Biology lab safety

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  • 1. 1. Prepare for an experiment by reading all of the directions before starting the lab. Be sure to ask me about anything that you do not understand.
  • 2. 2. Keep your lab area clear of any materials not needed for the experiment.
  • 3. 3. Handle all equipment as directed. Be aware of the safety precautions (verbal and/or written) given for each experiment.
  • 4. 4. Handle all sharp instruments with extreme care.
  • 5. 5. NEVER eat, drink or chew gum in the laboratory.
  • 6. 6. Report any accidents to me immediately, no matter how minor the accident may seem.
  • 7. 7. Know the locations of the fire extinguisher, safety shower, eye wash station, and other safety equipment. Learn how to use each of them.
  • 8. 8. Never taste, touch, or smell chemicals unless directed by me to do so.
  • 9. 9. Do not use cracked, chipped, or badly scratched glassware.
  • 10. 10. Please tell me immediately if you break any glassware. Never handle broken glass with your bare hands.
  • 11. 11. Do not poke pencils, paper or any other objects into the gas jets or lab drawer locks as they are permanently unusable if jammed.
  • 12. 12. Work with an assigned partner or group only. If you have a problem with an assigned member, please discuss this with me privately.
  • 13. 13. Clean up properly. Dispose of materials as directed. Return all equipment and materials to their appropriate storage places. Clean sinks of all foreign objects.
  • 14. IMPORTANT!Failure to do so will result in a point deduction from your lab grade.
  • 15. If you agree to follow the above safety rules, please sign and date the form and turn it in.