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Nice quotes

  1. 1. Success will kiss me today “for my efforts”
  2. 2. Youth are not useless they are used less
  3. 3. A fool with great money is onebig party
  4. 4. Everyone wants to go to heavenbut no one wants to die
  5. 5. Leadership means acting from yourcommitment, instead of what is convenient
  6. 6. In life to work ,Putting yourself in the other’s shoes
  7. 7. Make others feel special
  8. 8. Do what You love to do
  9. 9. Middle class financial plan House Car Children’s education Children’s marriage Retirement
  10. 10. Latest basic needs Health Career Healthy relationship Money
  11. 11. You can win starts here:- Change Focus, Look for the Positive
  12. 12. Make a Habit of Doing It Now
  13. 13. If you want to build and maintain a positiveattitude, get into the habit of living in thepresent and doing it now. “ He slept beneath the moon He basked beneath the sun He lived a life of going to do and died with nothing done.”
  14. 14. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Count your blessings, not your troubles
  15. 15. Get into a Continuous Education Program
  16. 16. Get into a Continuous EducationProgram:-honesty, compassion, courage, persistence andresponsibility--
  17. 17. 1.Many times we confuse intelligence with good judgment.2. A person may have high intelligence but poor judgment.3. Choose your advisers carefully and use your judgment.4. A person can and will be successful with or without formaleducation if they have the 5Cs:¨ character¨ commitment¨ conviction¨ courtesy¨ courage
  18. 18. Eduacated means those who manage well the circumstances which they encounter day by day. those who are honorable in their dealings with all men, bearing easily what is unpleasant or offensive in others, those who hold their pleasures always under control and are not unduly overcome by their misfortunes, bearing up under them bravely and in a manner worthy of our common nature. those who are not spoiled by their successes,
  19. 19. Feed Your Mind:- Just like our bodies need good food every day, our minds need good thoughts every day
  20. 20. Build a Positive Self-Esteem Do something for others who cannot repay you in cash or kind.
  21. 21. Stay Away from Negative Influences
  22. 22. Learn to Like the Things That Need to be Done
  23. 23. Start Your Day with a Positive
  24. 24. ACTION PLAN:- 1.What you want to achieve 2. How you expect to achieve it 3. When you plan to achieve it
  25. 25. SUCCESS:-the result of consistently applying some basicprinciples
  26. 26. success is a journey, not a destination.
  27. 27. OBSTACLES TO SUCCESS Ego Fear of failure success ; lack of self esteem No plan Lack of formalized goals ¨ Life changes ¨ Procrastination ¨ Family responsibility ¨ Financial security issues ¨ Lack of focus, being muddled ¨ Giving up vision for promise of money ¨ Doing too much alone ¨ Over-commitment ¨ Lack of commitment ¨ Lack of training ¨ Lack of persistence ¨ Lack of priorities
  28. 28. "A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner."
  30. 30. Natures greatest gift to man is the ability to think He can create his own environment.
  31. 31. QUALITIES THAT MAKE A PERSON SUCCESSFUL Desire Commitment Responsibility Hard Work Character Positive Believing Give More Than You Get The Power of Persistence Pride of Performance Be Willing to Be a Student--Get a Mentor
  32. 32. "Whatever the mind of man canconceive and believe, the mindcanachieve."
  33. 33. Playing to Win Requires Commitment
  34. 34. A duty which becomes a desirewill ultimately become a delight.
  35. 35. The duck keeps paddlingrelentlessly underneath butappears smooth and calm ontop.
  36. 36. Character is a combination ofintegrity, unselfishness,understanding, conviction,courage, loyalty and respect.
  37. 37. Positive believing is an attitudeof confidence that comes withpreparation
  38. 38. Persistence comes from purpose
  39. 39. Excellence comeswhen the performer takes pride in doing his best
  40. 40. Half-hearted effort doesnot produce half results; itproduces no results.
  41. 41. Life is like a ten speed bicycle.Most of us have gears we never use.
  42. 42. A man is a hero not because heis braver than anyone else, butbecause he is brave forten minutes longer.--
  43. 43.  TO AVOID GREED…ASK URSELF Can I afford it? ¨ Do I really need it? ¨ If I have it, will it give me peace of mind?
  44. 44. Faith without action is delusion.Faith does not wait for miraclesbut produces them. Ifyou think you can or if youthink you cant, you are right.--
  45. 45. PEOPLE People who make things happen ¨ People who watch things happen ¨ People who wonder what happened
  46. 46. Change is natures law
  47. 47. Laws of Attraction
  48. 48. Everyone has a will to winbut very few have the will to prepare to win
  49. 49. Preparation means tolerating failurebut never accepting it
  50. 50. PREPARATION admit it quickly ¨ not dwell on it ¨ learn from it ¨ not repeat it ¨ not assign blame or make excuses
  52. 52. A CRASH COURSE FOR SUCCESS ¨ Play to win and not to lose. ¨ Learn from other peoples mistakes. ¨ Associate with people of high moral character. ¨ Give more than you get. ¨ Dont look for something for nothing. ¨ Always think long term. ¨ Evaluate your strengths and build on them. ¨ Always keep the larger picture in mind when making a decision. ¨ Never compromise your integrity.
