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Industrial tour

  1. 1. POORNIMA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL TOUR REPORT - 2012 ( 22 FEB,2012 - 26 FEB,2012)Attended by: Faculty accompanied:Third Year Cs Students Nidhi Gupta(Lecturer,cs)Report prepared by: Krutibash Nayak(Lecturer,cs)MOHIT PRATAP SINGH Deepak sir(Lecturer,cs)
  2. 2. INDUSTRIAL TOUR REPORT(JAIPUR) - 201222 Feb,2012 WednesdayToday all the students accompanied by three faculty members arrived atcollege at 11:00 pm. As we had to leave at 12:00 pm sharp.We were going to visit two companies today. But it didn’t happen.There were some consequences ,and miss understanding between thetour operator and cordinators . (Waiting for matter to be solved , in pce campus)After involvement of college facult y the matter was sorted out. But all thetalking was so time consuming so we left at 4:00pm.
  3. 3. We reached “Swad ri dhani”, a place where we had dinner and somecultural entertainment shows were enjoyed by the students.The people over there welcomed us with a warm feeling. 23 Feb,2012 ThrusdayAfter leaving that place in the early morning we reached Jodhpur andall us been to Chandra Inn Hotel , ADD-Airport road, jodhpur.After taking some rest we prepared overselves for industrial visit .We had breakfast at 9:00 am.Then we started to “DREAMTEAM” and reached the same at 12:00 PM
  4. 4. 23 Feb,2012 ThrusdayIndustrial visit to DREAMTEAM Technologies (p) Ltd.Time: 12.00 pm to 1:30 pmObjective of the visit:To pertain the knowledge about the inner atmosphere and the acquaintances ofthe highly successful IT solutions company in Rajasthan.History:DREAMTEAM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was born in early 2005 with an ISO9001:2008 certified company and floated as an IT solutions company specialized inits core area of expertise namely Campus Automation Management Software "LITEROM TM". In due course, this Campus Management Software is used formanaging complete administrative activities of the institutions.DREAMTEAM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is well known IT Solutions Companyspecialized in providing Campus Automation Management Software to Schools,Colleges and University along with Website Designing and Development forEducation Industry as well as Business and Corporate Houses. With a track recordof 100 plus successful installations in ERP Campus Automation Software and 350plus successful website designing, development and hosting on our dedicated webserver both domestically and internationally DREAMTEAM is now poised to reachnew heights of success in its chosen field of expertise.
  5. 5. Founded: 2005 A.D.C.E.O:-Sushil SharmaNo. of associates- 150W.H.Q-JodhpurOur Vision:To bring the best of IT technology to the Education world.Our Mission:To increase Operational " Efficiencies and Productivity " in educationindustry in a most reliable and secure mannerServices provided by DREAMTEAM Technologies (p) Ltd.ERP Campus Automation Management Software, Online Admission FormModule, Online Examination Software, Continuous and ComprehensiveEvaluation (CCE) Module, as by CBSE Board, Domain Registration and Hostingetc………….
  6. 6. Session:Conducted by:-Ritika jain(Head marketing & promotions) Ms. Ritika jain addressed the students about half an hour.She told about the services provided by the company , how they deal with their customers , and the products which are made by the company. She also explained about different positions that their associates into and suggested students to get more technical knowledge.“Later session is been left for the students to clarify their doubts about thecompany and services that it provide . Students posed many questions . some ofthem are:-” 1.When are employee benefits high like whether he/she is from B.Tech or M.Tech background?2.What course can we go for training to be job-fit.3.How many departments you have in your company?4.On which platform your company make software?5.What measures do your company take for security measures?
  7. 7. Address:--STPI, Plot No. CYB-I, Cyber Park,Heavy Industrial Area, Jodhpur, Rajasthan342001. email :, of visit to DREAMTEAM:Students understood their role in corporate world. Furthermore , the securitymanagement , dress codes and moreover the realm of the company were knownRecommendations from students:If we were given more exposure ,then it would be in favour of our understandingtowards the various companies.After that we took leave from DREAMTEAM and started toCAZRI and reached the same at 2:00 pm. 23 Feb,2012 THRUSDAYIndustry visit to CAZRI Time- 2:00 pm to 3:30 pmCAZARI stands for Central Arid Zone Research Institute
  8. 8. Objective of the visit:To understand the Industrial interface and the various fields with which, weComputer science students can be related and how to gain Industrial exposure.History and Origin of CAZARIThe arid zone of India covers about 12% of the countrys geographical area andoccupies over 31.7 m ha of hot desert and about 7 m ha is under cold desert. Theproduction and life support systems in the hot regions are constrained by low anderratic precipitation (100-420 mm/year), high evapotranspiration (1500-2000mm/year), and poor soil physical and fertility conditions. The local inhabitants haveevolved suitable landuse and management systems of farming, pastoralism andanimal husbandry; of late, these local survival systems have become inadequate tofulfill the ever increasing needs. This has resulted in over-exploitation of theresources causing rapid and widespread land degradation and decline inproductivity. To arrest this degradation process and for scientific and sustainablemanagement of the resources, Desert Afforestation Station was established in 1952at Jodhpur. This was later expanded into Desert Afforestation and Soil ConservationStation in 1957, and finally upgraded to Central Arid Zone Research Institute(CAZRI) in 1959 under Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. TheCAZRI operates through Six Divisions, located at the headquarters in Jodhpur. Thereare four Regional Research Stations located in different agro-climatic zones to workon location-specific problems.
