Megatrends and new business
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Megatrends and new business



What is the relationship between megatrends and new business? Roope Mokka's presentation at Chalmers University drills into megatrends and creates a case for resource smart business.

What is the relationship between megatrends and new business? Roope Mokka's presentation at Chalmers University drills into megatrends and creates a case for resource smart business.



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Megatrends and new business Megatrends and new business Presentation Transcript

  • megatrends and new business Roope Mokka // Demos Helsinki
  • Demos Helsinki
  • Demos HElsinki a sustainable innovations think tank. We believe that sustainable lifestyles are the next business frontier. * Offices: Helsinki & Gothenburg * Established: 2005 * Strategy: international growth 2014–2020 * Focus: Co-creation + Foresight We bring out the important in the complexity. At the core of our work is In the press: interdisciplinary and independent research. Clients include:
  • Megatrends Drive business
  • the next wave? ?
  • Suburbanisation 1950–1990's
  • cars!
  • re-urbanisation 2000-
  • urbanisation= lifts! KONE: ”Global megatrends drive our business. The direction and shape of the global lift and escalator industry are driven by four megatrends: urbanisation, changing demographics, the increasing importance of safety, and concern for the environment.”
  • In 1984 a megatrend moment happened. ICT was connected to a megatrend of the 1980’s and 90’s! Individualisation. 10
  • What are megatrends: 1.Things that affect everything 2.Things that are very unlikely to go away 3.Things that interact with each other 4.Things that create trends, technologies and industries 5. Things changing in definition, but remaining the same in essence
  • What megatrends are not: 1. Trends or fashions 2. Technologies or industries 3. Local phenomena 4. Something you can abolish with a magic bullet
  • Demos Helsinki Megatrends
  • Demos Helsinki Megatrends 1. Scarce resources 2. Population shift 3. The metropolis economy 4. Technological planetarism 5. Post-individualism
  • Scarce resources
  • Population shift
  • The metropolis economy
  • Technological planetarism
  • INFLUENCERS: Coming Down To You, Your Passion & Your Charismatic Postindividualism ...consumer trust in brands has declined by 50% in a decade, down from 52% to 25%. Instead, people trust their peers.
  • Resource scarcity and business
  • Amount of users
  • revenue
  • Number of cars
  • iPhones
  • Animal protein consumption
  • TEDx’s seminars
  • Consumption of energy
  • Airmiles
  • Sensors
  • Base-stations
  • Solar panels installed base
  • CO2 emissions You are here
  • CO2 emissions the physical reality
  • a historic change ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ? 1968 1990 2010 2030 2050
  • er op p C l ed la nd al tur Na gas r ate W Oi Cult spor ivat Pho
  • ve Lo ss ine cy W ea lth tan ec xp pp Ha Lif ee ions ree vat F do Inno m
  • no.... however things are going to change massively and fast.
  • BOTTOM LINE: What changes the most?
  • nnöillä on mahdollista saada aikaan merkittäviä säästöjä energiansidipäästöissä. Rakennusten energiankulutusta vähentämällä neljäsosa tarvittavista kasvihuonekaasupäästöjen vähennyksistä. Most resource intensive fields of consumption aasti Asuminen Housing Liikkuminen Mobility Ruoka Food korjaa Kuluttaminen aasti Shopping uomio isiin Vapaa-aika Leisure Matkustaminen Tourism 0 10 % 20 % Yksityisen kulutuksen päästöt Suomessa 30 % 40 %
  • Housing DISRUPTION Mobility Food i.e. good news for startups!
  • Housing ARPU≈8000 SEK Mobility≈3000 SEK Food 10–15% of all consumer spend Facebook ARPU = $1.21
  • next wave
  • re-urbanisation 2000- World most resource smart business?
  • Peloton Club Peloton Club is the peer-incubator for energy smart startup companies. Our teams create solutions to wicked problems. Where is the economy heading? Are we doomed to crises after crises, without any idea where we are going? It takes courage to say out loud that there is another way. It takes courage to make an impact in the new economy.
  • Conclusions: resource smart business... ...creates customer value and frees people from natural resource dependency. ...does not lead to more resource use somewhere else – pure efficiency does not cut it. ...scales like there is no end, i.e. is affordable. ...not minimizing impact but maximizing it!
  • The challenge for you!
  • twitter @mokka Demos Helsinki, Laivurinkatu 41, kulmahuoneisto, 00140 Helsinki