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  • 1. Empathy Team Edge Fellows Monday, August 5, 13
  • 2. Who? Female, Junior in college 4.0 GPA President of business club Accounting/Management major From a family of nurses/doctors Business-based major is already a stretch Passion is health and wellness Monday, August 5, 13
  • 3. Empathy Map Say Think Do Feel Monday, August 5, 13
  • 4. Say I know this is a good major I just have to finish I don’t know if I can put in the 40+ hours a week to make it This is a solid career I’ve thought about wellness but where would that go? I don’t look like a personal trainer, so no one would take me seriously. I can live with accounting Maybe once I get started, I can get to a different department Health is just a hobby, but I love it Monday, August 5, 13
  • 5. Do Not much eye contact Fiddling with keys, pens, purse, etc. Sigh Excitement with wellness Has multiple degree audits for different paths Sits up when talking about health Pulls on earrings when justifying accounting major Monday, August 5, 13
  • 6. Think She can live with it She wants this College is supposed to be hard Current major=stability She doesn’t fit picture of ‘wellness’ therefore will be unsuccessful Family won’t accept departure from their ‘standard’ career options Accounting=$ wellness= :) Monday, August 5, 13
  • 7. Feel Unsure of major Exhausted Confused Lying to self??? Burnt out Excited about change Worried about future Not comfortable with unknown Monday, August 5, 13
  • 8. Challenge Statement She needs a way to... Give herself permission to pursue her passion Realize her passion Embrace uncertainty Realize she is unhappy She needs a way to follow her passion so that she can be happy Monday, August 5, 13