Chinese medicine

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  • 1. Theoretical System
  • 2. Yin And Yangthe law of nature
  • 3. Everything in the universe contains yin and yang static dynamic Yin Yang dark bright cold hot substantial functional etc… etc...
  • 4. The Unity of Opposition Between yin and yang The varia t io n s of the the dyn four amic seas eq u ons ilibr iu m
  • 5. Interdependence between yin and yang without light without shadow
  • 6. Waning and waxing of yin and yang If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Shelley
  • 7. The Five Element Theorynatural philosophy in ancient China
  • 8. Basic substances to constitute the universe the nature of growing freely liver eye east the nature of flaring up heart lingua south the nature of giving birth to all things spleen mouth middle the nature of purifying and descending lung nose west the nature of moistening kidney ear north
  • 9. Generation: promote, aid or bring forth another generation generation generation generation generation
  • 10. Restriction : bringing under control or restraint restriction rest n ictio rict restr ion r ne tio stri tric cti res on
  • 11. The relationships of generation, restriction generation generation restriction rest n ictio rict restr ion generation r ne generation tio stri tric cti res on generation
  • 12. Qithe root of life
  • 13. The fundamental substances constituting thehuman body and maintaining its life activities
  • 14. Meridians And Collateralsthe pathways to link the whole body
  • 15. A theoretical basis of all clinical subjects of TCM
  • 16. Medicament
  • 17. 【 plant 】 【 animal 】 【 mineral 】
  • 18. The Four Diagnostic Methods
  • 19. Inspection
  • 20. Auscultation and Olfaction
  • 21. Inquiry
  • 22. Pulse-taking and Palpation
  • 23. Medical Classic
  • 24. Ming Dynasty 《 Ben Cao Gang Mu 》 581-682 AD 《 Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang 》 Western Jin Dynasty 《 Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing 》 Han Dynasty 《 Shang Han Lun 》 2,000 years ago《 Huang Di Nei jing 》