The grudge


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The grudge

  1. 1. The grudge<br />Camera<br />This is a plan shot of the town were the film is showing the audience were the film is set and the audience see that it is set in a city.<br />The medium long shot lets the audience see the surroundings of the scene and grabs the attention as it gives them time to analyse the scene properly and this camera angle lets the audience see everything from their point of view so makes them engage with the scene.<br />This close up of the woman’s face is a good shot for the audience to watch the characters facial expressions. In this scene the audience are watching the woman’s face and are realising her facuial expressions are not happy but much traumatized. This would not be seen by any other shot as this is the perfect one for this shot.<br />The bird’s eye view here is the best shot to be taken at this moment as it pulls the audience in and creates a scene were the audience fee; as if they are in the woman’s place and this shot is good as its the only shot that would show the distinctive shape of how the man landed. This scene helped the audience realise that the film is either a thriller as the camera angle is distinctively trying to show the male personas body in the worst position it can.<br />Title<br />Here the tile has come up with red writing and black background. These are typical colours created for thriller or horror red writing with black background but the titles are done well as it is done with a effect that grabs the audience’s attention and has them focused on the hair moving swiftly around inside the red writing which creates a desired meaning of the film being about a woman as long hair is a typical feature of woman.<br />This is another example of how the titles are relating to hair. This here is jet black hair being created to show a Chinese title for the film in the red back ground and black writing this time. It is Still representing horror but just a switch of the background colour with the writing to get the audience engaged even more. <br />Here the titles that are shown are very specific to what they want the audiences to feel. These titles help the audience engage straight away from the beginning as writing comes up in white with a black background but then swiftly gets blurred out and the one word kept turns red. This happens here and all the time the words are negative. “Curse, Death and Fury” this automatically gives the audience the desired meaning of the film being a mysterious horror or thriller.<br /> <br />Sound<br /><br />The sound throughout the credits is a low pitch but deep consistent sound with the non diagetic sound of water in the background. This effect of sounding is good for a thriller or horror as it keeps the audience concentrated and calm throughout the credits which are usually done with horrors.<br />As the sound from the short clip goes to the titles it gets loader which grabs the audience’s attention and gets them at the edge of their seat as they are waiting for a surprise of or a big shock. The sound stays the same throughout the titles but the soundbrige is added and gets louder and lower which is put there for a reason and that is to create tension in the clip.<br />Mise en scene<br />Throughout the short clip the personas facial expression is of a straight face but very traumatized. This helps the audience understand that there is something mentally wrong with the man before he jumps of the building. He was dressed in his sleeping cloths which showed the audience he had literally just got out of bed and as the personas hair looked fine made us thinks that he did not sleep at all at night so something could have happened to him at night. The body language of the persona was very still and relaxed but not in a way a person would be normally but relaxed in a way as if he was slouching down which indicated to me that that part of the scene was representing his soul had been taken from him. The characters proxemics was very spacious both were a good couple feet away from the other which was to indicate both were in different mind states.<br />Convention<br />The conventions of the clip are very typical to a typical but did contain good uses of camera angles to create desired meanings to its audience. The red writing with the black background was very typical but the hair streaks going through the writing was very different which was good for the clip. The space between both characters was not a normal convention as in horror they are usually close together.<br />Timings:<br />Main production: Columbia: 0.17<br />Production Company: ghost house pictures: 0.30<br />1st title of the film: 0.42<br />2nd title of film: 0.48<br />3rd title of film: 0.53<br />Sam Raimi and Columbia pictures present: 2.30<br />A ghost house picture production: 2.34<br />A film by Takashi Shimizu: 2.38<br />Sarah Michelle Gellar: 2.44<br />