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Web Market Space_B2B Project

  1. 1. January 24A STUDY ONVARIOUS ONLINEB2BMARKETPLACES 2013 There had been a growing demand for online marketing. Asthe economy is growing the number of persons using internetis also growing. B2B is business to business transaction Authors:between two companies which are manufacturers, suppliers,wholesalers or retailers. With constantly evolving Naga Kiruthika. P, II MBAinternational trade, the B2B marketplaces are also increasing. Dr. P.Mohan SuyamburajOnline B2B marketplaces are coming up to provide almostanything related to any industry. They are connecting sellers Prof, Thiagarajar School ofand buyers from different parts of the world and providing Managementthem the opportunity to enhance their business. There aremany online B2B websites that serve this purpose.
  2. 2. A STUDY ON VARIOUS ONLINE B2B MARKETPLACESABSTRACTThere had been a growing demand for online marketing. As the economy is growing the numberof persons using internet is also growing. B2B is business to business transaction between twocompanies which are manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers or retailers. With constantly evolvinginternational trade, the B2B marketplaces are also increasing. Online B2B marketplaces arecoming up to provide almost anything related to any industry. They are connecting sellers andbuyers from different parts of the world and providing them the opportunity to enhance theirbusiness. There are many online B2B websites that serve this purpose. The primary objective ofthis paper is to analyze any 5 B2B marketplaces so that it will help clients while choosing theB2B portals. It provides all the information that the client is looking for when they browsethrough the B2B websites. The 5 website portals that have been taken for analysis are: Alibaba.com Indiamart.com Tradeindia EC21 TATAB2B.comINTRODUCTIONB2B portalA b2b portal or a business to business portal is a dedicated online place which provides aplatform to the buyers and sellers to conduct business activities. It acts as a base for customers,suppliers, dealers and wholesalers to get business information and an avenue for onlinetransactions. Such a portal is a new age marvel and an absolute necessity for any global business.
  3. 3. A B2B Portal is a boon in many ways. It not just provides a platform for easier business it alsohelps your revenue and growth increase manifolds. While easier access gives remarkablerevenue growth, it also cuts your business cost drastically. It also reduces some other relatedcosts like customer acquisition and maintenance cost.At the same time it provides you with an opportunity to improve your own customer servicesthereby improving customer relations and attracting more customers. A B2B portal also providesyou with useful related business articles, news and important leadsA portal is basically a search engine that helps you obtain the desired information. B2B portal isthe platform which consists of information related to any business catering to any product orcategory ranging from automobiles, food, fashion, jewellery and many more. The portal bringstogether the buyers and sellers to perform the required business transactions. Bringing them onthe same platform involves bare minimum effort and consequently saves time spent on crackingthe deals. Thus, a B2B portal stands today as the most revolutionized way of conducting businessactivities been formulated everIndian B2B portals enlist large number of Indian buyers and sellers that are potentially viableand enthusiastic on exploring the probable market from across the globe. Indian market today isthe hub of budding opportunities, thereby, attracting enormous foreign clientele. By far the mostattractive feature of Indian B2B portals is its customer friendly approach and superior clarity indivulging information about the company, products and services and the subjected terms andcondition.B2B portals also generally consist of forums and discussion panels seeking out solutions to anyquery related to business or a product. The panel consists of eminent business personalities withyears of profound knowledge advocating sound and helpful answers. Thus, B2B portals in Indiaare surely the one thing to reckon with.Adding further, the Indian B2B portals in order to ease out the trading process consist of variousimporter, exporter, and supplier directories. The buyers and sellers intended to conduct thetransaction get themselves registered with these directories so that they get to interact preciselywith the accurate person. Directories enable more transparent and quick trading process through
  4. 4. the use of online applications. Business directories also facilitate citizens to benefit from anymost recent and hottest deal available. Moreover it also leads to eradication of middleman lettingthe buyer and the seller deal directly. This proves to be more cost-effective and time saving.Benefits of Business to Business (B2b) platform:a) Viabilityb) accessibilityc) time savingd) better and more options of buyers and sellerse) virtual office , a revolution in business i.e. global powerf) presence in internet world through best SEOg) brand creation, brand awareness, brand make over.h) Business for 24hrs X 7 days for 365 daysi) Wider reachj) Exploring untapped marketk) Boundary less communicationl) Unlimited business via unlimited business queries/leads/offersm) Quicker responsen) Business without travelo) Better negotiation powers i.e. buying powerp) Better price for final goods i.e. selling powerq) Do business in your terms and conditionsr) Launching your products at zero costs) Enhanced profits, more turnovert) Decreased expenses, more Profits i.e. controlling the economy of business.u) Buyers of your product can be from any part of the world which is not possible if not presentin B2b platformv) Show your products and potential to world and world will respect your product and demand itin turn.w) It connects buyers and sellers at ease and business occurs at a blink.
