Presentations’ Framework 12 Elective
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Presentations’ Framework 12 Elective



This is the framework for 12th grade students' presentations.

This is the framework for 12th grade students' presentations.
This framework would be used for the members of 12th grade Elective (A-B-C)



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Presentations’ Framework 12 Elective Presentations’ Framework 12 Elective Presentation Transcript

  • Presentations’ Requisites General Overview 12th grade Elective M. Joui
  • Outline of the presentation
    • Planning
    • Preparation
    • Practice
    • Performance
  • Planning
    • What am I talking about?
    • Which are the main ideas you would like to convey?
    • How long do you have?
    • How are you going to introduce your topic?
  • Preparation
    • Outline and sketch slides
    • Prepare slides
    • Prepare notes: brief keywords and phrases, except quotes or first paragraphs.
  • Preparation- Outline
    • 1-2 minutes per slide
    • Why this is interesting
    • What you did
    • What did you find and what does it mean?
    • One thing you want them to remember
  • Preparation- Outline
    • Use images and/or graphics
      • Relevant images communicate and maintain interest.
    • Light Text on dark background
    • Avoid distracting background
    • Use large fonts
    • Letter size: 24 is the minimum , 32 pt or even 36 is better .
    • Progressive disclosure.
  • Practice
    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Get feedback, and use it
    • Be ruthless, delete the unnecessary information.
    • Check pronunciation and words meaning
  • Performance
    • Speak loudly and clearly.
    • Avoid jargon and abbreviation
    • Use short simple sentences
    • Vary tone of voice, volume, speed and pauses
    • Involve the audience:
      • Eye contact (with whole group)
      • Body language (look confident! Hands out of pocket)
    • Keep an eye on timing
    • Relax and be enthusiastic
  • Closing
    • Give a clear and concise summary of the main ideas
    • Ask for questions and/or doubts about your presentation.
      • Paraphrase questions so others can hear it and or to understand it better.
      • If you don’t know the answer, say so. Ask the teacher or the audience. Offer to find out.
  • Websites
    • This Presentation was prepared based on the following links:
      • presentation . ppt
      • Teacher’s requirements.
  • Topics
    • Task: Students will have to prepare a presentation(*) in pairs choosing one of the following topics related to the decade.
    • The topics are
      • Music
      • Art or Architecture
      • Famous Characters
      • History
      • Culture or Literature
      • Society
  • Interesting websites
    • http:// /2/ hi / americas
    • http:// /
    • And so on…………..
  • How to download this PPT
    • Visit
    • And get into Handouts: 12th grade elective (in spanish)