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  • All about pushing things out at people. A one way process. Shove, shout, sell.
  • Credit Information -------------------------------------- Client: Coca-Cola North America Agency: AKQA Budget: <$150,000 excluding media Date of Campaign: May - September 2006
  • The Web is enabling collaboration to take place easier and quicker… companies can share information with consumers and get their input directly … agencies can pull insights out of that information exchange as well as get quick feedback on ideas as they develop… the agency and company can then take the learnings and insights to create things people need or want, even if they didn’t realize these things when they were talking to them… this goes along with a growing idea in the planner blog world for Brands in Beta … where brands are constantly tweaking and improving by getting real-time, on-going feedback from consumers… But to the earlier quotes from Sony and Apple… the web is enabling people to now know more about what they didn’t know. As this continues, brands can get even better insights and feedback, which is going on right now…

Marketing 2.0 Marketing 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • The story• Lost was produced for ABC by Touchstone Television . The creators of the TV series were Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams (Abrams) & Damon Lindelof (Lindelof).• Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, and Carlton Cuse (Cuse) served as executive producers for Lost.• The story is about a plane crash, after which the survivors find themselves stranded on a remote Pacific island. The island is apparently populated by supernatural forces.
  • The story• A character for all• Different level of interest – Theory lovers – Nickname generators – Literature fans – Math and science geeks – A man of faith – A man of science
  • Marketing for Lost"The show breaks so many rules, and were really trying to do the samewith our marketing and be organic," Mike Benson, senior vice president ofmarketing for ABC Entertainment said. View slide
  • Integrated marketing mixThe media strategy for Lost was predominantly TV led. The show wasextensively advertised on TV and this medium accounted for a sizableportion of the promotional budget.ABC showed a lot of re-caps in the breaks between the two episodes. Italso showed narrated recaps to ensure that new viewers were quicklyupdated on the story. Viewers who had missed one or two episodes couldalso get updated... View slide
  • Lesson to learn Lesson to learn • Make your product available! • Marketing idea has to start with the product!
  • Advertising• ABC had developed an integrated marketing campaign for Lost that cut across various media channels - official and unofficial websites, fan message boards, websites that provided details about the characters, podcasts, text-message updates, print magazines, newsletters, Video-on- demand(VOD), etc.
  • ABC Raises the Bar• Tom Lowry of BusinessWeek wrote, "Using podcasts, interactive games, websites, and good, old-fashioned hype, ABC has turned a cult-style show into a cross-media sensation."
  • Lesson to learn • Use multiple channels to reach audience • Give more information and details to the ones who ask for it • Don’t just copy same information through channels
  • Advertising 2.0 Advertising 2.0IS NOT IT IS 11
  • PR• The integrated marketing effort strove to keep the Lost fans involved during the summer reruns, when viewership generally fell drastically, and before the launch of the third season.• A tie-in book called Bad Twin was also launched, which went on to become a best-seller in the US. ABC resorted to publicity stunts and TV and print ads that gave a real feel to the show.
  • Bad Twin
  • Lesson to learn• Love your Fans!• Feed your Fans!• Layered messages through different involvement levels works!
  • PR 2.0IS NOT IT IS
  • Viral• May 2006, ABC provided free ad-supported episodes via• In October 2006, ABC began to provide downloads of Lost to iPodsvia iTunes for US$ 1.99 per episode. These downloads proved quite popular and surprisingly did not even affect the viewership of the TV show.• In fall 2006, ABC was set to launch a serialized version of Lost videos that could be downloaded into mobile phones. A video console game and a mobile game were also being developed based on Lost.
  • A new way…• Earlier, advertisers were concerned that consumers, especially those who had DVRs, could skip the ads that were aired during commercial breaks..
  • Marketing the experience• On April 24, 2006, ABC Entertainment (ABC) along with UKs Channel 4 Television (Channel 4) and Australias Seven Network (Seven Network) announced the launch of The Lost Experience (TLE), a web-based alternative reality game (ARG).• With TLE, ABC was seeking to engage its loyal fan base through yet another medium. The game was designed to reveal many secrets about the show, in which the mystery was yet to be unraveled even after two successful seasons had been completed.
  • Marketing the experience• ABC aired ads of a fictitious organization that featured in the show. These ads provided vital clues to TLE and directed the fans to different websites that provided clues. Several websites were created by fans to discuss, analyze, and share clues.
  • re fans e of those hard-co e nee d to be on pisode, he said. "WYou dont ry e t from em orized eve if you watched Loswhove m that e show make it so e never watched th wanted to r if youv the b eginning o this." u can get into before yo "When we built the s we wanted ite for Oce to do som anic Airline from all th ething tha s, e other TV t was diffe show sites rent ," Benson said. No furthe r informat network e ion for "Lo xecutives st Experie world and say future nce" is be on any me clues could ing releas reach out dium. Fan pop up in ed, and to each ot s from dif any part o her and tr fer f the sleuthing. ade inform ent countries will h ation if th av ey want to e to start
  • Dharma wants you!• ABC and Sky’s flagship television show “Lost” is embracing the Internet to drive publicity for the new series in the form of a new viral marketing message.• A press release has been distributed online for fictional company “Dharma Initiative” as part of an ongoing recruitment guide.
  • Lesson to learn• Don’t tell a story, create an experience• Let them be part of the “game”• Customer is not a moron!
  • Viral 2.0IS NOT IT IS “Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. It’s a Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible. It’s a brown cow. … Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service.” Seth Godin
  • Bonus• Sprite/LOST Experience• Program Summary:• Sprite began on May 10th by placing the new URL into a faux TV commercial that ran in primetime during the ABC network show LOST. The URL drove consumers to a puzzle solely related to the show with the only brand mention being the actual URL. Afterwards, the ARG transitioned to a scavenger hunt with embedded DJ podcasts, videos, and hidden memos within A final component includes embedded codes in print ads in Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine. The codes can then be used to unlock further content online.• Results: 1. Sprite web traffic up 400% 2. Average visit time up 275% and +300% vs benchmark 3. 500K valid codes entered ... and climbing!
  • Lesson to learn Lesson to learn• It works!• Give something worthy not just free give aways! And they will come…• And they will remember the experience…
  • 1. Entertain them2. Don’t try to be something you are not3. Put them in control4. Re-calibrate your risk tolerance5. Leverage the power of your network Youth Marketing DAVE KNOX