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Equips Consultants Description Of Services

  1. 1. Equips Consultants Product Research Equips consultants can help you look at what products can be produced with your available technology and what new product innovations near future technology can develop via- ideation, new product concept testing, packaging research and forecasting. Market Research Our consultants help organizations to access information about markets or customers especially for research companies, large BPO’s, software vendors exploring market research opportunities or to outsource their work, investment opportunities, spot future trends and development. Key Gap Identification The key to successful top line revenue growth is to identify a demand that is unfulfilled and then create (or acquire) professional services or products that you can sell to fill this unserviced gap. We can help you to adopt a systematic research approach to discover and uncover sales opportunities where market demand is greater than supply. Customer Identification Beyond customer satisfaction the greater challenge is to measure the customer disposition, which could be dependent on issues of satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and perceived value of money. Key areas of identification: • Critical expectation and fulfillment. • Brand promise. • Customer value index. • Core customer consistency. • Benchmarking. • Client actionable framework. In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business promotion, Equips consultants propose a data-mining model to explore the characteristics of critical customers. Customer Delivery Process Equips consultants helps its clients to attain/design a cost effective solution that provides the best selection of delivery routes, using the best modes of communication, serving clients in a broad geography from optimal distribution centers, at lowest possible cost. Channel Monitoring We offer expert guidance in designing report models based on statistical multi variate analysis to identify the main factors that affect the desired performance and we elaborate reports with financial indicators that can monitor in continuous bases, the financial health of marketing channel thus providing preventive actions or channel profitability recovery plans. http://www.equipsconsultants.com
  2. 2. Equips Consultants Technology Strategy We can identify and manage, how, the people, processes and technology can collaborate better. Our team of experts brings out a blueprint on how your digital resources can be managed alternatively and which areas require improvement, in order to increase the productivity and to share it through an effective platform. Brand Data Management Brands need to be periodically measured in terms of the impact on consumers, stimulating market demands, sustaining seasonality effects and exploring opportunities for proliferation. The essential component of a brand equity strategy is conceptualizing the inter-dependence of awareness, acquaintance, association, allegiance and appraisal of brands. Our consultants consolidate, harmonize and optimize data analytical techniques to measure the performance of brands. Data Mining Equips consultants’ assists organizations in managing knowledge discovery in databases for finding pieces of unrevealed information and put them together for meaningful decision making. Data mining tools predict behaviors and future trends, allowing businesses to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. Data mining tools can answer business questions that traditionally were too time consuming to resolve. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM provides businesses with tools that can be used to analyze customer behavior improve integration and provide beneficial feedback to understand the return on investment (ROI) within the corporation. We provide industry specific CRM best practices which can be incorporated into custom built applications- scalable packaged applications and hosting solutions. Customer Acquisition and Retention Equips consultants can help you to maximize the value of shareholder wealth by acquiring the right kind of customers, developing and retaining them. Our experts adopt the decision calculus approach for measuring customer equity. Team Management The roadmap to human resource transformation is made up of many critical activities that serve to help organizations understand the current state, envision the future, build the model, validate the vision, and implement the new HR service delivery approach. The Strategic team development profile is a team need analysis tool that will pinpoint strategic issues that need resolving in a group. Just some of the applications include: • SWOT Analysis. • Conflict resolution. • Role clarification. • Identifying skill gaps and training and development needs. • Team performance reviews. • Establishing remuneration and rewards programs. http://www.equipsconsultants.com
