Design thinking action labs prototype


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Design thinking action labs prototype

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Design thinking action labs prototype

  1. 1. Redesigning school-to-work transition Prototype - For Design thinking action labs
  2. 2. Problem statement Sam a final engineering graduate who is enthusiastic, and highly motivated individual needs to find a way to learn specialised skill and update himself with latest market needs to become more employable because the schools he went to did not mentor him or exposed him to latest market needs
  3. 3. Idea 1: Mentorship program Mentorship programs are arranged every alternate weeks, primary mentors being Alumni’s and secondary mentors are professors Alumni’s who are already working, will talk about what process they have followed to find the job, what are the current industry trends what challenges they have faced at work because of gap between what they have learned at school and what the industry need was This will help students to identify gaps and bridge them by learning those skills I have used user Journey map to create a prototype Prototype
  4. 4. Journey map Management announces dates for mentorship sessions both with professors and alumni's via school notice boards Students book a slot with their details to meet either a professor or a alumni according to there needs Management team reviews the applications and assigns specific mentor and communicates the dates to the student Mentors provide guidance to students on what current job requirements, trends etc are. And also provide necessary guidelines (skill sets to improve) to students A review meet up is scheduled between mentor and student to check the progress via on site meet or phone conversation, depending on mentor availability
  5. 5. + What worked Δ What could be improved ? Questions ! Ideas Isn't there a website where I can book the appointment instead of notice board Can I contact mentors any time I want? Are this one on one sessions or group sessions? Students appreciate mentorship program, specially with alumni’s who are currently working Through journey map students could easily understand how the concept will work Application process: should have multiple ways to apply for the mentor session, like a dedicated web site for mentorship program Posting profiles of Alumni's Mentorship with industry leaders Online mentorship, via Skype, phone, etc from busy mentors A website dedicated for mentorship program, where students can find mentor profiles and book appointments
  6. 6. Reflections Prototyping is the best way to get an idea to life Provide profiles of mentors, there availability and a provision of booking appointment all at one place Will work on creating a prototype where the mentorship can be provided online, using Skype, mails, telephone etc
  7. 7. Idea 2: Training on Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship Students are provided vigorous training on Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and are encouraged to invent new tools/machines for the industry of their interest and also show case at various exhibitions and innovative platforms This will not only increase the employability of the student but also create a chance to starting their own enterprise I have used user Journey map to create a prototype Prototype
  8. 8. Journey map Management announces dates for Innovation training Students apply with details Management team shortlist applications and invite students for the course Selected students undergo training Students form into teams and created new products or services for the industry the are interested in Students showcase there inventions at school fares and innovation fares
  9. 9. + What worked Δ What could be improved ? Questions ! Ideas What if I am interested in the program but not shortlisted How will I know where innovation fares are held How can I monetize what I have invented Students are very interested in entrepreneurship program Through journey map students could easily understand how the concept will work Since this is extra curricular activity and will be held on weekend it should also be available online for those students who cannot attend Work with other school in the area to collaborate to get students ideas to life
  10. 10. Reflections Students are super exited about creativity and entrepreneurship program, more that any other Schools have limited resources to provide training on creativity and entrepreneurship program Will find out if management school students can provide training for free Will enquire if the students can be funded to create a prototype for high budget prototypes