5S - Housekeeping at Home "The steps & benefits"


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  • Good morning to our lecturerPnRamita and to all my friends. Today, I will present my speech. The title is 5S – Housekeeping at home “the steps & benefits”The 5S process of sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining is a lean manufacturing process in use by the manufacturing companyfor decades. The premise of 5S is to help organize and improve the work conditions of a workplace. Yet this process can also be used for home as well. These steps can help you get your home organized now and keep it that way in the future.
  • 5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri,seiton,seiso,seiketsu, and shitsukeThere are five primary 5S phases: sorting / seiri, straightening / seiton, systematic cleaning / seiso, standardizing / seiketsu, and sustaining / shitsuke.
  • 1. SEIRI / SORTING - The sorting process requires to get everything in your home up and out of the place of clutter. Probably the best thing to do here is use a 3 bins or bag system. The 3 bags to sort your clutter / litter is 1) Throw away 2) Storage 3) Keep handy. Start with one room at a time. Eliminate unnecessary things. Keep only what is needed.
  • 2. SEITON / STRAIGHTENING / SET IN ORDER - Next step is taking those containers and putting back the contents in an orderly manner. This means that everything useful has a place. Put it in a proper place that is easy to access. Eliminate search time and therefore, stresses and strains. You may find that you are throwing away most stuff in this step and have a lot of new room in your home now.
  • 3. SEISO / SYSTEMATIC CLEANING - Now that everything is picked up and orderly here is the cleaning step. Clean everywhere in the rooms. Achieve zero dirt. This will get your home nice and new feeling. The fruits of your labor are really showing here.
  • 4. SEIKETSU / STANDARDIZE - The next two steps deal with making sure your home doesn't get cluttered again in the future. Standardize deals with defining the places for your Keep Handy and Storage things in your home. Use labels here to keep things organized. Color code common used items.The idea here is that all of your items have a home within the home for easy location and more importantly easy place to be set up when done using it.
  • 5. SHITSUKE / SUSTAIN - The sustain of 5S is making sure that things are kept up on a regular basis. Here you may want to jot down some daily, weekly, and monthly things that are required to keep the home in order. For instance you may want to jot down SHINE a different room on each day, or weekly chores or monthly maintenance of household heating and cooling. Write down your tasks and keep it in an easy to access place. Perhaps a clipboard so that you can track your progress.
  • There are five primary 5S phases: sorting / seiri, straightening / seiton, systematic cleaning / seiso, standardizing / seiketsu, and sustaining / shitsuke.The Benefits of implementing 5S at home are – your home will looks clean, tidy and beautiful. It feels great to live in such a home. It will impresses everyone. It improves hygiene at home. No one at home wastes any time in searching and retrieving the things.Home is a safe place now because the unwanted item is safely keep. The environment around is clean and healthy especially for children & old people. There is no clutter around meaning meaning you don't need to spend money to obtain additional storage space or equipment for that clutter. If had you not done the 5S Housekeeping, the clutter would have increased. It will definitely not look clean, tidy & beautiful.
  • In conclusion,5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanesewords: seiri,seiton,seiso,seiketsu, and shitsukeSeiri – sortingSeiton – straightening Seiso – systematic cleaningSeiketsu – standardizingShitsuke – sustainingImplementing the 5S system at your home & by following these steps, you are actually saving lots of money.
  • That 's all for my speech for today. I would like to thank all of you who are present today. Thanks to all for listening. That's it all from me.
  • 5S - Housekeeping at Home "The steps & benefits"

    1. 1. 5S - Housekeeping at Home “The Steps & Benefits”
    2. 2. What is 5S?
    3. 3. Seiri / Sorting
    4. 4. Seiton / Straightening
    5. 5. Seiso / Systematic Cleaning
    6. 6. Seiketsu / Standardize
    7. 7. Shitsuke / Sustain
    8. 8. The benefits
    9. 9. The End