  5. 5. ALIBABAAlibaba Group is a family of Internet-based businesses which makes it easy for anyone to buy orsell online anywhere in the world. Since its inception, it has developed leading businesses inconsumer e-commerce, online payment, business-to-business marketplaces and cloud computing,reaching Internet users in more than 240 countries and regions. Alibaba Group consists of 25business units and is focused on fostering the development of an open, collaborative andprosperous e-commerce ecosystem.Alibaba Group was founded in 1999 by 18 people led by Jack Ma, a former English teacher fromHangzhou, China who has aspired to help make the Internet accessible, trustworthy andbeneficial for everyone. The privately held Alibaba Group, including its affiliated entities,employs more than 24,000 people in some 70 cities in Greater China, India, Japan, Korea, theUnited Kingdom and the United States.Because of the nature of our businesses, Alibaba Group subsidiaries are repositories of massiveamounts of market information and statistical data. As part of our commitment to SMEs, we areworking to be the first company to make this market data available free to all of our users,enabling them to adjust their strategies to suit fast-changing market conditions and to expand thereach of their businesses. In addition, we strive to be the company with the highest employeesatisfaction and to build a company that flourishes for at least 102 years, spanning three centuries(Alibaba was founded in 1999).Products Agriculture Apparel Automobiles & Motorcycles Business Services Chemicals Computer Hardware & Software Construction & Real Estate Consumer Electronics
  6. 6. Electrical Equipment & Supplies Food & Beverages Furniture & Furnishings Gifts & Crafts Health & Medical Home & Garden Manufacturing & Processing Machinery Minerals & Metallurgy Sports & Entertainment Telecommunications Textiles & Leather Products Timepieces, Jewelry, EyewearAlibaba.com is also conducting many workshops. Recently they conducted workshop on thetopic power of e-commerce for IFM, VM, and SMEsIt also has help center which addresses the following questions how to open the India market How to deal with India customers? 10 Signs of Online Scams Learn from real fraud caseIt has conducted many events for trade associations and also trade shows as a promotionalstrategy.Sourcing ServicesFor Buyers Customized Sourcing Supplier Assessment Escrow Service
  7. 7. Inspection Service Sourcing HubFor Suppliers Member Free for limited time More Buyer Trust Higher Search Ranking Greater VisibilityFeedbacks PHIL WEIL Phil Weil is the co-founder and Vice President of Global Product Resources (GPR), a Californian company selling decorative fans "THE CHANCES OF US MEETING OUR SUPPLIER SUNWAY WITHOUT ALIBABA.COM WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE WINNING THE LOTTERY!" GEORGE PAPP George Papp is the founder and president of PAPP International Inc., a company focused on producing original content for print "ALIBABA.COM HELPED ME FIND MY CURRENT PRINTER THAT I HAVE BEEN USING FOR FIVE YEARS" JANE F. IVANOV Industry: Apparel "ALIBABA IS THE BEST RESOURCE ON THE WEB!" Mr.SumanBharti of PUNK-69 INTERNATIONAL, "Today, I have a large global presence, and I owe this global exposure to Alibaba.com alone!" Mr.Varun Agarwal of Exotic India, "Alibaba is a powerful business tool." Mr. NikeshRathod of KRISH EXPORTS, Gold Supplier increased our trade by more than US$ 3,000,000!
