Story why me god


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Story why me god

  1. 1. Why me God?I wonder how often we raise ourvoices to shout out these wordswhen in pain.
  2. 2. How often have we questioned;why God? Why me Lord? Why mychildren? Why did you allow thisto happen? Why this sickness?Why will you not heal me?Why? Why? Why?
  3. 3. There are a thousand WHYS thatsnugly fit into a thousandreasons why we cry out in sucha way to God.
  4. 4. We know God cares and we are surethat he hears and answers prayerotherwise we would simply notbother to seek his help.
  5. 5. Why Me God?
  6. 6. However with every WHY ME comesan underlying accusation thatquietly says; you could havestopped this, why will you notheal me? Why did you cause thisto happen to me?
  7. 7. During a recent bout of illness Ifound myself asking, Lord why,why me? I got the answer thismorning just a few days after’he had healed me…
  8. 8. Gods answer came quietly andsurely from… Psalm 103
  9. 9. Why me Lord? Why would you blessmy soul and daily laden me withbenefits?
  10. 10. WHY ME GOD?
  11. 11. Why Lord, why would you forgiveall my iniquities and heal allmy diseases?
  12. 12. Why pick me out Lord, why wouldyou redeem my life fromdestruction and crown me withloving kindness and tendermercies?
  13. 13. Why me Lord, why would you wantto satisfy my mouth with goodthings so that my youth isrenewed like the eagle?
  14. 14. Why would you execute judgementfor me when I am oppressed andtreated unfairly, why on earthwould you want to make known yourways and your acts unto me?
  15. 15. Why God, why me Lord; why wouldyou be merciful and gracious tome? Why would you be slow toanger and plenteous in mercytoward me?
  16. 16. WHY ME GOD?
  17. 17. Why me my God, why me? How is itthat you dont always accuse,rebuke and contend with me? Howis it that youre not angry withme all the time?
  18. 18. Why Lord? Why have you notpunished me according to mysins? Why have you not rewardedme according to my iniquities?
  19. 19. Why God, why are your mercyand your loving kindness sogreat toward me when I fear,worship and honour you?
  20. 20. Why Lord? Why would you want toremove my transgressions as faras the east is from the westfrom me ?
  21. 21. Why dear God why? Why do youpity me as a father pities hischildren? Is it that you know my framethat I am dust, that my days are asgrass, as a flower of the field,here today, gone tomorrow?
  22. 22. WHY ME GOD?
  23. 23. Why Lord? Why is your mercytoward me from everlasting toeverlasting and your righteousnessunto my childrens children?
  24. 24. This sets the WHY inits rightful place,doesnt it?
  25. 25. Why on earth would God care forus at all? Why would he considerus, sick or not? In poverty orplenty, why would he heal us,forgive and save us, why?
  26. 26. ‘Can a woman forget her suckingchild, that she should not havecompassion on the son of her womb?Yes, they may forget, (beoblivious to you) yet will I notforget you.’
  27. 27. ‘Behold, I have graven, (I haveindelibly imprinted, tattooed apicture of) you upon the palmsof my hands; your walls (ofprotection) are continually beforeme.’ Isaiah 49:15-16 (AMP)
  28. 28. Enough Lord, I get it, its notabout why me’…
  29. 29. Its about giving thanks ratherthan complaining, its aboutliving in wonder at yourgoodness and mercy…
  30. 30. Its about realizing that no matterwhat we go through in life, be itsickness, pain or poverty, be itdeath itself, Gods love will bringus through to victory.
  31. 31. ‘Bless the LORD, you his angelsthat excel in strength, that dohis commandments, hearkeningunto the voice of his word’…
  32. 32. Bless you the LORD, all you hishosts; you ministers of his thatdo his pleasure…
  33. 33. ‘Bless the LORD, all his works in allplaces of his dominion: bless theLORD, O my soul’Psalm 103:20-22
  34. 34. ‘I will bless the Lord at all times, hispraise shall continually be in mymouth’Psalm 34:1
  35. 35. Why? Because he loves me enoughto keep forgiving me when Icomplain and shout; Why Me God?Why? because he first loved me…
  36. 36. Why? Because he loved meenough to be punished for my sinand to die in my place…
  37. 37. Why? For he was wounded for mytransgressions, bruised for myiniquities and chastised to buy mepeace, and by his stripes he boughtme perfect soundness of health…Isaiah 53:5
  38. 38. Why? Because Gods highest wishfor me is that I prosper and be inperfect soundness of health, mind,soul and body even as my soulprospers