Computer for Biological Research


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Computer for Biological Research

  1. 1. Computer Application For Biological Research Chakard Chalayut (molecularck) Laboratory of Molecular Virology Institute of Molecular Biology & Genetics Mahidol University
  2. 2. A little bit about myself. Bachelor degree in Microbiology at Microbiology Department, Science Faculty, KMUTT Now. Master degree in Molecular Biology & Genetics at Institute of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Mahidol University.
  3. 3. Imagine ! how does the cell big?
  4. 4. Data storage in cell
  5. 5. DNA
  6. 6. How does the data transfer ?
  7. 7. So we need to know how the information go from DNA to protein. Which region is the coding sequence? What is the remain in the DNA? How does the protein work? ETC
  8. 8. The important of Computer in Biology Research Human Genome Project (HGP)
  9. 9. What we got from HGP Sequence of all genetic information. Maps and Landmarks in Genome Expressed Sequence DNA markers Variation of genome Bioinformatic tools
  10. 10. Next of HGP Transcriptomics Proteomics Functional Genomics Animal Model Study Gene Therapy Computational Genomics
  11. 11. Computational Genomics Is an interdisciplinary field that applies the techniques of computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics to address problems inspired by biology. Major fields in biology that use computational techniques.
  12. 12. Computational Genomics Bioinformatics
  13. 13. Computational Genomics Bioinformatics
  14. 14. Computational Genomics Computational Biomodeling
  15. 15. the reverse transcriptase enzyme of the HIV-I virus with a molecular model of an inhibitor drug compound bound to the enzyme's receptor pocket.
  16. 16. Computational Genomics Molecular Modelling
  17. 17. PyMol VMD
  18. 18. Computational Genomics Systems biology new biological study field that focuses on the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems Transcriptomics Glycomics Proteomics Fluxomics Interactomics Metabolomics
  19. 19. Computational Genomics Protein structure prediction and structural genomics Protein Purification Crystallization X-ray Crystallography Analyses Protein Structure
  20. 20. For Thailand We have BIOTECH as a leader for Computational Genomics development.
  21. 21. The problem for biology research from my experience. No background knowledge of computer. Don’t have the easy and free tools to use. (especially Thai tools)
  22. 22. Most of the free biology computer tools are in UNIX but most biological scientist didn’t know what is UNIX until Master degree!!! (Someone in Doctor Degree) Most of biology science student didn’t study UNIX or biology tool but the University let they study Pascal or Dos and we don’t know how this program involve in biology research.
  23. 23. The science student in Thailand must learn some bioinformatics or computational biology for research the tools for biology research.
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention.