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Mohsen Salehi_SMC_TGEMBA_Program_Letter_of_Intent (02-01-11)
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Mohsen Salehi_SMC_TGEMBA_Program_Letter_of_Intent (02-01-11)


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Mohsen Salehi_SMC_TGEMBA_Program_Letter_of_Intent (02-01-11)

Mohsen Salehi_SMC_TGEMBA_Program_Letter_of_Intent (02-01-11)

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  • 1. Mohsen Zavieah Salehi Post Office Box 1599, Danville, CA 94526 ● Phone: 925-260-8881 ● Email: ● Skype: MohsenSalehi1February 01, 2011Office of Graduate AdmissionSaint Mary’s College of CaliforniaSchool of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA)380 Moraga RoadMoraga, CA 94556 L E TT ER O F INT ENT Trans-Global Executive Masters of Business Administration United States, Spain, Belgium and East AfricaSurrounded by a family of entrepreneurs, at an early age I have always understood how businessand people work. As a child I would develop ideas on how to establish a business that wouldfinancially support my hobbies. Throughout my adolescence I have had successful businessventures ranging from selling candy and establishing my own neighborhood yard servicecompany to operating a full-service multimedia design and production company. I evenaccomplished one of my childhood dreams and became a television actor on Nash Bridges, anationally syndicated television series starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin. The televisionshow was canceled in 2000 which is the year I decided to make a career and lifestyle change,and look into career opportunities in financial services which would potentially allow me to earna great income while continuing to put a smile on the peoples’ faces. In 2000, I was hired on as aBusiness Development Manager in Corporate Development and Strategy with AmericanFinancial Lending Incorporated. I advanced in my position and earned a Director of BusinessDevelopment - District Marketing and Sales Manager role. In 2007 I was recruited by BearStearns & Company after being recognized as one of the Greater Bay Area’s top performingfinancial sales executives and given the opportunity to further my career and legacy at one of theworlds most reputable and largest global investment banks, and securities trading andMohsen Salehi - Letter of Intent 1
  • 2. brokerage firm until its sale to JPMorgan Chase in 2008 during the global financial crisis andrecession. I was hired to prospect, educate and sell financial products and services to creditlenders, and develop, manage and service broker account portfolio throughout NorthernCalifornia. After Bear Stearns & Company closed down, I returned back to American FinancialLending Incorporated on good terms and was rehired as the Vice President of BusinessDevelopment - Regional Marketing and Sales Manager where I was charged for expanding thecompany into new markets while repairing damaged markets. I led the company’s businessdevelopment initiatives and surpassed their expectations and goals by 250% through positiveleadership, superior client management, unconventional business development strategies,strategic planning, innovation, effective communications, and exemplary customer service. In2008, I was responsible for production over $144M annually in credit sold into SecondaryMarket and received President’s Club Award eight years consecutively for exceeding annualrevenue initiatives, and for being an effective team player and servant leader. I worked atAmerican Financial Lending Incorporated until January 2009 when the company announcedtheir closure due to financial constraints caused by the 2008 recession. Due to building an impressive record of achievement and advancement through a seriesof progressively responsible positions, I was fortunate enough to earn a great opportunity withWells Fargo Bank where I am a Business Banking and Commercial Lending Specialist -Relationship Manager today. I was recruited to proactively cultivate and manage new andexisting client relationships of high-net-worth individuals, large institutions and theiremployees. Throughout my work history I have learned the value of money and relationships.All of my past employment opportunities have taught me how to effectively communicate withdecision makers, market myself by showing value, utilizing available resources, learning whatpeople want by organically developing an understanding of psychographics, and findingeffective ways to manage and grow my finances. Thereafter, the global financial crisis exploded, which marked a new era of globalcooperation. As we approach a new century where global communication will be essential forsurvival, we can no longer afford the luxury of international ignorance.Mohsen Salehi - Letter of Intent 2
  • 3. I decided to pursue a higher education to increase my understanding of global businessand world economy. The effects of world change and financial constraints have a significantimpact on organizations and its people. The Organizational Behavior and Leadership program atthe University of San Francisco has taught me how to contribute to my organizations success byimproving the well-being of its most important asset: its people. Throughout the program, Ihave acquired conceptual and problem-solving skills that have given me the ability to identifyhow the behaviors and attitudes of people can change the organization, and therefore the world. I have consulted with three of my professors: Neil Walshe, PhD, Assistant Professor ofOrganizational Behavior and Director of the Business Honors Program; Jim Stryker, PhD,Group Process and Decision Making; and Liaqat Ali, Business Statistics and Human CapitalInvestment, and they unanimously agreed that the Saint Mary’s College of California Trans-Global Executive Masters of Business Administration (T-GEMBA) program would be awonderful asset in preparing for my career. I then made the decision to withdraw from theMSOD program at Pepperdine as well as the jMGEM program at the University of SanFrancisco. Unlike with the MSOD and jMGEM program, each of the courses in the T-GEMBAprogram provides practicable international experiential learning, prepares leaders in the art andscience of managing strategic change, global enterprise development and management, and howto effectively implement positive and meaningful change in the organization. As far as my educational needs are concerned, the T-GEMBA program as a whole willmeet the lion’s share of my educational needs to prepare and advance me for the next level of mycareer. I also believe that instructional design and experiential curriculum design skills will be agreat compliment to the skills I will acquire from the T-GEMBA program. I believe these skillswill add to my marketability in the workplace and will be a benefit to an organization that wouldlike to sustain or expand their vision, mission and purpose in today’s economy.Professionally, I hope to graduate from the T-GEMBA program with the skill set and humancapital needed to assess and assist any organization experiencing or needing change. Afteradvancing my abilities, I plan on establishing a global consulting company and become aninternational enterprise development and management consultant to leading organizations inMohsen Salehi - Letter of Intent 3
  • 4. the world. My focus will be on providing organizations with the most efficient processes to meettheir objectives. I will bridge international business barriers for my clients by developing a teamof multilingual consultants capable of communicating with organizations and world leaders intheir primary language and culture. By doing so, global expansion opportunities will open up fordomestic companies. On a personal level, I intend to use the knowledge I acquire in the T-GEMBA program to develop a non-profit organization for the purpose of helping theunderserved and teens prepare for the changes life will bring after high school. I would like todesign the program to include one-on-one coaching, facilitated group discussions, paneldiscussions, mentoring, job shadowing, skill building, certifications and seminars with themeson character building. As an ambitious, driven, disciplined, versatile, resourceful, knowledgeable, tactical,accountable and successful Corporate Executive with over fifteen years of technical experience,as well as, an community volunteer, practicing humanitarian and visionary, I have the zeal tofurther my education to learn everything necessary to help people sustain a better future,leaving no stone unturned, and finding a way around every obstacle placed on the path to totalsuccess. Ultimately, I want to share a piece of my heart and passion by giving people theresources to achieve their goals and aspirations. Thank you for taking the time to read my personal statement. I hope that you have seenin me the drive and capability to succeed in the program as well as the work experience to beviewed as a valuable classmate to those who will be in my cohort. I am highly aware of thesuperb reputation of your school, and my conversations with my professors have served todeepen my interest in attending. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studieswith your fine institution. I have attached my resume along with multiple letters ofrecommendations for your further consideration. I truly look forward to beginning the programand moving forward in reaching my professional and life goals.Mohsen Salehi - Letter of Intent 4