  8. 8. TRADEINDIAThe challenging opportunities and new avenues cropping up in the corporate arena in diversesectors demands the role of a common mediator to act as bridge between buyers and sellers,importers and exporters, and the like. This service facilitates all in the business world to come toa common platform, thus turning the geologically colossus earth into a tiny global village.Tradeindia is a major entity involved in this task bringing manufacturers, buyers and sellersunder one pedestal.Infocom Network Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, established in the year 1990.Popular as tradeindia.com conceptualized in the year 1996, it has created a niche as Indiaslargest B2B marketplace, offering comprehensive business solutions to the global EXIMcommunity through its wide array of online services, directory services and facilitation of tradepromotional events. Our portal is an ideal forum for buyers and sellers across the globe tointeract and conduct business smoothly and effectively.With an unmatched expertize in data acquisition and online promotion, Tradeindia subsumes ahuge number of company profiles and product catalogs under 2,064 different product categoriesand sub-categories. It is well promoted on all major search engines and receives an average of20.5 million hits per month.Tradeindia is maintained and promoted by INFOCOM NETWORK LTD. Today we havereached a database of 23,58,264 registered users, and the company is growing on a titanic scalewith a considerable amount of new users joining/registering every day, under the innovativevision and guidance of Mr. BikkyKhosla, CEO.Products and servicesExporters & ManufacturersTradeindia.com provides a grand base for exporters and manufacturers across the globe toadvertise their products and services online. More than 2,064 categories and sub-categories
  9. 9. feature listings of products enabling a precise and easy passage for buyers to reach them. Thebuyers and trading houses can view your details and can directly mail you regarding businessrelated queries. More than 12,97,322 manufacturers and exporters are already availing thisservice and are fully contented with the kind of exposure this section is providing them. Thedatabase on the site gets updated according to the latest developments to provide valuable andrelevant search results.Importers & BuyersThis section facilitates importers and buyers from India and all other countries of the world toexhibit their company details and areas of activity. More than 1,822 categories and sub-categories feature listings of more than 1,75,895 importers and buyers. Minute-by-minutemonitoring and updating of data helps you in getting the most relevant and profitable businessinquiries.Service ProvidersThis section features over 2,75,744 service providers working in all spheres of trading andtransportation. The database contains far-reaching information about Cargo Agents, ShippingAgents, Freight Forwarders, Clearing and Forwarding Agents amongst others. The interfaceallows the clients to directly access the agents or post their requirements for the latter to contactthem.Online CatalogsTradeindia through its online catalog section provides you with personalized space to showcaseyour company under elaborate sub-headings like Homepage, Profile, R&D, Newsroom, FactoryTour, Services & Support, Quality Control, Management, Showroom, etc. You can publishcolored photographs of your company, products and services in the catalog. This visuallyimpressive section provides a complete picture enabling a practical experience of what isrequired and what is being offered.Trade LeadsOur Trade Leads section provides a free interactive board where you can post/buy/sell business
  10. 10. offers. You can also post featured Trade Leads along with product photograph and availmaximum visibility for your product/service on the B2B e-marketplace.In terms of communication tradeindia uses email services, chatting options and SMS services toget supplier or buyer informationProducts categories Agriculture Brass Hardware &Components Computer Hardware & Software Electronics & Electrical Supplies Food & Beverage Health and beauty Industrial suppliers Merchant exporters Plastics and products Security and protection Textile and leather products Apparel and fashion Business services Construction and real estate Energy and power Furniture Home supplies Jewellery and gem stones Minerals and metals Packaging and paper Printing and publishing Sports and entertainment Toys Automobile
  11. 11. Chemicals Consumer electronics Environment and pollution Gifts and crafts Hospital and medical supplies Machinery Office and school supplies Pipes, tubes and fittings Scientific and laboratory instruments Telecommunication TransportationThe services offered by them are book domains; post your product, freight quotes, packers andmovers, order credit report, trade alerts, tradeindia offerings, compliance management. It alsohas logistics services. Tradeindia has conducted many tradeshows to promote their products. Ithas created communities and newsletter archivesFeedbacks Mr. NallasivamNalls, Manager, GANPAT EMU HATCHERY PVT. LTD., “Tradeindia.Com is doing a commendable job not only for the clients, but also for vendors and customers. I wish them an excellent time day after day! It is my sincere complement for the service provided and concern showed by the people of Tradeindia.Com is a remarkable epitome of winsome clients relation.” Mr. R. K. Goyal , Proprietor, ELECTROTECH INDUSTRIES, “Electrotech Industries is leading manufacturer, importer and supplier in the field of domestic, commercial and industrial water purification segments since last 9 years. We feel proud to be associated with Tradeindia.com since last 5 years. At present we are a Premium Seller at Tradeindia.com. I appreciate team Tradeindia with Mr. ViditSaini and Ms. Sweta for their timely cooperation and promotion of our company and products.” Mr. KalpeshSojitra, Proprietor, SHREE KHODIYAR HANDICRAFT, “We are a leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Handicraft items. We became the member of tradeindia
