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Автор: Debra O'Neill
Название:«Вовлечение и сотрудничество заинтересованных сторон в реализации проекта «Город, где старость в радость, - город для всех возрастов»
Дата: 18.09.2012
Город Уфа

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  • Introduction – Regional Manager of South Region which includes Ireland First Age Friendly City , Kilkenny ( one of Irelands smaller medieval cities with a population of about 88k, of which 33% are over the age of 55.
  • Ireland an overview – National average of 65+ population is 11.5% but in some areas ,cities and communities have a 65+ population of 18-20% . The older population is supported by a State Pension of €219.00 per week ( 8,880 ruble), a Medical Card which entitles the holder to free medication and health services and free National Public Transport travel pass. However the current economic crisis has necessitated many public service budget cuts including a proposed reduction of 130 million euro from the health Budget between now and December 2012 , this includes cuts to home services to older people.The NGO sector is under similar pressure , Across all organisations in the sector, income streams are in declining. In 2010 overall legacy donations were down over 25% with general donations in kind down 45%. All aspects of revenue are down including over 19% previously derived from investment incomes. The NGO sector responsible for deliver of so many essential services is also challenged and looking at sustainability of services and cross sector cooperationNow more than ever collaborative projects are needed between the public / private and voluntary sector to respond positively to the ageing population.
  • This paradigm change requires various agencies to contribute and work together in a creative way to improve the lives of older people. It therefore changes the “silo” approach to planning which encourages agencies to focus solely on their core roles rather than appreciating how they can contribute in a broader sense to the achievement of a range of outcome.The overarching principal is the WHO Framework of Age Friendly Cities and acknowledges that the planning process should be WITH older people not FOR older people. Historically our system of land planning is build around planning regulations and is market driven rather than about servicing the users. There is a wealth of social capital and experience in our older population which can be utilised as a real opportunity.
  • At a National level the Ageing Well Network is a membership group. The network is an independent leadership policy group made up of, heads of organisations, Senior Government department representatives and critical thinkers. It provides a forum in which it’s 72 members can , test and debate ideas , and sharpen their thinking to radically improve the quality of life for older people. One of the key initiatives of the Network is the Age Friendly Programme, which is being rolled out across the 4 regions of the Island, and follows an established 12 step programme. The Age Friendly National Implementation group acts at a national level to remove road blocks in policy and processes which act as inhibitors at a local level
  • So looking at the Local programme is it made up of 4 geographical areas with a regional manager in each area.The Regional Manager works as a facilitator at a municipality level bringing together the key stakeholders .There Managers are independent of all agencies and work to negotiate alliances and cross agency agreements in the early stages.
  • The signing of the Dublin Declaration is also a key commitment by Local Government and acts as a memorandum of understand about their policy and commitment to the ageing agenda.
  • Public Spaces – Nursing homes residents in Kilkenny out in the Castle ParkTransportation – Louth Older People Active Retirement GroupCommunication and access to information is keyHousing – Adopting of Universal design by Chief Planning Officers in Local GovernmentRespect & Social Inclusion – including intergenerational activitiesSocial Participation – Active Ageing week – Fancy Dress 2011Civic Participation – Training on new skills and volunteering opportunity ie baseline studyHealth & Social Care- thinking outside the box
  • Measurable indicators
  • Lots of cross agency work especially with NGO organisation, who can deliver their programmes via Age Friendly City Initiatives.Senior Help Line – operating 12 hours a day , every day on the year manned by older volunteers.Men’s Sheds – Activities based men's intergenerational group who can provide care and repair service for older people free of charge on a voluntary basis as their share their skills and knowledge with younger unemployed men.Befriending Service with has 150 volunteers in the city many older people visiting older people and working also with Men’s Sheds to refer work needed on homes / gardens etc.
  • But not just the NGO sector , Health Care professionals come together with Arts and Sports organisation and social contact groups to develop a dementia friendly community.
