Necc 2009 Bof Film Festival


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NECC 2009 Birds-of-a-Feather Discussion: Organizing a District Film/Media Festival in Your School District. Share your experiences or start planning.

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Necc 2009 Bof Film Festival

  1. 1. District Film/Media Festival Monday, 6/29/2009, 4:45pm–6:15pm WWCC 151 B Birds-of-a-Feather Discussion NECC 2009, Washington, DC Maryann Molishus Council Rock School District http://council-rock-filmmedia-
  2. 2. Why? • Why do you have a film or media festival in your school district? • OR- Why do you want to have a film or media festival in your school district?
  3. 3. Why? • NETS-S, NETS-T Standards - addresses many depending on extent of projects and festival organization • Students can connect to similar events already in existence.
  4. 4. Decide: Film or Media • Will you have only film submissions or include a variety of media projects? • Choices could include: videos such as documentaries, public service announcements, advertising, fictional productions, factual presentations; machinima; animation; video games; music videos; vodcasts; wikis or other Web sites; PowerPoint presentations • What are the skills of the staff and students in your district? • What type of equipment is available?
  5. 5. Decide: Grade Levels • Plan what grade levels to include. • You could include all levels: K-12. • You could begin smaller or set up festivals for your different grade levels, such as an elementary level festival or high school festival.
  6. 6. Rules/Application • Must be clear for students and teachers • Samples on Wikispace and on other Web sites • Must meet needs of your community- ability level of adults and children
  7. 7. Scoring • Judges - who will it be at each level? • Rubric - depends on projects to be included • ? At school level and district level • This has been most difficult for me
  8. 8. Funding and Prizes • Where does funding come from - PTOs, local businesses, school budget, grants, etc. • Cost of advertising, prizes, certificates, reserving a theater, what else? • How are prizes awarded - by grade level, category, special prizes not based on grade level (by subject area for example or “most enthusiastic”); or scored against rubric and not in competition with others; or a combination • Certificate of participation for all
  9. 9. The Festival • When to have it - spring to have most projects completed for submission • Where to have it - a local theater if possible, or high school auditorium; something special • Who to invite - tickets to raise $ • Offer training, guest speaker - maybe after year one
  10. 10. Links to Contests and Activities • film~festival • • Find a way to promote other contests and activities while promoting your own events • Connect to others and share
  11. 11. More Discussion? • http://council-rock-filmmedia- • ...
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