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Navigating The Mobile Landscape
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Navigating The Mobile Landscape


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Here is my presentation for The eLearning Guild's Dec 6-7 Online Forum. …

Here is my presentation for The eLearning Guild's Dec 6-7 Online Forum.

Published in: Education

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  • Getsmartphone – foreshadowing
  • At the end of 2011, there were 6 billion mobile subscriptions, estimates The International Telecommunication Union
  • Source
  • Rapid
  • Foundation of the web will be responsive and inherently mobile
  • Responsive design
  • Story……Pocket card interactiveMy touch championUsed mobile device to capture
  • I just finished a project with a major insurance organization. They had existing eLearnings that were built in Captivate. They wanted the courses to work on iPads. I built them a prototype in Lectora (html 5). Based the success of that we they hired me to convert the rest of their courses.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Jeff Tillett Learning Technologist Media ProducerMojocat Creative Services
    • 2. Navigating the Mobile Landscape Mojocat Creative Services
    • 3. Jeff Tillett • Navigating the Mobile Landscape In this session we will 1. Look at the current state of mobile technologies 2. Review mobile technologies, platforms and operating systems 3. Discuss why mobile is a game changer for learning 4. Explore some mLearning case studies 5. Begin to see how mLearning could fit into your organization Mojocat Creative Services
    • 4. Objective # 1 What is the current state of mobile? Mojocat Creative Services
    • 5. At the end of 2011, there were 6billion mobile subscriptions Mojocat Creative Services
    • 6. That’s equivalent to 87 percent ofthe world population Mojocat Creative Services
    • 7. Holy Cow!Mojocat Creative Services
    • 8. 491.4 million Smartphoneshipments in 2011 Mojocat Creative Services
    • 9. This makes smartphones 31.8percent of all handsets shipped Mojocat Creative Services
    • 10. Mojocat Creative Services
    • 11. 68.7 million tablets and e-Readerssold in 2011 Mojocat Creative Services
    • 12. Mojocat Creative Services
    • 13. Survey # 1 How often do you use your phone for accessing web content? Mojocat Creative Services
    • 14. Objective # 2 Mobile technologies, platforms and operating systems Mojocat Creative Services
    • 15. Platforms and operating systems Mojocat Creative Services
    • 16. vs App WebMojocat Creative Services
    • 17. App Access to device features • Camera/Video • Geolocation • Accelerometer • Disk AccessMojocat Creative Services
    • 18. Web • Dynamic content • Desktop access • Easy updates • More common skillset • More ScalableMojocat Creative Services
    • 19. Mobile developmentMojocat Creative Services
    • 20. Mojocat Creative Services
    • 21. Mobile and web are merging Mojocat Creative Services
    • 22. Today’s development communityis going by the “mobile first”Strategy Mojocat Creative Services
    • 23. Say what?Mojocat Creative Services
    • 24. SmartphonesMojocat Creative Services
    • 25. Survey # 2What mobile phone do you have? Mojocat Creative Services
    • 26. TabletsMojocat Creative Services
    • 27. Survey # 3 Do you have a tablet? Mojocat Creative Services
    • 28. Deployment OptionsMojocat Creative Services
    • 29. Objective # 3 Mobile is a game changer for learning Mojocat Creative Services
    • 30. We can now put learning in context. From the book The Mobile Learning Edge by Gary Woodil Mojocat Creative Services
    • 31. Beyond single impact learning • Learning 2.0 • Extend the learning event • Gaming & interactive • Just in time accessibility Mojocat Creative Services
    • 32. Connects with today’s audience Mojocat Creative Services
    • 33. How we use mobile devices today • Social Networking • Apps • Calling and Texting • Gaming • email • Capture photo and video Mojocat Creative Services
    • 34. Content is still keyMojocat Creative Services
    • 35. 4 types of mLearning • Learning content ported from another source • User generated content • Repositioning and augmentation of existing business systems • Creation of new applications and implementations not previously possible before mobile From the book Learning Everywhere by Chad Udell Mojocat Creative Services
    • 36. Shaping content for mobile learning Mojocat Creative Services
    • 37. Objective # 4 Mobile Learning Examples Mojocat Creative Services
    • 38. Case StudyCompany: Wiley PublishingDeveloper: Float Mobile LearningTechnology: Native iOS Application with Social ToolsCompanion App for leadership skills development book.Adding a companion app provided interactivity to book allowing skillspractice, group participation and peer feedback. It also allowedextended engagement to assure learner transferred information andacquired new skills.
    • 39. Case StudyCompany: T-MobileDeveloper: T-Mobile Learning and DevelopmentTechnology: Graphic image and SMSA link was put at the end of an elearning and when the learner enteredtheir mobile number and clicked the submit button a mobile commissioncard was sent to their phone via SMS.Even though the idea came late in the planning the Instructional Designteam was able to quickly develop and deploy this mobile performancesupport tool. The front line employees praised the fact that is wasalways available to them on their mobile device. Additional mobileresources where created based on front line requests.
    • 40. Case StudyCompany: T-MobileDeveloper: T-Mobile front line employeesTechnology: Mobile device and videoCapture front line retail sales elevator pitch’s. Share them out throughinternal social media platform.Higher level of participation than expected and better quality of videoswas received. Some of the videos went viral within the organization.We also learned a valuable lesson in how skilled our front lineemployees where and that we needed a stronger partnership with them
    • 41. Mobile Pocket Card #1 • Single scrolling page with important reference information • Accessible from mandatory WBT • Javascript form forwards to phone number Authoring Tool: • Adobe Fireworks • HTML • Javascript form Mojocat Creative Services
    • 42. Mobile Pocket Card #2 • Web-like navigational reference card. • Accessible during training program. • Javascript form forwards to phone number Authoring Tool: • Adobe Fireworks • HTML • Javascript form Mojocat Creative Services
    • 43. iPad toMojocat Creative Services
    • 44. Objective # 4 How could mLearning fit into your organization Mojocat Creative Services
    • 45. Supplement existing training Mojocat Creative Services
    • 46. A better blended learning... its good Instructional Design Mojocat Creative Services
    • 47. Performance supportMojocat Creative Services
    • 48. Gather Frontline knowledge Mojocat Creative Services
    • 49. Distributing videoMojocat Creative Services
    • 50. Leverage existing apps or sites Mojocat Creative Services
    • 51. Building a mobile learning strategy• Business alignment• Connect mobile at the curriculum level• Make it part of process• Think scalability Mojocat Creative Services
    • 52. Thank You! Let’s connect @mojotillett Mojocat Creative Services