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  • 1. We can change the world By opening minds… How your support for the Global Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Altruists Network (glean) will change the world
  • 2. What is glean ? Global Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Altruists Network. With roots in a cluster of great organizations Invisible. No dues. No budget. No bricks and mortar. glean Other Universities, Non-Profits, Governments Other Global Entrepreneurial Firms BASES, NUSEA, Exitera, SEC, SWIB SCPD Stanford SoE MS and E STVP Educational Network: (via Facebook.com, MySpace, Linkedin) NUS, KTH, SSE, SSES, HBS, &… Industry Network(via Linkedin.com Facebook.com, MySpace): BDA, EA, VCs, BigTent, glean startups, &…
  • 3. glean Mission & 5 Objectives (What we want to achieve)
    • To promote world peace by helping global leaders, entrepreneurs, altruists do 5 things:
    • Build trustworthy networks
    • Transcend culture, time and distance
    • Create true value
    • Save the planet
    • Share the wealth.
  • 4. glean Strategies (How we will achieve the mission & objectives)
    • Help entrepreneurial leaders to build trustworthy companies, networks, and markets around the world.
    • Develop new generations of global entrepreneurial leaders.
    • Help women entrepreneurs and “new kids on the block” get access to capital, customers, and talent.
    • Deliver world class learning to entrepreneurial teams whenever, wherever they need it.
    • Blend education and entertainment.
  • 5. glean hot spots Current Focus: Singapore Stockholm Silicon Valley Seattle, Boston Future Initiatives: Shanghai; Beijing; Copenhagen; LA; San Diego; Hong Kong; Palau; Ho Chi Min City and a cluster of cities in India…
  • 6. Why Mobile? Why India? Why Now?
    • Why Mobile? We’ve been mobile road warriors since college.
      • Tomk – Stanford in 1981 – Osborne, then Compaq
      • Mohit – College of Engineering Pune in 2005 – Compaq
      • From “Suitcases” to notebooks to Treos and Blackberries to the i-Phone…
    • Why India? Because in the mobile world, India is no longer an “emerging market” – It has momentum that is impacting the globe.
    • Why Now? An army of Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Appeared.
      • Mohit aced my GEM course – earned my trust.
      • His entrepreneurial skills and passion inspired me
      • He persuaded many global entrepreneurs to participate in the project
      • BDA lead by Kunal Bajaj & Ted Dean brought complementary skills
      • Qualcomm led by Jeff Belk and Nagraj Kashyap sponsored this evening
  • 7. Mobile Momentum Our Vision
    • A forum to facilitate a dialogue between the mobile communities of academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, carriers, investors in Silicon Valley and Asian Mobile Markets through periodical detailed briefings, discussions, case studies, round tables and projects.
    • Align with and complement the efforts of many other organizations at Stanford and in Silicon Valley that build bridges to Asia
    • Mobile Momentum Co-Founders:
    • Mohit Gundecha and Tom Kosnik
    • Founding Advisory Board member: Chetan Sharma
  • 8. Mobile Momentum Next steps
    • Recruiting an Advisory Board consisting of experts, investors and entrepreneurs in the Mobile industry from Asia and North America
    • Inviting your feedback on what you’d like the forum to be
    • Designing and executing the next project and event
    • Recruiting a team of volunteers to organize and execute
    • Inviting research and industry partners
  • 9. How can you participate?
    • Let us learn from you as Global Entrepreneurial Leaders.
    • Come as guest speakers for our classes or BASES events.
    • Serve as a judge or mentor in a business plan competition.
    • Let us tell your story in the books we write.
    • Sponsor a research project with us and our students.
    • Hire us in for an educational workshop or offsite.
    • Hire our students and alumni
    • Partner with us in venture philanthropy
    • Participate in the Mobile Momentum initiative
  • 10. Vote of Thanks
    • You All
    • Panelists
    • BDA
    • Qualcomm
    • Ashwin Rangan
    • Mobile Monday, US-IVCA, Stanford/MIT VLAB
    • STVP and MS and E and Stanford SoE for creating the environment that makes this possible
  • 11.
    • Thank You!
    • For more info pls contact
    • Tom Kosnik kosnik@ stanford.edu
    • Mobile: +1 650 450 3330
    • Mohit Gundecha [email_address]
    • Mobile: +1 650 799 5495