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  • 1. Thinking Puzzles 1
  • 2. PUZZLE 1 • There is blood on the ceiling of my bedroom. There has been no murder or killing of any person. Nobody has played any trick on me. Can you suggest a logical explanation? 2
  • 3. Clue To Puzzle 1 3
  • 4. Answer To Puzzle 1 • A mosquito bit me. It laterlanded on my bedroom ceiling. I climbed on the bed and I swatted it on my ceiling. (Sothe blood is my own as well as the mosquitos). 4
  • 5. PUZZLE 2• There is a flash of light and a man dies. The man is not killed by any other person and he does not die of any illness like a heart attack etc. It’s not a case of suicide either. Can you suggest a logical explanation? 5
  • 6. Clue To Puzzle 2 6
  • 7. Answer To Puzzle 2• The man is a lion-tamer, posing for a photo with his lion. The lion reacts badly to the flash of the camera, and the man cant see properly, so he gets mauled. 7
  • 8. Puzzle 3 • An ordinary American citizen, with no passport, visits over thirty foreign countries in one day. He is welcomed in each country, and leaves each one of his own accord. 8
  • 9. Clue To Puzzle 3 9
  • 10. Answer To Puzzle 3 • He is a mail courier who delivers packages to thedifferent foreign embassies inthe United States. The land of an embassy belongs to thecountry of the embassy, not to the United States. 10
  • 11. Puzzle 4• A riverboat filled with passengers suddenly capsized, drowning most of those aboard. The riverboat was in good condition and there was no carelessness on the part of the crew members. Explain 11
  • 12. Clue To Puzzle 4 12
  • 13. Answer To Puzzle 4• The boat was moving along a river in India when a large snake dropped onto the deck. The passengers all rushed to the other side of the boat, thereby overturning it. This is apparently based on a true incident reported in the World Almanac. 13
  • 14. Puzzle 5 • Two people are dead in a car, which is locked from the inside. Theres a lot of blood. There has been no foul play like a crime or suicide. Can you explain? 14
  • 15. Clue To Puzzle 5 15
  • 16. Answer To Puzzle 5• One of the dead people is a woman; the other is the baby shes just given birth to. She died in childbirth. 16
  • 17. Puzzle 6• A woman throws something out a window and dies. She is healthy and not mentally ill. She is not killed by anyperson. It is also not a suicide. Give a logical explanation. 17
  • 18. Clue To Puzzle 6 18
  • 19. Answer To Puzzle 6• The object she throws is a boomerang. It flies out, loops around, and comes back and hits her in the head, killing her. Boomerangs do not often return so close to the point from which they were thrown, but I believe its possible for this to happen. 19
  • 20. Puzzle 7 A man is born in 1972 and dies in 1952 at the age of 25. How is this possible? 20
  • 21. Clue To Puzzle 7 21
  • 22. Answer To Puzzle 7• Hes born in room number 1972 of a hospital and dies in room number 1952. The numbers can of course vary; it was originally set up with those numbers reversed (born in 1952, died in 1972), but I like it better this way. 22
  • 23. Puzzle 8• A black man dressed all in black, wearing a black mask, stands at a crossroads in a totally black-painted town. All of the streetlights in town are broken. There is no moon. A black- painted car without headlights drives straight toward him, but turns in time and doesnt hit him. How do you explain this? 23
  • 24. Clue To Puzzle 8 24
  • 25. Answer To Puzzle 8 Its daytime; the sun is out 25
  • 26. Puzzle 9 • A man rides into town on Friday. He stays one night and leaves on Friday. How is this possible? 26
  • 27. Clue To Puzzle 9 27
  • 28. Answer To Puzzle 9• Friday is a horse 28
  • 29. Puzzle 10• An ordinary woman walks on water. It is not a miracle. 29
  • 30. Clue To Puzzle 10 30
  • 31. Answer To Puzzle 10• Its easy to walk on alakes surface when the lake is frozen. 31
  • 32. #1A man locked his sonout of the house. Theson thanked him.Explain.Clue 32
  • 33. # 1 AnswerThe son, in his late teens, was spoiled and idle.The father correctly inferred that evicting himand forcing him to earn his own way would benefithim, however unpleasant it would be at first.When the son found a job and had worked at it fora while, he understood how his father’s action hadmade his life more respectable and constructive.Therefore, he thanked his father. 33
  • 34. #2 Zeke and his wife lived in a rural area. One evening, his wife felt ill. Zeke called the local doctor. “Doc, I think my wife may have appendicitis,” he explained. “Nonsense! I took out her appendix myselfClue : five years ago,” said the doctor. But Zeke’s wife proved to have appendicitis. Explain. 34
  • 35. #2 Answer:Since the earlier surgery, Zeke hadremarried. 35
  • 36. #3Adam had none. Eve had two. Everyonenowadays has three. What are they? Clue : 36
  • 37. #3 Answer : The letter e. 37
  • 38. #4 A bank robber grabbed several thousand dollars from a bank counter and,although he was armed, hewas captured within a few seconds before he could leave the bank. How? Clue : 38
  • 39. #4 Answer: The bank robber dashed to the revolving door and tried to push at the direction in which it would not revolve. 39
  • 40. #5A woman places her hand on her husband’s knee for anhour and then takes it off forten minutes; then she places her hand on her husband’sknee for another hour. Why? Clues : 40
  • 41. # 5 Answer : The wife of the deaf Thomas Edison used to go with him to the theater. She drummed out his knee in Morse code with her fingers what the actors were saying on stage. 41
  • 42. #6 The ancient Greekplaywright Aeschylus waskilled by a tortoise. How? Clues : 42
  • 43. # 6 AnswerAeschylus was killed when the tortoise was dropped on him from a height by an eagle who may have mistaken the bald head of Aeschylus for a rock on which to break the tortoise. 43
  • 44. #7After a World Cup soccer match, two players swappedjerseys. The police immediately arrested them. Why? Clue: 44
  • 45. # 7 AnswerIt was the women’s World Cup and thematch was played in a country with strictrules about female nudity or undressing inpublic. 45
  • 46. # 8 A high-speed police car chases a much slower vehicle in which criminals are escaping. But the police fail to catch them. Why?Clue 46
  • 47. # 8 Answer : The getaway vehicle was a double-decker bus that went under a low bridge. The top deck of the bus was cut off and fell onto the pursuing police car. 47
  • 48. #9 A man had his throat attacked by a woman with an electric shaving razor, yet he suffered no serious injurious. How come?Clue 48
  • 49. # 9 Answer:The woman forgot to plug in the electric shaver. 49
  • 50. # 10 William was the least intelligent and laziest boy in a class of 30 students who took an examination. Yet when the results were announced, William’s name was at the top ofClue the list. How come? 50
  • 51. $ 10 Answer:William’s name was William Abbot andthe results were given in alphabetical order. 51
  • 52. 52