events, and observe characteristics of others in the field. I will continue to network with associations, groups, and people within my field. Gaining an audience happens over time, and I have been using social media for quite some time now. When it comes to twitter, the more people in your industry that you follow, the more likely they are to follow you. Websites to frequent include, The Journalists Toolbox, Buzzmachine, The Muckraker, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Poynter Online,,, and just to name a few!<br />
  9. 9. Tactics:<br />Short Term<br />Long Term<br />Become a member of the National Association of Broadcasters<br />Complete my social media brand and be active online<br />Finish my degree at EMU by Spring 2011<br />Find a part time internship for spring/summer this year<br />Apply for the Broadcast Journalism Institute for Humane Studies Internship Summer 2011<br />Find a local job related to the field to start out at<br />Further my education by entering a graduate degree program<br />
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