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8.1 ocean properties
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8.1 ocean properties

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  • 1. Properties of Ocean Water Mr. Silva Ag Earth Science
  • 2. Properties of Ocean Water• Ocean water is a complex solution of dissolved gases and solids, small particles and tiny organisms that sustains a variety of plants and animal life.• Ocean water is only 96.5 % pure water.
  • 3. Properties of Ocean Water• There are about 75 different chemicals in the ocean.• The 6 most abundant – Chlorine – Sodium – Magnesium – Sulfur – Calcium – Potassium
  • 4. Properties of Ocean Water• 1. Salinity of Ocean Water a. Salt (sodium chloride) makes up 78 % of the ocean’s solids b. Salinity: The amount of dissolved solids in ocean water as the form of salt
  • 5. Properties of Ocean Water– c. Salinity increases with evaporation rate and depth i. Tropical waters have a higher salinity than polar waters ii. Surface waters have a higher salinity than greater depths– d. The relative amounts of dissolved solids in the ocean is constant (although specific locations may differ) due to a continuous mixing of all parts of the ocean
  • 6. Properties of Ocean Water• 2. Temperature of Ocean Water – a. Ocean water absorbs infrared wavelengths of sunlight – b. Surface Temperature i. Infrared waves are completely absorbed in the surface layer of water • Constant mixing distributes the heat downward • Ocean water temperature decreases with increasing depth
  • 7. Properties of Ocean Water• c. Just below surface water, the temperature drops sharply i. Warm water cannot mix easily with cold, denser water ii. Thermocline: the zone of rapid temperature change