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  1. 1. HACKINGANDCRACKINGBY:Mohit AgarwalEC 2 year
  2. 2. Objectives of Hacking andCracking What is Hacking? Difference between Hacking andcracking Types of Hackers Types of Hacking Techniques Preventive measures Some Cracking Examples
  3. 3. HACKING Authorized or Unauthorizeattempts to bypass the securitymechanisms of an informationsystems or network In simple words Hacking meansfinding out weaknesses in acomputer or computer network
  4. 4. Why do people hack ? To make security stronger (Ethical hacking) Just for fun Steal important information Destroy enemy’s computer network For Fame
  5. 5. Types of Hackers
  6. 6. White-hat Hackers The good guys who identify thesecurity weakness of the system ornetwork and inform the owner aboutthem
  7. 7. Black Hat HackersA black hat is the villain orbad guy, who crash into victim‟ssecurity to steal information anddestroy the victims securitynetwork.
  8. 8. Grey hat HackersA grey hat, in the hacking community,refers to a skilled hacker who issomewhere in between white andblack hat hackers
  9. 9. PretextingPhishing
  10. 10. Pretexting:Pretexting is the act of been that u r not torelease information (e.g. date of birth, Social SecurityNumber, last bill amt.)Phishing:Phishing is an e-mail fraud method in which theperpetrator sends out email in an attempt to gatherpersonal and financial information from recipients.Phishers attempt to fraudulently acquiresensitive information, such as usernames, passwords andcredit card details .Ebay and PayPal are two of the mosttargeted companies, and online banks are also commontargets
  11. 11. Language of hackers - Leet1 -> i or l3 -> e4 -> a7 -> t9 -> g0 -> o$ -> s| -> i or l|| -> n|/| -> ms -> zz -> sf -> phph -> fx -> ckck -> x
  12. 12. Example:1 d1d n0t h4ck th1s p4g3, 1t w4s l1k3 th1swh3|| 1 h4ck3d 1nI did not hack this page, it was like thiswhen I hacked in.
  13. 13. World famous hackers StephenWozniac TsutomuShimomura
  14. 14.  Kevin Mitnick Kevin Poulsen
  15. 15. Random Fact !!!! The average age group ofhackers are aged between 14-24yrs. …
  16. 16. Did you know ?Social networking sites like„FACEBOOK‟, ‟GMAIL‟,‟YAHOO” comprised of 60% ofdirect or indirect hackingincidents.
  17. 17. Most popular virusLinks involving private picturesof celebrities.Links showing pictures offamous personalities likevideos of Osama Bin Laden‟skilling.
  18. 18. Another popular scamFacebook lottery scam.
  19. 19. Preventive measures Install a strong anti-virus with fullsecurity from internet, removalmemory etc. Avoid disclosing personal details likephone number, credit card details tostrangers. A good firewall (Sygate personal) A good spy ware / Trojan buster. Use of genuine software
  20. 20. How to become Hacker The best approach is to gain as muchknowledge about stuff as you can. Good command over C / C++ / Perlwill definitely help. But above all you need a good logicalbrain
  21. 21. Some Examples of CrackingWindows Cracking1) Windows Logonpassword Breaking
  22. 22. Window log on passwordbreaking To hack windows login password, reboot and wait for the message:When we see the boot menu on the screen, press F2 or F12 before “StartingWindows 9x…” . The boot menu will come up. Select option to boot into DOS.C:>cd windows C:windows>ren *.pwl *.xyz // RENAMEOr delete them by typing C:windows>del *.pwl *.xyz//DELETE
  23. 23. Easy and Simple approachOn many computers a series ofkeystrokes may crash the password program.keep pressing ESC 15 to 20 times . This willresult in the crashing of the password program and thecomputer will continue booting .BY BOOTINGWe can break into a computer by using live tools likeconboot live cd which are readly available on internet .Thelive cd can be used to make a bootable pen drive and thenwe can break into any computer.