  9. 9. Divisions(A) Division of Natural Resources and Environment(B)Division of Integrated Land Use Management and Farming Systems(C)Division of Plant Improvement, Propagation and Pest Management(D)Division of Livestock Production Systems & Range Management(E)Division of Agricultural Engineering for Arid Production Systems(F)Division of Transfer of Technology, Training and Production EconomicsCore area:- Targeting Agri-based Technological Interventions in Arid WesternRajasthanFounded:-1952HQ:-JodhpurNo. of key people:- 21Director – Dr. M.M. RoyVision -Sustainable management of natural resources for achieving food,nutritional, environmental and livelihood security in the country.
  10. 10. Session:-Conducted by : Dr. R.K Kaul (Officer Incharge , Research Cordination andManagement)In that session he told us about how they investigate and study theenvironment effect on Arid area and how they take appropriate action onit.For this purpose they use satellite images and use image processing software toread the images. Here the need of a computer science student can feel.Later Dr Kaul continued the session and conducted interactive activities forStudents.Activities:(A)We are taken to a museum in which all the information related to CAZRI projectsand research development were placed.(B)They showed us how a GPS system works practically. Students were veryinterested in it.(C)Had a picture session in the museum.
  11. 11. Laxman gaur in Cazri museum “why this kolaveri kolaveri di”Students of pce in museum
  12. 12. After activities some questions asked by the students listed as below:(A)How CAZRI provide sufficient information to the people who live in aridareas?(B)What is the mission of your organization?(C)Tell us about the Satellite image processing?(D)How GPS is used in your system?(E)What is the process for recruitment here?(F)What is the ratio of male and female employees in your organization?
  13. 13. Outcome of visit to CAZRI:Though , being the c.s. students , we got the good knowledge about theemerging technologies used in the investigation of arid areas like GPS systemand Satellite Image Processing.Recommendations from students:Further chances of interaction , workshops and visits with such organizationwill surly empower us to create flexibilities in our career opportunities.At 3:30 we had lunch in restaurant “Sukh sagar”and rushed to Hotel.After taking some rest we prepared to go for shopping in the evening and had agreat experience over there.
  14. 14. “Doing shopping in National Handloom”We had dinner at 10:00 pm. And got a good sleep .24 Feb, 2012 FRIDAY Jodhpur – A nice palace to visit. We left the Hotel next morning and started to Umaid Bhawan Palace and reached there by 11:00 am
  15. 15. Umaid palace is one of the main attraction of jodhpur. After visiting Umaid palace we move forward to Jaisalmer . We reached Jaisalmer at 9:00 pm and stayed in royal camps. We had a D.J night over there and had dinner at 10:30 pm.25 Feb,2012 SATURDAY: In early morning we enjoyed Camel Safari and a great sun rise. At 9:00 am every one was ready to visit a company called “SUZLON” Industry visit to “SUZLON” Time – 10:00 pm t0 12:30 pm Objective of the visit:- To pertain the knowledge about different fields where a computer engineering student have career opportunities and how they can help in the society by their work.
  16. 16. Company profile :- “SUZLON ENERGY LTD” POWERING A GREENER TOMORROWFounded - 1995Headquarters – Pune , INDIAPresence - India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, Canada, USA, Brazil,Chile, Nicaragua, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Romania, TheNetherlands, Turkey,Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic,France, Greece,Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, SouthAfrica.Manufacturing – “India: Maharashtra, Pondicherry, Gujarat, Daman ”R&D - Denmark, Germany, India, The Netherlands, ChinaEmployees – over 13000 (32 nationalities)VISION- (a)To be the technology leader in the wind sector(b) To be in the top three wind companies in all the key markets of the world(c) To be the global leader in providing profitable, end-to-end wind power solutions.Philosophy: To pursue social, economic and ecological sustainabledevelopment for our planet.
  17. 17. Session:Conducted by: Mr. Khatri ( Officer Incharge)Mr. Khatri took all of us to a Wind mill first and told us about thefunctioning and power production from the wind mill.Mr. Khatri explained everything about their company and gave the practicalknowledge about the whole energy production system.After the session they took us to the control center and showed us the computerSystem on which they operate the wind mill and grid via they circulate the power.“Later session is been left for the students to clarify their doubts about thecompany and services that it provide . Students posed many questions . some ofthem are:-”(a)Is embedded system is used in manufacturing of wind mill?(b)How many wind mills are here in Jaisalmer?(c)How much energy all the wind mills can produce?(d)What kind of training should we go for this job to be fit?(e)What‘s your recruitment policies?
  18. 18. ALL THE QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED BY MR. KHATRI. We had a great timewith Mr. Khatri.
  19. 19. Outcome of visit to “SUZLON”: Students came to know that there are manydifferent fields a computer engineering student can go for.Recommendations from the students: A little more exposure to the in side of control center would help us more in learning .After visit we had lunch at Hotel PITHALA HAVELI. Had a visit to Jaisalmer fort and after itleft Jaisalmer and reached jodhpur at 10:00 pm.26 Feb,2012 SUNDAY In morning we all gathered in the hall , had breakfast and left the Hotel. We visited “MEHRANGARH FORT” . Had a great time there with friends.
  20. 20. 26 Feb,2012 SUNDAYTime – 8:00 pmWe visited Nareli Jain Temple situated at Ajmer national highway.Time -11:30 pm We reached college and then dispersed