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Future Challenges for Media Literacy
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Future Challenges for Media Literacy


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Presentation to Media Literacy Research Forum 2008 of the International Regulators Forum, in Hong Kong -- 2008.10.31

Presentation to Media Literacy Research Forum 2008 of the International Regulators Forum, in Hong Kong -- 2008.10.31

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Future Challenges for Media Literacy Charles Mok Internet Society Hong Kong 2008.10.31
  • 2. Media Literacy
    • Future challenges for all
      • Regulators, policy-makers
      • Media
      • Educators
      • Users – everybody
    • Found on Wikipedia
      • Media literacy aims to enable people to be skillful creators and producers of media messages, both to facilitate an understanding as to the strengths and limitations of each medium, as well as to create independent media.
  • 3. For regulators
    • Beyond a regulator's role
      • How do you support the media you do not regulate? (at least, not through licensing)‏
      • Do you know them, or support their causes?
        • People's Radio in Hong Kong – they may be violating existing law, but should the regulator/government support their causes instead?
  • 4. 1. Business not the only focus anymore
    • Media were business
    • Regulators give license to companies
    • New media not driven by commercial motives; e.g. bloggers, citizen journalism
    • How does regulators adjust to accommodate other incentives of new media?
    • But this is a two-way development: e.g. 'hybrid economy' (Lawrence Lessig's Remix )
    • Not about protecting consumers anymore, but protecting creators – prosumers?
      • Culture/environment that promotes innovation and creativity, freedom of information
  • 5. 2. Content/application focus
    • It's not about basic service provisions anymore
    • Services and utilities received by consumers are no longer just provided by licensees, in fact, most of it not by the licensees
    • Even for traditional licensing activities including frequency allocation, auction of spectrum, how to consider factors such as the development of content and applications?
    • E.g. upcoming BWA (Wimax) and Mobile TV in HK
  • 6. 3. Read-only to Read/Write
    • One of the key concept from Lessig's Remix .
    • Beyond regulation and business...a cultural issue
    • DRM?
    • Creative Commons Hong Kong
      • Where are the regulators?
  • 7. 4. Media Education
    • Who's educating who?
    • Young people don't take the law and ethics seriously...
      • Or are we 'making a generation of criminals out of our children'?
      • Media literacy – who is illiterate?
    • HK news today: students poor handwriting makes it impossible for graders to decipher
      • Whose problem is it?
      • Is it a problem at all?
  • 8. Thank you Charles Mok Internet Society Hon Kong [email_address]