  12. 12. B2B portal since 1 year. After association with tradeindia, we got lot of inquiries and also promoted my company name Shree Khodiyar Handicrafts. We are very satisfied with the response getting through tradeindia. We are thankful to team tradeindia and Rajesh Shingala to take care for my company promotion”INDIAMARTIndiamart.com is a leading B2B marketplace that assists buyers and sellers to trade with eachother at a common, reliable & transparent platform. Started in 1996, we serve more than 700,000sellers and over 50 million unique visitors every month, which use our marketplace to generatebusiness leads, find suppliers, post trade offers, test market products, promote their brand andconduct business.With online catalogues, having more than 200,000 active products, we are the largest B2Bmarketplace from India. In addition to business directory, online catalogue, trade leads andtenders, we offer personalized assistance to buyers and sellers for almost everything they need tobuy/sell using indiamart.com.Indiamart.com is India’s largest online b2b marketplace for small & medium size businesses,connecting global buyers with suppliers. The company offers a platform & tools to over 1million suppliers to generate business leads from over 5 million buyers, who use the platform tofind reliable & competitive suppliers. The company has over 4000 employees located across 75offices in the country. Its existing investors include Intel capital and Bennett, Coleman & co.Ltd.Indiamart.com offers products that enable small & medium size businesses generate businessleads (online catalogues/store-fronts), establish their credibility (third party verified trust profile)and use business information (finance, news, trade shows, tenders) for their business promotion.Indiamart.com has won numerous awards over the years, which include coveted red herringaward, emerging India award, among others. The company has also been widely covered bymedia for its pioneering role in promoting SME business in the country.
  13. 13. Benefits of IndiaMARTBenefits for sellers:For Indian sellers, indiamart.com has been the most successful platform for business generationsince 1996. The sellers use indiamart.com for the following purposes: Finding global buyers for their products and services Test marketing of new products globally for as low as Rs 12,000 Setup a 24x7, 365 days online catalogue for as low as Rs 24,000 Invite interested buyers to buy their products through trade leads Brand building & generating potential sales leads through top listings, search listings and advertisementsSellers toolIndiaMART offers host of free and paid options to promote your business worldwide.Create your free website & business listing: Reach out to thousands of prospective buyers from all over the world. Create a dynamic (do-it-yourself) website for free & enhance your company visibility Have your company listed in multiple product categories Advertise unlimited products for free Add your company profile, infrastructure etc. Receive genuine business enquiries from buyers
  14. 14. Post free ads: Promote your offers & products to thousands of buyers sourcing in your industry.Subscribe trade alerts: Get updates on latest purchase requirement from potential buyers in your industry.Premium membership: Starting from as low as Rs. 2000 per month, you can choose the most appropriatebusiness promotion package from a variety of options. Kindly contact our seller support desk toknow more about premium memberships.Benefits for buyers:For global buyers, indiamart.com is the largest & most user-friendly source of supplieridentification, product sourcing and establishing business association. It serves varying needs ofbuyers including: Finding manufacturers and suppliers of desired products Locating manufacturers for customized product development/manufacturing Identifying new products for their market Seeking offers from sellers for your immediate/long-term buying requirements Establishing long-term association with companies for distribution, OEM supplies, contract manufacturing etc. Selecting the right service provider for various business needs and outsourcing of service requirementsBuyer’s tool1) Send your buy requirement:Let us know your purchase requirement in detail and receive quotations and responses from onlypre-verified and genuine suppliers. How this benefits a buyer: Save time in searching suppliers
  15. 15. Receive responses only from suppliers who can meet your requirement Receive responses only for verified suppliers Receive responses from multiple suppliers Guaranteed no spam or un-wanted mails2) Search:IndiaMART offers various search tools to buyers for easy sourcing from India. Use below searchtools as per your requirement-Product search - search from over 10,00,000 products. Best suited for those who are looking fornew / different products to sell in their market.Supplier search - search from over 7,00,000 companies. Best suited for those who have finalizedproduct & specifications and are looking for a company to supply the same.Sell offer search - search from over 1,00,000 active product offerings from various suppliers.Activities of IndiaMARTLeaders of tomorrow awards:ET now and indiamart.com invite you to submit your nomination for the ET now - IndiaMARTleaders of tomorrow awards 2011. This definitive business awards will recognize thecontribution of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in driving India’s march to globalstardom.This award will inspire future leaders to tread a path of success and triumph. It will celebrate thesuccess stories and honor entrepreneurs who have transformed stumbling blocks into steppingstones driven by their passion, determination and undying spirit of entrepreneurship. The awardwill salute these entrepreneurs of substance, the business leaders of tomorrow.Evaluation processErnst & young is the independent process validation partner for evaluating the nominations.
