Tough Economy Money Saving Tips


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Simple money saving tips, that save huge in a tough economy.

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Tough Economy Money Saving Tips

  1. 1. Tough Economy. Money is tight. What can I do! Simple Tips for Saving Big!
  2. 2. The reality for many
  3. 3. State and National Unemployment Rates  Minnesota's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent in March, a rate last reached in mid-1983. The total number of unemployed workers in Minnesota reached 242,700.  The national unemployment rate rose to 8.5 percent in March.  FACT: That means 91.5% are employed.
  4. 4. Topics Covered  Home mortgage.  Home phone.  Debt reduction.  Car.  Cell phone.  Home and auto insurance.  Grocery.  Cable, TV, Satellite  Entertainment.  Clothing.  Web List.
  5. 5. Home/ Mortgage Help  If you are behind on your mortgage contact your provider and talk with them about your circumstance and ask for options.  If you or your significant other lost their job, contact your mortgage provider and inquire about the federal loan modification program. (  Contact HUD at ( or ( If concerned about foreclosure. Loan modification options.  Need help with utility bills. Contact: MN Dept of Commerce and see if you are eligible for energy assistance grants.
  6. 6. Home Phone  Call your current phone provider and ask about basic service plan or the reduced hours of service plan. (Gives you set minutes of use)  Bundle your phone with your internet, phone and cable or satellite service. (One bill vs. several)  Look at VOIP services. (Vonage) Low as 24.95 a month. Free long distance.  T-Mobile users can get Home phone service for 10.00 month.  Magic Jack. USB plug in 40.00 dollar start up then 20.00 yr.  Free 411 service: 1-800-466-4411.  Cancel home phone service and go with cell phone only.
  7. 7. Debt Reduction  Sounds simplistic but, spend less than you earn.  Get PT job, use money toward debt reduction.  Sell stuff on eBay, Craigslist, garage sale.  Use debt avalanche application toward debt reduction. Example: 1. List all debts in order of highest interest rate to lowest. 2. Pay minimum on every account accept your highest interest rate until it is paid off. 3. Once bill is paid off, apply that amount to next debt with highest interest until paid off. 4. Continue till debt reduced.
  8. 8. Auto  Change your air filter every 10k miles.  Replace spark plugs and perform tune up on your vehicle. (Can increase mileage 1 to 2 mpg.)  Keep tires properly inflated. (Increase 1-2 mpg.)  Use A/C sparingly. (Decrease mileage by 2- 5 mpg.)  Oil change every 3 to 7k miles. (Refer to auto manual.)
  9. 9. Cell Phone  Call your voicemail from a landline phone. How: Call your number, when voicemail connects, push star button, enter password and retrieve msg. No cost to minutes.  Compare plans with other providers. Some will credit you the cost of canceling your plan if you are penalized.  Call your current provider, and ask for best rate and plan and better deal. Let them know you are shopping around.  Check on unlimited minute plans vs family or individual plan.  Check into pre-paid cell phones for kids, or self if use is low.
  10. 10. Home Insurance  Shop around for other providers pricing. (Save hundreds)  Install wireless or wired burglar alarm, 10 to 20% discount on your plan.  Look at bundling your auto and home together for discount.  Insure your home and NOT the land it is sitting on.  Raise your deductable to 500.00 or 1k. (Save up to 25%.)  Don’t smoke or quit. (Some policies provide discounts)  Check with provider and see all the discounts available.  Call with current provider and see if they will match any lower rate offered from another company.
  11. 11. Auto Insurance  Shop around and compare rates.  Over 55, call provider. MN qualifies for 10% discount on your policy.  Remove tow coverage and rental coverage. Note: In collision most policies cover a tow. Check with provider and ask.  Increase your deductibles for immediate savings. (Unless vehicle is more than 10 yrs old)  Do not pay monthly. ( Charge 3 to 5.00 per month service fee) If you must pay monthly, pay by auto pay.  Pay every 6 months or annually for greatest savings.  Bundle auto with home.  Check to see if Drivers Safety Class will provide discount.
  12. 12. Groceries  Coupons, yes the dreaded coupons. Clip ahead and organize. (Check google for online coupon printing sites) (  Shop Costco or Sam’s club for greatest bulk savings.  Shop at Aldi’s Store. Discount price, need cash to buy.  Shop perimeter of store first. Most expensive in central area.  Switch to store brand or generic brand.  Plan ahead, do not shop when hungry or last minute.  Go to MN Food for All. Save up to ½ off retail price for groceries. ( Click on family of programs. Open to all citizens.
  13. 13. Cable, TV, Satellite  Shop around and compare service, features and cost.  Call current provider and ask for discount or best plan. Let them know you found a better deal.  If you have been with the provider for several yrs, ask for any loyalty rewards.  Check into and compare bundle plans. (Phone, internet, TV service) with both cable and satellite service.  Reduce your speed on your internet connection to the lowest acceptable speed. (Lowest speed is 10x faster than dial up)
  14. 14. Entertainment  Rent movies from Rebox or Netflix and stay home.  Rent movies from the library. Free most of the time.  Purchase Entertainment discount book for coupons. (Low as 15.00 dollars, coupons for food, movies, hotel ect…)  Meet for Happy Hour. Hours 4- 6pm and 9-11pm. Discount food and drinks. Many have hours during weekend also.  Check neighborhood paper for discount coupons for local restaurants.  Attend movie theatre during the day before 5pm on weekends for discount.  Yes, those of us over 50, use the AARP card.
  15. 15. Clothing  For women shop at clothing consignments shops. Clothes are updated in fashion trends, dry cleaned and prices are 75 to 80% off retail.  Savers stores. Very good value, clean set up.  Goodwill. (Good for jeans, shirts, basics)  Garage sales.  Costco and Sam’s Club stores have basics, for great value.  Kohl's, TJ Max, Wal-Mart, Target. Traditional stores with value price.
  16. 16. Final Thoughts  Shop around for prices on services, goods, entertainment.  If you want something, ask for it. Nothing to loose if they say no!  Always check periodically with your cable, satellite, phone, cell phone, and internet service for best pricing for their service.  Do not let PRIDE interfere with prudent money decisions.
  17. 17. Money Saving Web-sites  Coupon printing service.  Grocery tips, and coupons.  Coupons, tips, entertainment, ect..  Money saving tips.  Sign up for free samples of goods.  Free items listed by location.  Free swap of CD’s, DVD’s, books.  Do it yourself site.  Printable coupons for all goods.  Money saving site with links.  : Top 100 sites to save.
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Thank you!