  3. 3. Equips Consultants • Aligning work values. • Improving team processes, quality and productivity. Skill Development Equips consultants encourage new and innovative approaches to skill development and training. We help organizations to establish a skill ecosystem of local business and education providers to increase efficiency, stimulate innovation, and facilitate new business models, and new skill development models. Leadership Equips Consultants “encompasses broad and proactive leadership behaviors that serve to motivate, direct, support, modify, assist, monitor and reinforce employees in pursuit of goal accomplishment.” Our consultants provide expert guidance in performing critical activities like Support and coaching, communication development, feedback and monitoring performance expectations. Mentorship Mentorship helps providing clarity and direction to help your organization achieve broader goals and objectives, and make a lasting impression where it most counts .Our mentors design customized framework to manage learning in the organization through scientific, process driven approach to learning design and delivery across functional, technical and behavioral competencies. Project Consultation When an enterprise becomes more complex in value chain settings, it needs more adaptive business models and supporting infrastructures to execute its growth strategy. Our consultants work with you to translate an iterative development and project management model which results in improved requirement gathering ,more accurate cost estimation , and higher quality product .By surfacing problems early on, discovering hidden requirements, focusing on most important issues, and communicating every step of the way, we create a smooth, fluid experience for our clients. Legal Aspects of Business Equips Consultants assists organizations in managing: • Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures; • Pricing strategy (e.g., price fixing, exchanging price information, predatory pricing, and discriminatory pricing); • Marketing channel strategy (e.g., resale price maintenance, territorial and customer restrictions, exclusive dealing, refusals to deal, etc.); and limits on market dominance. • The intellectual property dimension (including federal patent, copyright, and trademark law), as well as federal and state laws pertaining to trade secrets, unfair competition, and consumer protection. http://www.equipsconsultants.com
  4. 4. Costs Evaluation Equips Consultants play a lead role in the design and implementation of integrated cost management system to help drive profit and organizational performance. We offer a portfolio of research based advisory and consulting services that enable our clients to maximize their technology investments, minimize risk through accurate planning, benchmark themselves against industry, adopt industry best practices for merchant and IT alignment, and make more informed technical decisions and market innovations. Competitor Analysis Given the priority of competitiveness in modern companies, our practitioners of competitive or strategic corporate intelligence have come up with analytical tools to understand what business and competitive intelligence is and how it works. With Equips you can offer better quality services, lower prices, more support, or easier access to services to your customers. Advertising Research Equips Consultants offer full range of advertising research solutions to help client make decision at all stages of advertising development process and to maximize return on their advertising investment. Our advertising research products will enable you to improve creative development, pre-test advertising concepts, track and assess advertisements in-market, measure marketing brand equity, and provide a holistic communication evaluation. Web Designing We will analyze your needs, design, build, and manage the solution that's right for you, whether it's a simple online brochure, a limited-use demo, or a sophisticated database-driven e-commerce solution. Our web development services include: - Website Design - Requirements Analysis - Information Architecture - Graphic Design - Front-End Implementation - Ease of Use - Content - Website Optimization - Understanding your marketing plan, products/services, competition, etc. - Choosing the right keywords or phrases that describe your product or services. - Using these keywords and phrases with the right prominence and frequency throughout the text. - Placing these keywords in Meta tags, and alt tags with the right prominence and frequency within the HTML code - They analysis of the HTML code and the debugging for errors that many sites have. - Creating links from other relevant websites to yours to improve your link popularity and therefore improving your ranking with many of the search engines. http://www.equipsconsultants.com
  5. 5. Partnership Services Marrying to the right business partner to grow your organization's presence and/ or capabilities is often the right strategy. Finding partners? Make sure they're right for you. Jointly planning your market developments often benefits from an outsider's view, whose due diligence can give you the reassurance you need, that the business marriage will be a long and profitable one. Equips consultants offer an access to Venture Capital to new and fast growing companies typically in technology sector; Growth Capital for established but growing ,medium sized companies; Private Equity for restructuring; and succession solutions like- Management Buy-out and Management Buy-in; Pre IPO Financing. Vendor Development Many companies parallel their product delivery and development approach, using third parties to provide service and support within their network of industry. To accomplish this objective, Equips help its client develop Strategic Alliance Partners to gain the following advantages: • Utilize partner centers for customer calls, multi-language needs and global capacity. • Improve margins on low complexity work. • Avoid capital spending for centers. • Train agent pool to handle complex, high value customer transactions. • Better leverage of existing capacity. • Minimize capital spending for centers. • BPO processes. • Partner performance mgt. • Technology services. • Create greater leverage. Franchising As our client and