  • Debra O'Neill

    1. 1. Building Ireland’s Age Friendly County Programme Debra O Neill 18th September 2012
    2. 2. OVERVIEWRationale for the Irish National programmeHow it works at National levelHow it works at Municipal levelSuccessful initiativesLessons learnt – Collaboration & Benefits ofNGO’s and Citizen involvement withGovernment.
    3. 3. IRELANDPopulation 4.5m11.5% = 65+In 30 years 65+ will double and 80+ will quadrupleImportant state pension IRELAND and other benefitsImplications of Economic crisis
    4. 4. RATIONALE FOR THE AGE-FRIENDLY COUNTY PROGRAMME1st Quality of life is unnecessarily poor for too many older adults2nd Population ageing needs new approaches and long-term planning to tackle opportunities & challenges Need to articulate a new ‘paradigm’ for3rd approach to ageing
    5. 5. AGEING WELL NETWORKOBJECTIVE 1 OBJECTIVE 2 75 Members TO BE A CATALYSTTO REFRAME THE FOR CHANGEAGENDA ON AGEING Ass Secs Service Public Business Older People Government Providers Key Public Sector Community National Academics Departments (private Figures Agencies Organisations & voluntary) NATIONAL INITIATIVES • Age-Friendly Programme • Business of Ageing Age-Friendly • Silver Technology Programme
    6. 6. National Age Friendly ProgrammeSarah WetheraldBrigid ButlerDebra O’NeillCatherine McGuiganPending WEST DUBLIN NORTH-EAST Fingal DCC Sth DCC DUBLIN MID LEINSTER SOUTH
    7. 7. The Dublin Declaration
    8. 8. 12 STEP APPROACH 3rd PHASE Going Live 2nd PHASE  Finalise and launch Strategy Getting Started  Affiliate to the WHO Global Network  Establish Service 1st PHASE  Hold public launch Providers and Preparation  Establish Older Business of Ageing People’s Forum Forums  Begin Base-line Study Agree with Local  Complete county wide Government Manager consultation and others  Complete & consult on Secure political support 1st Draft Strategy Convene Alliance
    9. 9. Where Age Friendly fits within our Structures In Local Government Local Government Development Board ECONOMIC CULTURAL SOCIAL AGE-FRIENDLY Municipality ALLIANCE ECONOMIC SERVICES PROVIDERS FORUM FORUM OLDER PEOPLE’SAge-friendly FORUM Ageing-in-placebusiness wealth health INNOVATIONS
    10. 10. 6 CORE OUTCOMESOlder People:1. Feel they belong and have opportunities for personal development and for enhancing the communities in which they live;2. Can stay living in their own homes and communities;3. Lead healthy and active lives for longer;4. Are able to get to where they want to go, when they want to go;5. Live in places where the social and physical environments are conducive to being out and about;6. Feel and are safe in their own homes and their communities
    12. 12. Dementia Friendly Kilkenny City Service Providers Forum Physical Health Dementia Specific Programme via Sports Partnership and Siel Bleu Mental Creativity Awareness Health Dementia Programme using MOMA Model Memory Memory Clinics with Butler Gallery and Early detection Arts Programmes Matters Cross Agency Training Social Befriending Service plus Social Outings including Cafe and Dancing
    13. 13. It is possible to generate public interest and participation
    14. 14. Older People working with LocalGovernment Arts Department,Street Maintenance Department,work with Voluntary organisationand City Authority
    15. 15. Capacity to respond is limited by the process we currently engage•Get the support of government partners early in the process•Building on existing strengths, programs, and facilitiesof the City is a strategy that resonates with governmentleaders, especially in times of fiscal constraint•Promoting a vision that infuses age-friendliness into planning across multiple domains engages a wide array of sectors and partners•The continued involvement of older adults is essential•Adopt top down and bottom up strategies
    16. 16. LESSONS LEARNT IN IRELAND  Design and build’ - keep adapting  Ensure accountability and  Focus alliance on engagement with jointly planning for the political agreed outcome structure Engage the local heroes and reflect local  Honour and engage ‘distinctiveness’ early with those who have achieved a lot Build credibility with early and visible wins
    17. 17. Thank you - спасибо , Merci, diolch yn fawr, , tack, Gracias