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Presentation1 wiz kalifa

  1. 1. Front cover- Wiz KhalifaThe album coverappeals to its target The writing font for theaudience with the title and artist name iscolours which is the same throughoutmainly focused on the digi pack andgreen and the front consists on the sameimage which is the colours. It stands out asartist created of it is done with a plaingreen smoke. black background .The titling is also The front cover is sellingrepresenting the the persona. This is donemain focus of the with the image beingalbum. As we see green and being made upthe terminology of of smoke, this is a„paper‟ being joint symbolism ofwith money which is marujuanaas it is a typicalalso possibly topic of the artistsindicating what the features. This is the artistmusic will be about selling himself as a The title of rolling paper is attracting an audience of smoker. smokers as its is a representation of rolling up drugs in many hip hop music videos.
  2. 2. The image is revealing the artist casually Inside panel walking and his costume is casual for a hip hop artist as he is revealed wearing a cap and the chain which are both typicalThe inside panel reveals conventions of an hipthe image of the artist hop artist. The smartwhich is the only clear coat with a hoody isimage of the artist on the not a typical hip hopwhole digi pack. This convention but worksindicates the importance well in this case as itof the inside panel as it is suits the urban imagethe representation of the to the cd.artist in full effect. The background of were the artist is walking is quite urbanized which helps attract its target audience as it based around many colours and is eye catching as it is not simple. It creates a mood and setting for the artist before the audience have even heard his album.
  3. 3. Back panelThe back of the digi Throughout the digipack reveals the pack the colour greenartist name in the is heavily influencedmiddle writing as throughout it. Itsmoke but the symbolizes hope andsame font growth which can bethroughout the digi indicating the artist ispack. The names of trying to convey theeach song is at the message of hope inbottom centre of this album but alsothe back but in very growth as beingsmall font but all in recognized possibly.capitals. The back of the album cover sells the persona as a smoker. It is an representation of his name in big font in green smoked writing. This is attracting a target market of possible smokers which are very common in America.
  4. 4. Eminem front coverThe front of the encore The album cover isalbum sells the artist as playing with thea gentleman. The way generic conventionshe is portrayed is with a as the artist is asuit on and bowing rapper but isdown at his audience revealed as of awhich is giving him the opera singer. This isimage of being well not his averagemannered. convention of a rapper.The cover appeals to itstarget audience by theway its got the artistdressed in a differentmanner and is The font used in thisappealing to people digi pack are typicalwho listen to other for rappers as it isgenre music such as big and bold whichclassical,opra. This is is direct andEminem trying to sell reaches out to itshis character audience.„Marshalls‟ story
  5. 5. The idea the cd reveals is that the Inside panel artist is writing a goodbye letter and the bullet can be conveying the The inside panel of message that the Eminems album is artist is trying to say designed as if it is a letter to his that someone is family, friends and after him. his fans signed by himself. The disc Eminem is revealing a itself is designed heightened reality to his as if it is a sheet of character Marshall and paper. is selling his story on the cd. This is a unique way to attract its target audience as it tells aThe bullet is a little story about thesymbolism of album and keeps thedestruction but can audience keen which ispossibly be getting the a good way of selling themessage of suicide. artist. The way this has been designed is to show the audience that the new album is revealing a message on the cd itself which reveals what sort of music and what it would be about.
  6. 6. Back of album case The back of the cover is indicating the issues in rap and the anger its promoting and thisThe back of the back cover clearlyalbum cover reveals attracts its targethim having a gun audience as it iswhich is indicating revealing the innerpossible anger violence of rap as gunstowards his audience are a typical conventionand is revealing the of a rapper.threat of rap as thesuites a cover up. It is unusual for the back of a albumThis back cover cover not to haveplays on what the the tracks names onfront cover is them but this isportraying and away to keep thereveals two target audiencecomplete different unaware and keensides to the on listening to whatcharacter which his new album iscan be playing on about. This is athe generic unique way ofconventions of the getting sales forartist. famous artist.
  7. 7. Front panel The colors of the front cover automatically attract its audiences which are clubbers or people who like to dance and his frontThe album cover is a album cover has UVexample of a typical ray lights which aremainstream artists typical conventions of aas it is not a simple club songs. Its also aalbum cover. It has futuristic and the I gotmany different colors the idea of that in theand is playing with name of the albumhop hop conventions “disc-overy”with the way he‟srevealed on thecover. He‟s wearing The name of the artistRayban sun glasses and the album cover isand his watch and displayed in the top leftbracelet are clearly of the cover and is inbeing revealed to be white capitals. This is toin the target reveal the importanceaudiences face to of the artist in thenotice. album and is also makes it stand out as the background is black.
  8. 8. Inside panel: DiscThe inside panel The writingwith the cd of style on the cdthe album is is in big capitalreally blunt with letter which isjust a simple focusingbackground of especially onpurple with the the artistsartist name and namealbum cover.
  9. 9. Back panelThe back of the The back coveralbum has the consists on thenames of the same features asall the artist the front with thetracks and they colours, smoke andare all written in the uv lights. Thiscapital letters . helps the attraction of the digipak as it creates consistencyThis back cover is throughout it.selling the artist asit is representing afuturistic feeling The artist name andwith the starts album name isclouds and the imprinted on thecolours. This back on each sidecould be which indicates thesymbolising this importance of theartist is the future artist and how thisas this is his first helps sell his namealbum. as its his firsst proper album mainstream..
  10. 10. The costume of the artist is revealed as being a Nas front cover tracksuit with matching hat and trainers and also a lot of jewellery which is also selling the artist as being rich and also anThe artist is revealed image of a possiblesitting more on the gangster. This front coverright side of the digi attracts the targetpack with his name audience of possibleon the left with a youths that enjoy streetrandom image of a life musicpigeon next to him ashe is revealedstanched in acrouching position onthe edge of apossible bridge. Thisstance sells the artistas being cool