2.4 tectonic plate boundaries
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  • 1. Tectonic Plate Boundaries Ag Earth Science Mr. Silva
  • 2. Objective• Students will be able to identify three different plate boundaries, explain what type of stress is acting on them, and tell what landscape features are created at each boundary.
  • 3. Three Plate Boundaries• Divergent Plate Boundaries • aka. Spreading Centers• Convergent Plate Boundaries • aka. Subduction Zones• Transform Boundaries • aka. Transform Faults
  • 4. Divergent Plate Boundaries
  • 5. Divergent Plate Boundaries• Pull Apart• Tension• Create new rock (Lithosphere) • Occur under water (Oceanic Crust) • Occur on land (Continental Crust)
  • 6. Mid Atlantic Ridge
  • 7. Continental Rifting
  • 8. African Rift Valley Example of Continental Rifting
  • 9. Convergent Plate Boundaries
  • 10. Convergent Plate Boundaries• Push together “plates collide”• Compression• Destroy/Recycle rock (lithosphere)
  • 11. Convergent Plate Boundaries• Three Possible Collisions • Oceanic-Continental Collision • Oceanic-Oceanic Collision • Continental-Continental Collision
  • 12. Oceanic-Continental Collision continental• Denser oceanic crust dives under crust• Oceanic crust is then recycled by melting back into the mantle• This massive collision creates deep ocean trenches, an accretionary wedge, a forearc basin, and a volcanic arc.• Exactly like the California landscape.
  • 13. California’s Profile
  • 14. Oceanic-Oceanic Collision• One oceanic plate will subduct under another• Creates deep ocean trenches• Creates volcanic island arcs• Example: the Aleutian Islands in Alaska or Japan
  • 15. Aleutian Islands are aaAleutian Islands are Volcanic Island Arc Volcanic Island Arc
  • 16. Continental-Continental Collision• This occurs when continental crust is riding on a subducting plate and then smashes into another continent
  • 17. Transform Fault Boundaries
  • 18. In the simplest form, plates slide past each other
  • 19. In Review