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  1. 1. Leasdership means acting from urcommitment instead of convenient
  2. 2. First try to find the answers ofthe ‘WHYs’ for everything relatedto ebiz:-- o why to join? o why to attend trainers meet? o why to attend venue meet? o why to promote?
  3. 3. Ebiz is a process of – LEARN / RELEARN /UNLEARN
  4. 4. If you are gonna do what you havealways done then you are gonna getwhat you have always got.
  5. 5. you have not changed your attitudethen nothing is gonna change.
  6. 6. To get something extraordinary dosomething extraordinary.
  7. 7. Ebiz Is not always about Skills butabout Attitude.
  8. 8. ***CONFIDENCE***
  9. 9. **Sometimes your guests thinkthey cant achieve if they join underyou because they doubt yourcapabilities, so change yourself.**
  10. 10. **This business is never aboutjoining but – “Being a leader andcreating leaders”!!**
  11. 11. The only way to know what youneed to learn is that you needto try and maybe learn fromyour failures.
  12. 12. Be active, face more problems,learn more solutions =>LEADER
  13. 13. Your downline might think thatsince they have not investedmuch in the system so they cantake it lightly
  14. 14. Do not judge anything byinvestments but by returns.
  15. 15. Ebiz is not a ‘Pyramid Structure’ but a‘Tree Structure’ because each associateeven the newest ones get all theopportunities to reach to the top.
  16. 16. Any associate who is dedicated andputs in constant effort can get anythingin Ebiz.
  17. 17. It is not the time but aboutworking Smartly.
  18. 18. Whenever you are free learnsomething at least learn givingpresentations.
  19. 19. Give presentations not only forjoining but also for your owngrowth.
  20. 20. In Layman’s terms – ‘Joining’ isthe desired result; but its not. Itsabout finding your mistakes andcorrecting them.
  21. 21. Ebiz is about how you think ofyourself. So think positivelyabout youself.
  22. 22. You can achieve that much up towhich you dream. So fix long-term and higher targets.
  23. 23. if you think every time about gettingit and think positively abouteverything you will ultimately get it.
  24. 24. Think positively about yourdreams and you are gonna getit.
  25. 25. Give your downlines thepresentation discs, motivationalvideos and all materials.
  27. 27. Have your role model andget your aim cleared!!
  28. 28. If you want positive results,start thinking positively.
  29. 29. There’s nothing in this world thata human cant achieve.
  30. 30. In ebiz- Its not about being selfish butabout being selfless. Make othersrich and become richer.
  31. 31. Simple Thing about “ Guests” – *** Don’t think about – “joining and the achievements you are gonna get from them”. *** But think about the achievements which they are gonna get when they join.
  32. 32. Its about life and not aboutexams.
  33. 33. If you want what you desire – Youhave to deserve it.
  34. 34. In general life, we don’t get anyopportunities like this. *** Abhisek Duaji’s last yr incomewas Rs 1 Crore 4 Lakhs
  35. 35. This is an extraordinary thing,so start thinking longterm.
  36. 36. THINK LONGTERM !!
  37. 37. Have short term visionsrealistically: but also havelongterm visions.
  38. 38. Think – The things you would take10 years, you can achieve them in2-3 years if you give appropriateeffort.
  39. 39. If you think you can, you definitelywill! But if you think you cant thenyou wont.
  40. 40. Be friendly, polite, make noarguments but make them realizeby your actions.
  41. 41. If you win in an argument youwill loose in Buisness.
  42. 42. Don’t behave like common man-Don’t argue but search for theright time.
  43. 43. The more you get scoldings fromhome, the more your friends giveyou comments – that means youare working.
  44. 44. Don’t behave like common man-Don’t argue but search for the righttime.
  45. 45. Respect your parents irrespective ofyour achievements.
  46. 46. But be bold and stubborn for yoursuccess.
  47. 47. Discussion about businessshould be only with uplines andassociates.
  49. 49. The small things are actuallywhat makes you a Diamond !!
  50. 50. The small things are actuallywhat makes you a Diamond !!
  51. 51. Looks – Look good and fresh.
  52. 52. Dressing – Your guests willjoin seeing you.
  53. 53. Changes in you should impress your guests.
  54. 54. Always discuss your problems withyour uplines.
  55. 55. Never downgrade your uplines’credibility becaue in the comingdays there will be yourdownlines and you will beupline.
  56. 56. If today you don’t respect youruplines your downlines wontrespect you.
  57. 57. Treat your uplines in the way youwant your downlines to treat you.
  58. 58. If you do 10 good things- Yourdownlines will do follow 1 goodthing.
  59. 59. If you do 1 mistake- Yourdownlines will do 10 mistakes
  60. 60. Learn and succeed faster:- ** UPLINE > DOWNLINE **UPLINE + DOWNLINE > UPLINE
  61. 61. Always work as a team withyour uplines and downlines
  62. 62. Have a target.
  63. 63. Everything happens in months inebiz and not in years. So you haveto work in days and not in weeks.
  64. 64. Don’t expect from ebiz for smallterm finance. The only positivething is the long-term benefits.
