Employee recognition

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  • 1. Employee Recognition
  • 2. FICCI CE Employee Recognition This requires the organizations to acknowledge and reward people for their superior performance.
  • 3. FICCI CE Employee Recognition The whole competitive society that we live in is driven by people striving to be recognized. Often recognition is simply having someone else acknowledge your worth. It is something every one wants and strives to obtain. Research has shown that people classify recognition as one of the things they value most.
  • 4. FICCI CE Ingredients of a recognition process A good recognition process has 6 major objectives given below: I. To provide recognition to employees who make unusual contributions to the organization. II. To show organizations appreciation for superior performance. III.To assure maximum benefits from the recognition process by effective communication that highlights the individuals who are recognized.
  • 5. FICCI CE Ingredients of a recognition process IV. To provide many ways to recognise employees for their efforts and stimulate management creativity in the recognition process. V. To improve the employee morale through proper recognition. VI. To reinforce behavioral patterns that management would like to see continued.
  • 6. FICCI CE Types of recognition 1. Financial compensation 2. Monetary rewards 3. Individual public recognition 4. Group public recognition
  • 7. FICCI CE Categories of exceptional contribution The following categories of exceptional contributions should never go unnoticed & must be recognised for stimulating continuous improvement:• Activity that results in significant savings & increased income• Managerial excellence
  • 8. FICCI CE Categories of exceptional contribution • Engineering or scientific contributions • New concepts activities • Commercial or industrial achievements • Demonstrated initiative or resourcefulness • Major improvement in quality/productivity
  • 9. FICCI CE
  • 10. FICCI CE