  53. 53. Inspiration is changing thinkingmotivation is changing action
  54. 54. A few steps to motivate others Give recognition ¨ Give respect ¨ Make work interesting ¨ Be a good listener ¨ Throw a challenge ¨ Help but dont do for others what they should do for themselves
  55. 55.  ACTION PLAN 1. Develop a sense of pride through training. 2. Reward performance. 3. Set well-defined, clear goals. 4. Set high expectations. 4. Set clear, measurable benchmarks. Evaluate the needs of others. 7. Make others part of your big picture. Set a good example by being a positive role model. Build the self-esteem of others.
  56. 56.  High Self-Esteem Low Self-Esteem Talk about ideas Talk about people Caring attitude Critical attitude Humility Arrogance Respects authority Rebels against authority Courage of conviction Goes along to get along Confidence Confusion Concerned about character Concerned about reputation Assertive Aggressive Accepts responsibility Blames the whole world Self-interest Selfish Optimistic Fatalistic Understanding Greedy
  57. 57.  Solitude Lonely Discuss Argue Believes in self-worth Believes in net worth only Guided Misguided Discipline Distorted sense of freedom Internally driven Externally driven Respects others Looks down on others Enjoys decency Enjoys vulgarity Knows limit Everything goes Giver Willing to learn Know it all Sensitive Touchy
  58. 58. Positive Self-Esteem self-respect 2. self-confidence 3. self-worth 4. self-acceptance 5. self-love 6. self-knowledge 7. self-discipline
  59. 59. Discipline is not something you do tobut you do for those you care about
  60. 60. Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desiredbut controlling the desire
  61. 61. Become Internally Driven, Not Externally Driven
  62. 62. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission
  63. 63. TO AVOID TENSION Why did I get upset? ¨ Why am I angry? ¨ Why am I depressed?
  64. 64. Develop a Mindset That Brings Happiness
  65. 65.  Look for the positive in every person and in every situation. ¨ Resolve to be happy. ¨ Set your own standards judiciously. ¨ Develop an immunity to negative criticism. ¨ Learn to find pleasure in every little thing. ¨ Remember all times are not the same. Ups and downs are part of life. ¨ Make the best of every situation. ¨ Keep yourself constructively occupied. ¨ Help others less fortunate than yourself. ¨ Learn to get over things. Dont brood. ¨ Forgive yourself and others. Dont hold guilt or bear grudges
  66. 66. Give Yourself Positive Auto-Suggestions
  67. 67.  I can handle it. ¨ I can do it. ¨ I am good at SPEAKING. ¨ I have a good memory
  68. 68. I will pay more for the ability to deal with peoplethan for any other ability under the sun.
  69. 69. LIFE IS AN ECHO
  71. 71. "When you are good to others, you are best to yourself."
  72. 72. AVOID PHRASES everyone else does it, ¨ or no one does it, or ¨ it is all your fault.
  73. 73. Talk less; say more
  74. 74. a wise man thinks before speaking
  75. 75. Dont Criticize and Complain
  76. 76. Smile and Be Kind
  77. 77. A smile costs nothing, but it creates much.
  78. 78. Put Positive Interpretation onOther Peoples Behavior
  79. 79. "They never cared toreturn my call" or "They ignoredme." That is negative. Maybe:¨ they tried, but couldnt getthrough¨ they left the message we didntget¨ they had an emergency¨ they never got the message
  80. 80. Be a Good Listener
  81. 81. Be Enthusiastic
  82. 82. Live while you are alive.Dont die before you are dead
  83. 83. ACCEPT UR MISTAKE It appears to me ... ¨ I may be wrong ... Why do you feel that way? ¨ Can you explain a little? ¨ Can you be more specific?
  84. 84. Dont Gossip
  85. 85. Forgive and Forget
  86. 86. When people tell lies, they losecredibility.¨ Once they have lost credibility,even when they tell the truth, noone believes them.
  88. 88. Be Understanding and Caring
  89. 89. Money will buy a great dogbut only kindness will make him wag his tail.
  90. 90. Develop a Sense of Humor
  91. 91. Dont Be Sarcastic and Put Others Down
  92. 92. To Have a Friend, Be a Friend
  93. 93. True friendship.This is based on mutual respect and admiration
  94. 94. Show Empathy
  95. 95. Be a Better Person
  96. 96. Anything we do repeatedly becomes a habit.We learn by doing
  97. 97. By behavingcourageously, we learn courage
  98. 98. Good habits are hard to come bybut easy to live with.
  99. 99. the kind of books we read;¨ the kind of movies andTV programs we watch;¨ the kind of music welisten to;¨ the kind of company wekeep
  100. 100. THE GIGO PRINCIPLE:-The computer phrase GIGO (garbage in,garbage out) is very sound. Negativity in; negativity our. Positivity in; positivity out. Good in; good out.
  101. 101. DREAMS direction ¨ dedication ¨ determination ¨ discipline ¨ deadlines
  102. 102. The best and most beautifulthings in the world cannot beseen or even touched. They mustbe felt with the heart.
  103. 103. Money will buy:¨ Amusements but not happiness.¨ A bed but not sleep.¨ Books but not wisdom.¨ A clock but not more time.¨ Companions but not friends.¨ Finery but not beauty.¨ Food but not appetite.¨ A house but not a home.Medicine but not health.¨ A ring but not a marriage.
  106. 106. Study as if you were to live forever.Live as if you were to die tomorrow
  108. 108. Many people know how to be successful .Very few know how to handle success
  109. 109. In fact, competitionmakes competitive people grow
  110. 110. You dont put in 100% but you put in 200%.
  111. 111. A person becomes good when heactually does goodrather than not doing wrong.
  112. 112. VISION :- We need to dream beyond what is possible
  113. 113. winners dont do different things,they do things differently