partner, we will provide your company with virtually all of the resources and services necessary to successfully franchise your business. Equips Consultants will analyze your current business concept and determine what the best approach is for your expansion initiatives, i.e. franchising, licensing or setting you up as a business opportunity. Equips Consultants will help you prepare the documents you will need in order to legally franchise your company, such as the contract (Franchise Agreement) and the disclosure document. Project management Equips consultants offer expert guidance in formalizing the project vision, objectives, scope, organization and overall implementation plan. Our consultants set the direction for the project and gain buy in from your stakeholders as to how the project will be organized and implemented. They will also help you to control the scope of your project, by defining exactly what it is that you have to http://www.equipsconsultants.com
  6. 6. achieve. Creating an overall risk plan is critical to a project success. Our consultants will help you maintain as much control as possible over the risks you’ll face on your projects. Documentation During the life cycle of a typical project, a project manager can produce different types of documents to facilitate the planning, tracking and reporting of the project. Documents range from feasibility studies, resource plans, financial plans and project plans, to supplier contracts, post-implementation reviews, change request forms and project status reports. The manner in which project documents are managed by Consultants can be the driving force behind a project's success. Equips consultants have taken special initiatives to adopt the best practices and principles globally in project documentation and their applications. Implementation Are you looking for a consultant to have complete hands-on assistance in the creation, implementation and execution of your marketing strategy? Equips Consultants will serve as your hands-on mentor. We work directly with selected managers, team leaders and others to help them with their role in changing your marketing strategy. We make specific recommendations for adjustments to current strategy and tactics as well as make specific recommendations for new marketing tactics. Working from our offices, we make specific recommendations for adjustments to current strategy and tactics as well as make specific recommendations for new strategies and tactics. If required, we would recommend specific work distribution changes, recommend appropriate personnel changes and provide specific skills development and/or counseling. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Sales efficiency suffers from administrative burden in managing customers' pricing matrices, contracts, bids, and vendor cost changes. Best-in-class pricing leverages customers' transactional behavior, combined with the distributor's specialized knowledge of product and competition, to develop pricing matrices, contracts, and vendor cost management processes which both maximize net customer profitability and reduce administrative burden on the sales force. It is a tall order to accomplish, made easy with Equips Consultants. Production and operations Operations effectiveness and process efficiency are more than just good business practices; they are survival imperatives in today’s economy. There is often great opportunity to be gotten from even simple improvements in pricing, discounting, segmentation, and market positioning. Maintaining competitiveness, rapid response, and differentiated performance is a high wire juggling act for managers every day. Equips can help by ensuring your critical business and go-to-market processes are efficient and effective in achieving your business goals. http://www.equipsconsultants.com
  7. 7. Productivity Productivity or the product performance is measured as a ratio of outputs that customers obtain from a product, relative to inputs that customers have to spend for purchasing and using the product. The output side is modeled by a set of customer relevant parameters such as technical performance attributes, but also non functional benefits and brand strengths. The output side reflects user costs. Using a super efficiency model it is possible to differentiate the efficient products. Thus productivity is a function of efficient products. Equips standardizes this dependent function. Quality The quality paradigm has assumed great importance in modern day business scenario. Management of quality in a project entails detecting and fixing errors in different work process encompassing the project. Quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control are different processes involved in project quality management. The main benefit of measuring quality in marketing programs and processes is the ability to garner actionable intelligence which can be used to optimize, or improve, performance and processes. As data is analyzed and insights generated possibilities of improvement are presented in many areas. Financial Viability of Each Customer Equips Consultants help you understand performance around key customer and product profitability around volume, inventory turns, ROI, free cash flow, and gross margins. Understanding this allows you do a number of things: • Understand account profit and loss. • Create peer group comparisons to know which accounts to grow, which ones to "fix”. • Understand account revenue potential by product mix and target share of wallet. • Drive improvements in gross profit dollars per account and transaction • Broaden account market basket. http://www.equipsconsultants.com