  16. 16. Top 5 companies in each category to present their success story before the jury posts whichwinners to be chosen.Inspirational success storiesAs a prelude to the awards, a feature series of twenty seven episodes will showcase inspirationalstories from the MSME space from across the country. These stories will celebrate the spirit ofentrepreneurship and narrate fascinating examples where a little courage, a sound business planand a good product have helped an entrepreneur to make his/her mark in the world of business.Nominate your company to be one of the leaders of tomorrow and also stand a chance to befeatured as a success story on ET now.As of 2011-12, IndiaMART Completes 15 years of empowering SMEs growth & success Successfully completes 2nd edition of IndiaMART leaders of tomorrow awards launched in 2010 Launches emerging business forum for SMEsProduct Categories Apparel & Garments Arts & Crafts Automobile Ayurvedic & Herbal Products Bicycles & Rickshaws Building & Construction Computer Cosmetics Dyes & Chemicals Electronics & Electrical Fashion Accessories Food & Beverages
  17. 17. Furniture Manufacturers Gems & Jewelry Hand & Machine Tools Home & Garden Home Supplies Home Textiles & Furnishings Industrial Supplies Leather Products Mechanical Components Medical Products Metals & Minerals Musical Instruments Natural Stones Office & School Supplies Packaging Supplies Paper & Paper Products Plant & Machinery Plastic & Plastic Products Printing & Publishing Railway, Shipping & Aviation Rubber & Rubber Products Scientific Instrument & Supplies Sporting Goods, Toys & Games Telecom Products Textile, Yarn & FabricsService Categories Advertising Architectural Services Astrology & Vaastu Services
  18. 18. Business Services Call Centers & BPO Services Educational & Training Institutes Embassies, Consulates & Councils Engineering Services Event Management Services Facility Management Financial & Legal Services HR Consultants IT & Telecom Services Medical Services Product Rental Services Real Estate Research & Development Independent Contractors Transportation & Shipping Travel & TourismSolutions in IndiaMARTDynamic CatalogA comprehensive online marketing program that provides enhanced enquiry generationSource: www.indiamart.comStar Supplier
  19. 19. With Star Supplier to your support, you can get premium positioning among suppliers in all therelevant categories.Source: www.indiamart.comLeading SupplierLeading Supplier is the right choice for companies who have a right mix of infrastructure,management capabilities and experience in servicing global buyers.Source: www.indiamart.comTrust SealTrust Seal is a business verification service that checks suppliers records of existence, credibilityand trustworthiness for the benefit of buyersBenefits of trustseal Enhanced credibility ensures more business enquiries Get shortlisted by more numbers of buyers instantly Saves time, cost and effort required in meeting credential queries by buyers Banner Advertising Build your brand & drive traffic to your website with Banner Advertising
  20. 20. Source: www.indiamart.comFeedbacks Mr .J.K Gupta, Kanta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, “"We have been associated with IndiaMART.com for the past ten years and have not faced a single problem in our online marketing. The association has been fruitful to us." Mr. MilindDholakia, CEO, EquifitTechnoart, "We have been with IndiaMART.com for the past 5-6 years and it has been a beneficial association for us. Their services have helped in garnering good response and further helped in lot of conversion. As a result we have experienced growth in our business."TATAB2BTataB2B brings together all businesses in the country on a common online platform. It is a one-stop engagement platform which addresses every requirement of your company to helpmaximize its growth opportunities. It provides you access to an exclusive business community,online market place and services designed exclusively for you…all on a single portal!TataB2B is built on three main strategic pillars:Online Marketplace Country’s fastest growing online market bringing together a vast number of businesses and giving you an opportunity to buy, sell or compare products and services. Get access to a large number of buyers and suppliers without any marketing spend!