  65. 65. Everyone is always positivebut the society is what thatmakes them negative.
  66. 66. Everyone want to succeed and fulfilltheir dreams but the society givesthem restrictions.
  67. 67. This is not a member makingscheme but a leader makingscheme.
  68. 68. Realize the things that you canget from this system and makeour downlines and guests realizeit.
  69. 69. Beilieve in God !!
  70. 70. Learn to realize the opportunity.
  71. 71. Its not about finance but aboutfinancial freedom -> FREEDOM.
  72. 72. Its not always about Skills, its aboutAttitude.
  73. 73. If you commit your time for someonedon’t ever leave him until you makehim realize. Its not important if he joinsor not but he should realize becausein the future if at all he decides to joinhe will join under you.
  74. 74. * There are two kinds of people inthe world – Thinkers and Doers.
  75. 75. Realize the differencebetween – Active Work andProductive Work.
  76. 76. Stop Working -> Start Networking.
  77. 77. Planned Work.
  78. 78. Think positive if at all you wantto think else stop thinking.
  79. 79. In Ebiz you never loose butalways gain. So all you needto decide is how much youneed to gain.
  80. 80. Do not think but plan.
  81. 81. Analyze your strategies, planand make new strategies.
  82. 82. Analyze your strategies, plan andmake new strategies.
  83. 83. 1 on 1 presentation is the bestfor your personal developmentand not home meets.
  84. 84. If you do nothing, there’s 2option –Win –Loose
  85. 85. But if don’t do anything there’s only1 option –Loose
  86. 86. Be a man of action and not a man of words.
  87. 87. Choose your best upline and try tofollow him.
  88. 88. Leader – who even after falling for timeshas the courage to run.
  89. 89. Success and Failure are 2 sides ofa coin. You cant have a singlething. If you want success you haveto accept failures.
  90. 90. Growth- Realization can comeonly from failures.
  91. 91. When you have failure, be happybecause you have discovered a newway that could lead to failure.Rectify it and in the future, it willnever happen again.
  92. 92. Failure for the first time is anachievement. Repeating the failure isactually the failure.
  93. 93. Struggle in the first month is a must.That means you are gonna havebetter things if you are gonna stickwith ebiz.
  94. 94. Leaders = Growth
  95. 95. In Venue meets, forget your guestsnervousness but enjoy yourself.
  96. 96. Its never about jonings butabout leaders.
  97. 97. A Donkey can never haveHorses.
  98. 98. So to create leaders you firsthave to become a leader.
  100. 100. Stop doing everything that are notgonna give you any returns but startenjoying doing things that are gonnagive you returns in the future.
  101. 101. Build relations with your uplinesand downlines and spend moretime with associates.
  102. 102. Things to do – ** Win the trust of your downlines ( bybeing a continuous source of support andinspiration )
  103. 103. Continuously learn new thingsand teach them to yourdownlines.
  104. 104. Network Marketers who werenot able to change themselveswith time end up like dinosaursof the past.
  105. 105. Evolve with time, implement newthings but learn everything fromyour uplines.
  106. 106. For your downlines, make it surethey have these achievements –intheir first 10-15 days.. **1 course ** 1 Check
  107. 107. BE THE 100% USER OFTHE PRODUCT.
  108. 108. Everyone in here are notemployees of ebiz but individualbusiness owners.
  109. 109. The way we promote is the wayof the company.
  110. 110. Follow the ethics.
  111. 111. Be absolute truthful to your uplines andyour downlines.
  112. 112. Show what you are worth byyour knowledge for yourdownlines to follow.
  113. 113. When you are new to ebiz you cannever stress on your ownachievements. You have to market youruplines(Silvers and Golds) and aboutyour own achievements the only thingthat you can show is the courses andyour websites and the changes in yousince you joined.
  114. 114. Maintain a testimony(it is yourachievements)
  115. 115. Maintain a testimony(it is yourachievements)
  116. 116. Pass everything to yourdownlines. Its all about sharing.
  117. 117. Every successful thing wasplanned.
  118. 118. Everybody wants to win but veryfew plan to win.
  119. 119. Plan and plan big but planstepwise.
  120. 120. Dreams are always greater thanyour Fears.
  121. 121. Have the courage to pursue yourdreams.
  122. 122. If you want to shine like Sun thenlearn to burn like it.
  123. 123. Climbing the mountain may seemdifficult but the best view isalways from the top.
  124. 124. When you look back to your pastyour grieves are always replacedby your good times.
  125. 125. There’s only 1 person in this wholeworld that stops you from gettingsuccess and that person is YOU.
  126. 126. Stop living your life others wantyou to live. The only way to enjoylife is by living it your way.
  127. 127. Don’t argue if you have made amistake, accept it.
  128. 128. Every success has a price tag. Beprepared to work for it.
  129. 129. Only those people will reachthe destination who enjoy thejourney.
  130. 130. Enjoy spreading the business and notjust money.
  131. 131. Don’t promote ebiz, live ebiz, enjoyebiz.
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