Алевтина Васильевна Рапенкова


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Автор:Алевтина Васильевна Рапенкова
Название: «Активность пожилых людей и сплоченность поколений»
Дата 19.09.2012 город Уфа

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Алевтина Васильевна Рапенкова

  1. 1. Office of disease prevention and health protection of citizens of the city administration in Izhevsk Topic: active longevity: new trends in social policy and practice. (L.V. Kasenkova, E.V. Alypova, N.H. Zagrebina) Health has become an essential indicator of the effectiveness of socialdevelopment. "Medical model" of health, is being substituted by "social model",according to which health is the result of a number of socio-economic, cultural andenvironmental factors; It depends on the quality of the living conditions and socialenvironment. The attitude to the health of the elderly, who are seen as a valuableresource to society is being changed radically. A holistic approach to the health of theelderly is reflected in modern strategies and concepts, both nationally andinternationally. Since 2007, the work is being done on "Health in old age”. It is based on theconcept of "health and active ageing", the main aim of which is to increase the durationof active life and extend the full participation of people in society. In the city of Izhevskan interdepartmental initiative group and a municipal long-term targeted program ofdevelopment of public health “Izhevsk city health is its citizens’ health" were created.The program contains a special section on "Health in old age. This and a number ofother programmes ("accessible environment" and "older generation", "social support forthe elderly, the disabled and families in difficult life situations in the city of Izhevsk)are aimed at : - ensuring the availability of services: social and medical assistance and creating conditions for the autonomy of the elderly; - health promotion and disease prevention; - providing conditions of urban environments that facilitate active ageing; - the involvement of older persons themselves in solving health issues, development and implementation of programmes.
  2. 2. Before adopting a special-target programme “City health is its citizens’ health"there was analytical work: “The Health Profile of older generations» was prepared andpublished; Research and Practice Conference was held; the programme concept,objectives, and expected results were developed. As a result of the implementation ofthe healthy and active old age related targeted programmes of health in old age has beenthe subject of attention and activities of a growing number of experts, institutions andcitizens: 1) New information and other technologies that increase the availability ofsocial support services are being introduced. 2) Training programs for a healthier lifestyle are being developed. 3) Older persons are involved in the policy- making process affecting them. 4) Availability of urban transport means of communication, places of family vacation and physical activity is being increased. I can give some examples. In each part of the city there are Centers of social services, where specialistsoffer approximately 25 kinds of services, including psychological, legal, publicinformation, medical; provide services in the home, teach computer basics. Through thee-admission websites the elderly can make an appointment with a physician, call asocial taxi. In the centers of social services there are Schools of Health and activeageing, health lectures, clubs on interests. Annually, up to 24 000 people are trained inhealth schools Within a few years, each year on the International Day of Older Personsin the city of Izhevsk there are mass walking rallies under the motto "Activity is thepath to longevity. Older people of our city are actively engaged in artistic work: musicalgroups, choirs, and Veterans’ clubs. The city created a special sports section for seniors;the teachers of those classes are those elderly people who had a lifetime sport. In thecity of Izhevsk there is a barrier-free environment leading to safe movement around thecity. There are sliding down sidewalks onto the carriageway, handrails, ramps.The traffic lights, bus shelters and urban public transport systems are modernizedTraffic lights are equipped with audio signals. Comfortable low-floor buses andtrolleybuses are being purchased.
  3. 3. Over the past 10 years in our city quite a lot of places for cultural activities,physical activity and family holidays were founded. The most popular and belovedurban places are the State National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic, State puppettheatre, Russian Drama Theatre. Korolenko Republican public cultural center "House offriendship", the Zoo, the Circus Udmurtia, and St. Michaels Cathedral – the jewel ofthe city. Several squares, beautiful Promenade Izhevsk pond, Central Square with lightand music fountain were reconstructed. All of the above mentioned helps seniors get ridof loneliness and feel their involvement in society. From 1 April till May 15, 2012, there were organized events devoted to International date of WHO- World Health Day on Aging and health, under the motto "good health adds life to years" in the city of Izhevsk. A citywide rally was attended by Izhevsk citizens of all age groups: preschool children, school children, young people and families. But special attention in all activities on those days was paid to the elderly. In the framework of World Health Day 2012, there were activities such as: -improving measures for pensioners (the express-analysis of blood sugar, doctors – experts’ check- ups); -gymnastic-recreational activities for older campers of SSC "Be healthy for a hundred years!", "Let your body and spirit be young..."; a funny relay race; self- massage, recreational gymnastics, finger joints, herb- tea making, chess and draughts tournaments); -an educational program «the Kingdom» of vitamins for seniors”; -sports and music program "Healthy body – healthy spirit" Dance therapy "Dance for health!"; - lectures on healthy lifestyle: "how to keep a good memory", "If you want to be healthy – take preventive measures!", " To be Healthy is fashionable", "Nutrition and health" etc. were organized for the elderly.
  4. 4. The result of the realization of the concept of "active longevity" should be: the recognition that good health throughout life contributes to ahappy and productive life in old age extension of active ageing and providing opportunities for being usefulmembers of society - the use of innovation strategies to maintain good health of older people by the authorities. Achieving real obvious results takes time. The results are collected in the course of work. Ongoing, habitual, and thereforenot always visible work of many people at all levels of society and power always bringsthe obvious results in the end. And the people of the third age, as older people are calledin European countries are becoming active participants and active members of the urbancommunity. Thank you for your attention! 22.08.2012.