  21. 21. Buyers, find unlimited options to source products and services at the best rates to fulfill your requirements. Also get access to a directory of suppliers for every category of business Suppliers, showcase your products and services to the world of probable buyers free of cost. Exponentially grow access to customer base and explode your sales!Exclusive Services Get access to a broad range of business services designed and provided exclusively for your requirements to help support and grow your business. Wide range of tie ups with various partners to provide services like: Connectivity Solutions Cloud Services Expert Advice Financial Services Online Service Brand Promotion Travel and Hospitality Infrastructure services Training and HR and growing…Connect and Collaborate Be a part of an exclusive business community designed to facilitate connections and collaboration between a vast universe of entrepreneurs and businesses like you. Grow your business through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Find and follow your prospective customer, supplier or even business partner! Showcase your business to the entire community with NO add-on expenditure! Get access to an exhaustively designed set of business applications customized as per your need.Product categories Agro chemicals Air Transport Service Alcoholic Beverages Apparels/Readymade Garments Auto Ancillaries
  22. 22. AutomobileBanksBicycles and RickshawsCablesCapital GoodsCastings, Forgings and FastenersCeramic ProductsChemicalsComputer EducationConstructionConsumer DurablesCosmeticsCosmeticsCrude Oil and Natural GasDiamond, Gems and JewelleryDiversifiedDry cellsEdible OilElectronicsEngineeringEntertainmentFashion AccessoriesFinanceFMCGFood and BeveragesFurnitureGas DistributionGems and JewelryGlass and Glass ProductsHealthcare
  23. 23. Home and GardenHome SuppliesHome Textiles and FurnishingsHotels and RestaurantsIndustrial SuppliesInfrastructure Developers and OperatorsIT - HardwareIT- ServicesLeatherLogisticsMechanical ComponentsMedia - Print/Television/Radio/OnlineMedical ProductsMetals and MineralsMining, Metals and Mineral productsMusical InstrumentsNatural StonesOffice and School SuppliesOil Drill/AlliedOtherPackagingPaints/VarnishPaperPetrochemicalsPharmaceuticalsPlant and MachineryPlantation and Plantation ProductsPlastic ProductsPower Generation and DistributionPrinting and Stationery
  24. 24. Railway, Shipping and AviationRealtyRefineriesRefractoriesRetailRubber ProductsSanitary wareScientific InstrumentsShip BuildingShippingSporting GoodsStationerySteelStock/ Commodity BrokersSugarTelecom Equipment and Infra ServicesTelecom ServicesTelecom-Handsets/MobileTextile, Yarn and FabricsTobacco ProductsTradingTyresBusiness ServicesCall Centers and BPO ServicesEducational ServicesEngineering ServicesEvent Management ServicesFacility ManagementFinancial and Legal ServicesHR Consultants
  25. 25. IT and Telecom Services Medical Services Real Estate Services Small Businesses Transportation and Shipping Travel and TourismEC21EC21.com is one of the worlds largest online B2B marketplaces, connecting millions ofsuppliers and buyers worldwide. Since 1997, EC21.com has been facilitating global tradeopportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Through its leading technology andexpertise in international trade, it has achieved international recognition and trust in the globalbusiness community.Today EC21.com has over one million member companies, three million products, one millionbuyers in it database, and 3.5 million monthly visitors. And it is still growing.EC21.com started in 1997 as an online trade board of the Korea International TradeAssociation (KITA). In 2000, EC21 Inc. was spun off from KITA. Since then, EC21 hasprovided local small-and-medium-sized export companies with a comprehensive range of tradesupport services and global business opportunities.EC21, the largest overseas marketing company for SMEs in Korea, offers a range of marketingservices such as global market research, on/offline overseas marketing, trade educationprograms and overseas cooperation. The company also operates the EU Gateway Programme,a business cooperation program funded and managed by the European Union (EU).In particular EC21’s online marketing expertises make it a leader in search engine optimization(SEO), search engine advertisements, and social media marketing.EC21.com marketplace facilitates global trade for export/import companies of all sizes and
