Personal Data Privacy and Information Security
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Personal Data Privacy and Information Security

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Personal data privacy and information security -- presentation at ISOC's INET Colombo 2011

Personal data privacy and information security -- presentation at ISOC's INET Colombo 2011

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  • 1. Personal Data Protection and Information Security INET Colombo 2011 Session II: Making the Internet Safe for Everyone Charles Mok Internet Society Hong Kong 2011.05.23
  • 2. Privacy and Security
    • Internet for all -> more problems?
    • Growing awareness and media attention on personal data protection, privacy and information security
    • Privacy legislation
    • Security vs convenience and openness
    • However, there is a contrasting attitude on others vs attitude on oneself
  • 3. Privacy Law in Hong Kong
    • Personal Data Protection Ordinance, enacted in 1997.
    • Enforced by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
      • Issue code of practice
      • Investigate suspected breaches and issue enforcement notices
      • Awareness and education
    • 2010 Review of the ordinance
  • 4. Scope of the Ordinance
    • The Ordinance covers any data relating directly or indirectly to a living individual (data subject), from which it is practicable to ascertain the identity of the individual and which are in a form in which access or processing is practicable. It applies to any person (data user) that controls the collection, holding, processing or use of personal data.
  • 5. Six Data Protection Principles
    • Principle 1: Purpose and manner of collection
    • Principle 2: Accuracy and duration of retention
    • Principle 3: Use of personal data
    • Principle 4: Security of personal data
    • Principle 5: Information to be generally available
    • Principle 6: Access to personal data
  • 6. Incidents – Leakages
    • Public hospitals – staff losing USB thumb drives and other storage devices
    • Police, immigration and fire departments* – leaking personal information and documents over P2P networks e.g. Foxy
    • Banks – losing servers and tapes with customer transaction information
    • Octopus (payment smartcard) – selling customer information to telemarketers and insurance companies
  • 7. Other Recent PCO Actions
    • Google collection of WiFi payload data
    • Google Street View car operation
    • Sony PlayStation Network
  • 8. Emerging Issues
    • Impact of social media
      • Conflicts between openness, freedom and abuse
      • Identity fraud
      • 'Human flesh search' and online bullying
      • Anonymity vs. calls for 'real name system'
        • Example: Korea real name system for online games causing even more personal data leakages?
    • Information security issues
      • SME and zombie networks -> Korean legislation
      • Mobile security
  • 9. More threats
    • What if your information security threat is from your Government?
    • Great Firewall of China
      • From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 (e.g. Green Dam)
        • Centralizing Internet control under the State Council
        • Moving from servers to personal devices
        • From filtering to surveillance, i.e. government spyware
        • Destabilizing VP, Gmail and 'Real Name System'
        • Government surveillance on dissidents and their supporters on blocked services such as Twitter
    • A trend for more governments in the world to imitate?
  • 10. Resources
    • Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
    • HK SAR Government's Infosec public website
    • HK CERT
  • 11. 莫乃光 Charles Mok [email_address]