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Zenzo Vacation Ideas Brochure
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Zenzo Vacation Ideas Brochure


Zenzo Vacation Ideas is a luxury travel concierge service that consults and provides vacation planning and booking services to fine tune your holiday for the ultimate experience

Zenzo Vacation Ideas is a luxury travel concierge service that consults and provides vacation planning and booking services to fine tune your holiday for the ultimate experience

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  • 1. Z
  • 2. BEYOND THE USUAL Outbound tourism from India has increased rapidly over the years. Globalization has brought money to the Indian populace and the middle class segment has seen a steadily increasing rise in Indians traveling abroad for leisure. Off late, more and more Indians are looking for newer exotic lands, brand new activities and tourist destinations to visit. There is a genuine need to cater to this group of growing individuals who take up travel for leisure and try to include adventure and luxury in their trips. Indians are getting far more explorative while choosing activities for their leisure trips abroad rather than settle for the more common and affordable ones D BOOK, AN LD IS A THE WOR RAVEL HO DO NOT T THOSE W AG E . READ ONLY A P CATION IDE VAC S TINE UE AS -ST. AUGU IQ N IDEAS UN UN IQUE VACCATI T IO CA ON IDE C A S U U E VA NI Q
  • 3. WHO WE ARE? There is a growing niche market of Indian tourists who can be introduced to the exclusive world of Specialty Travel. Specialty Travel is different from the normal group and escorted tours being offered in the Indian tourism market. It means customizing and designing a vacation that involves activities and destinations especially suited to appeal to the palate of the discerning and well- informed Indian outbound tourist.
  • 4. Recognizing this potential Mohsin A S Kherani, a successful businessman with a passion for travel and entrepreneurship established Zenzo Vacation Ideas. Zenzo is Greek for foreign, unknown and unique. The name Zenzo is based on the philosophy of providing new, unique 'Zenzo' vacations to customers and clients. Zenzo Vacation Ideas is a pioneer at combining the 'travel concierge services' concept with deep urge to see I think that travel comes from some vacations in India. s up a worm in an the world, like the urge that bring is full. Irish bog to see the moon when it ~Lord Dunsany
  • 5. WHAT WE DO? Zenzo Vacation Ideas intends to provide tailor made exotic and luxury holidays for any destination you wish! Modern day hot-spots such as Caribbean, New Zealand and luxury African Safari are getting all the more popular. If the clients prefer something more exotic we would bring them to the Nazca lines in Peru, ice hotel in Scandinavia, setting foot on the Antarctic landmass or experiencing getting marooned on the Galapagos Islands? MY FAVOURITE THING IS TO GO WHERE I'VE NEVER BEEN. -DIANE ARBUS
  • 6. Zenzo Vacation Ideas specializes in creating and executing specialty travel experiences that enthrall and delight first time as well as regular travelers. These experiences can range from a short excursion, to an entire customized travel adventure arranged from start to finish. Each time we create a vacation idea, we attempt to introduce our customers to new exotic experiences and ideas, with the sole intention that at the end of the holiday they should have a different story to tell and brand new memories to relive. Zenzo Vacation Ideas focuses on exemplary customer service and customer satisfaction as only that can THE TRAVELER SEES WHAT lead to word of mouth advertising, HE SEES. THE TOURIST SEES WHAT HE HAS COME TO SEE. which in turn leads to a loyal customer base in the specialty travel business. - G.K. CHESTERTON
  • 7. WHY DOES IT MATTER? All potential tourists don't have the time to go through websites and travel books to identify the activities and options that are best suited for them in a proposed vacation destination. Yes, information online and guide books help but they are not exclusive for the most part, and one necessarily doesn't have the time to go through all of it before planning a vacation!! Zenzo Vacation Ideas was setup with the sole purpose to market and sell exclusive specialty holidays to the discerning Indian traveler and help them select the perfect holiday. Zenzo Vacation Ideas customers are travelers who like to visit the most exotic and virgin locations, stay at the premium and exclusive properties and experience absolute brand new landscapes, sights and activities of their holiday destination. We know that we cannot cater to every genre of the tourist clan. Our intent is to serve the discerning traveler who is astute and knows what they want from their holiday. We may not be the biggest but we sure aspire to be the best.
  • 8. CONTACT US We would like to tie up with suppliers and destination management companies that can provide impeccable service and quality experience to our customers. Lets join together and create a 'Zenzo' experience! Contact us for trade enquiries Tel: +91 98207 – ZENZO (i.e. 98207 93696) Email: info@zenzovacations.com Web: www.zenzovacations.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/zenzo_vacations Facebook Page: Zenzo Vacation Ideas