  26. 26. nations. Since its premium services launched in 2004, EC21 has supported premium members through its offices and agencies in China, India, Russia and Malaysia.Specialties & Business Fields Global Buyer Sourcing Global B2B Marketplace Online Marketing - SMM (Social Media Marketing) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) International Market Research Trade Consulting & Education Overseas Trade Missions Tradeshow Promotion Website Development & HostingMajor Partnerships Google: Google Adwords Qualified Company European Commission: Managing the EU Gateway Programme in KoreaEC21 on Social Media Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EC21com Twitter: http://twitter.com/ec21talk YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ec21dotcom LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/ec21Product Category Agriculture Apparel Automobiles & Motorcycles
  27. 27. Business ServicesChemicalsComputer Hardware & SoftwareConstruction & Real EstateConsumer ElectronicsElectrical Equipment & SuppliesElectronic Components & SuppliesEnergyEnvironmentExcess InventoryFashion AccessoriesFood & BeverageFurniture & FurnishingsGeneral Industrial EquipmentGeneral Mechanical ComponentsGifts & CraftsHardwareHealth & MedicalHome & GardenHome AppliancesLights & LightingLuggage, Bags & CasesManufacturing & Processing MachineryMeasurement & Analysis InstrumentsMinerals & MetallurgyOffice & School SuppliesPackaging & PaperPersonal CarePrinting & PublishingRubber & Plastics
  28. 28. Security & Protection Service Equipment Shoes & Accessories Sports & Entertainment Telecommunications Textiles and leather products Timepieces, Jewellery& Eyewear Tools Toys TransportationEC21 conducts its own tradeshows and it has a video for every product. The best website butthere is no much of Indian clients. Most of them are ChineseHow to Buy?
  29. 29. How to Sell?EC21 currently holds hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers from 220 countries as itsmembers, and the number of members is rapidly growing. More than 1million business peopleare visiting EC21 Web site every month to find their business partners.EC21 is open to all the companies looking for global business. It allows members to directlymanage their online products composed of up-to-date product information. The number ofinquiries exchanged is over 200,000 cases per month, and lots of trade deals are concluded everyday.EC21 assures the worlds biggest product database as a B2B eMarketplace with 400,000 differentproducts available. We also support suppliers by providing information of more than 500,000buyers.
  30. 30. Basic Service
  31. 31. Premium ServiceFeedbacks Liu Sanhong, general manager, Powerlife Nutrition Co., Ltd, “ec21 is a perfect business partner when it comes to expanding your business abroad. Becoming a TradePRO member has given me the credibility and opportunities in our business world, which is very important especially when promoting products via internet on account of it needs to be decided about amount of products, risks, and various laws from each countries, etc.”
  32. 32. SerdarCeylan, president, Flora aromatic plants inc., “ EC21.com is great B2B platform that we have been looking for” Denny KOO, vice president, MBI Technology Co., Ltd, “We successfully made sales contracts with Spanish companies. Unexpectedinquires from new companies through ec21 lead good transactions and we happily appreciated very much for the ec21s nice role as medium. Compared to the high cost for international exhibition, this economical e-market place provides us many realizable opportunities of selling our INTARSIA KNITTING MACHINES to all over the world with low cost.Ec21 will be one of the most trustable partners in our company.”FINDINGS All the 5 web portals are well known to all clients. They differ in services that are offered to the clients and the ease of use of the web portal Among the 5 web portals, the best portal that offers very high services is EC21 but there are no much Indian customers. It seems like it is only for Chinese customers. Because the feedbacks provided are mostly Chinese When the other 4 Indian portals are concerned, based on the product categories, services offered and ease of use, the ranking is as shown below: 1. Alibaba.com 2. IndiaMART 3. Tradeindia 4. TATAB2B When more customers move for online shopping it is very important to have membership in these sorts of web portals which will help to expand the business.
  33. 33. REFERENCES 1. www.ec21.com 2. www.indiamart.com 3. www.alibaba.com 4. www.tradeindia.com 5. www.tatab2b.com 6. www.b2btoday.com 7. www.b2bwebdevelopmentindia.com 8. www.webpronews.com 9. www.webinfotechindia.com 10. www.businessvibes.com 11. www.marketresearch.com