ppt on masala products


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ppt on masala products

  1. 1. Presents
  2. 2. INGREDIENTS1.Coriander2.cumin3.Black pepper4.chilli5.Cassia leaf6.Clove7.Black cardiamon
  3. 3. 8.Anistar9.Fennel seed10.Dry ginger11.Triphala12.Caraway13.Common salt
  4. 4. objectiveRaw material used is selectiveand of the finest quality tomaintain the superiorty of theproduct.
  5. 5. Area of launching and expansion plans in futureZayekedar garam masala is launched inMaharashtra at present .In future we would be launching it in all statesof India in a sequence acoording to theresponse of the coustmers and sale of product.
  6. 6. Advertisement and marketingWe have relased a commercial videoaddvertisement,And a radio add on all commercialchannels in maharashtra.Hoardings all over the state atappropriate places.
  7. 7. UsesCan be used in many dishes to make itspicy and tasty.Paneer dishesChicken dishesMutton dishesPulav’sAll vegetable’sCurry’s.Etc.
  8. 8. Rate of raw materialBlack pepper-350 Rs/kgCardamon-950 Rs/kgCumin seeds-200 Rs/kgDry ginger-250 Rs/kgCoriander-100 Rs/kgChilli-200 Rs/kgClove-1050 Rs/kgFennel seed-150 Rs/kgOther material-2500 Rs/kg (approx)
  9. 9. Total cost of productionRaw material totals=12575Rs/100kgsLabour cost=525 Rs.Electricity=1900 Rs.Packaging,transport & others=2200 Rs.Total cost for company=17200RS/100kg
  10. 10. Main market competitors1.MDH2.Everest3.Suruchi.etc
  11. 11. Packaging varaiantsMDH has got garam masala in differentweight variants ranging from 100gm to1kg.Whereas everest has got weight formatfrom 25gm to 1kg.Whereas for suruchi garam masala theweights are from 25gm to500gm.
  12. 12. The price range for everest garam masala is as follows-25gm (sachet)-5 Rs.50gm(box)-12 Rs.100gm(box)-23 Rs.200gm(box)-46 Rs.500gm(bottel)-110 Rs.1kg(bottel)-215 Rs.The price range is nearly about same for othercompanies.
  13. 13. Packaging sizes and MRPZayekedar garam masla is launched in forms of100 gm to 5kg.100gm-22 Rs.200gm-43 Rs.500gm-105 Rs.1kg-200 Rs.2kg-395 Rs.5kg-950 Rs.
  14. 14. MARKETING STRAREGYContract with many hotels in Maharashtra.Supply of product to major chain shop’s.Like Big Bazzar, Aditya Birla Group’s More,and even some other chain’s.All districts of Maharashta will have adistributor appointed.More than 5000 shops would be selling ourproduct in their shops.
  15. 15. DIFRENT RATES OF DISTRIBUTIONLower price would be provided to chainshops and even other shops who gives us aspecific sale in a given period.A little higher price would be given to theretailers.
  16. 16. Rate of distributionChain shops.Buying price=18000 Rs/100kgSelling price=20000 Rs/100kgwholesalers.Buying price=18000Rs/100kgSelling price=19000 Rs/100kgRetailers.Buying price=19000 Rs/100kgSelling price=20000 Rs/100kg
  17. 17. ProfitThe difference between sellingprice and cost price of product isaround 800 Rs for 100 kg.Thus company earns 800 Rs for100kg sell of product.