Lord Krishna Seeking And Finding Him


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  • Lord Krishna Seeking And Finding Him

    1. 1. Lord Krishna Seeking and
    2. 2.  Everybody is Seeking Krishna, Some do not see this fundamental truth. Krishna is an all inclusive attraction, Krishna is an all
    3. 3. We are all Seekers of the Truth • Everyone of Creation has within them the potency to attract and seek out what they are desiring within their hearts. • To realize this ideal within us we must realize what it is that we want. • Have you ever asked yourself? – What do you Want?
    4. 4. What if we never find the answer? • The Truth is, we are seeking within us the potency to be a seeker. • There is no real goal to the seeker other than to the desire to discover our inner explorer. • There is the capacity within us to find fulfillment in our true nature. • We are Transcendental Lovers of Krishna.
    5. 5. But How can I seek God? • In the Book ‘Bhagavad-Gita’, Lord Krishna gives his friend Arjuna transcendental eyes for witnessing his Universal Form. • At that time Arjuna became mesmerized and awestruck by this magnanimous manifestation. • To Find Krishna one has to learn about the potency within them for witnessing the form of god.
    6. 6. Testify for God • Everyone has consciousness within and is a Spirit Soul • It is that form of our true nature that gives us the ability to witness the Divine.
    7. 7. Listen to Nature • God grants us evidence of his will through the Machina of material nature. • Learn from the Natural World about God’s Great Splendor. • Attune your heart and mind to the harmony and rhythm of the Material World.
    8. 8. The Vedic System of Evidence • Veda is an ancient word that means ‘Knowledge’. • In the Vedas, it is said the system of evidence is Guru, Sadhu, Shastra. • This means your connection to Krishna (God) trough A Qualified Disciple of Krishna's Unbroken Lineage of Ancestral Succession. • Also a Holy Person is the representative of God’s Knowledge and Truth. • Finally we call Upon the Authoritative Scriptures Such as ‘Bhagavad-Gita’, ‘Isopanishad’, ‘Bhagavat-Purana’
    9. 9. Surrender To God and Serve Him.. • Surrender to God and Engage in Service to Him and gradually you will produce Revelation. • Krishna is most interested in becoming evident in your life, – Especially to those who offer Him Love and Devotion. • Actually Krishna simply asks, – “…Become My Devotee…” • From this request we receive the opportunity to Connect and Love God.
    10. 10. Krishna is evermore evident to His Confidential Servants  • Krishna sincerely wishes to forge a relationship of love with you… – You are a Transcendental Lover of Krishna. • In order to surrender to God, find the connection deep within you that hankers for Love and focus that hankering on its natural fulfillment of Devotion Towards God.