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  • 1. Hello, friends:This is my city.Jaén (Spanish: *xaˈen+) is a city insouth-central Spain, the name isderived from the Arabic wordJayyan, (crossroads of caravans).
  • 2. It is the capital of the province of Jaén. It is located in Andalusia.
  • 3. We can enter Andalucia through its main gateway. And the only Jaén passageway, like in many western films, is to squeeze through the rocky steepmountain path called Desfiladero de Despeñaperros.
  • 4. Having gone through thismountain pass, rows and rowsof olive trees with their silveryleaves stick out against thereddish unspoiled background.This is Jaen, leading worldproducer of olive oil and olives.
  • 5. Jaén is known asthe World Capital of Olive Oil, because its the biggest producer of this liquid gold (as we refer to it).
  • 6. Jaen has magnificent monuments, museums and friendly and happy people.
  • 7. The old town has narrow streets and medieval houses and squares.
  • 8. The modern city has a lot of high buildings and large squares and gardens.
  • 9. In the center town there is a beautiful Cathedral builtbetween the 16 th century and 18 th century in Renaissance style.
  • 10. Arab Baths: Located in the narrow streets in the old quarter, underneath the Palacio deVilladompardo, these 11th century baths once belonged to Ali, a Moorish king of Jaen.
  • 11. Sta. Catalina’s Castle: Situated on top amountain looks at the city from above.
  • 12. My city has many monuments, palaces, churches, monasteries, arches ... This is the Town Hall .
  • 13. TheUniversity
  • 14. In Jaén the eating of is “tapas”very common; numerous bars existwhere for the price of abeer (around €1.50) onecan purchasea tapa, whichconsists of asmall plate of food for one person.
  • 15. Youre welcome to my city, Jaén!!