Panic room


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Panic room

  1. 1. Panic room<br />Camera:<br /> <br />Here the camera angle is zooming into the city of buildings which is giving the audience an insight to were the film is located and what sort of environment it is based in. This camera angle helps the audience understand the film by showing the setting but because of how far out it is the audience are still confused as to what country it is based in and that can be one of the main reasons for the long shot.<br />Here the camera angle being used here is plan which is the camera angle moving and looking around at the city in this situation but this image of the title in between the building gives the audience a desired meaning of the camera techniques showing us how everything is crowded or even trapped. This can relate to what the story line of the film will be about and helps the audience engage with the film.<br />The camera angle being used here is the low angle shot which is of a building with a title credit in front of it. This angle increases the height of the building from any other view and gives the audience the sense of confusion as it only comes up for one credit. This can indicate an importance of this building as it is the only building that is shown with this shot and this low angle shot makes the building seem very important.<br />Sound:<br />The overall sound throughout the credits starts off with a low pitch calm rhythm and as it when on to half way it speeded up and added a sound of ticking which could imply danger as ticking is usually referred to a bomb while it’s waiting to blow up. <br /><br />When the production company come up the with the sound of the production comes up with heavy sounds of wind and light thunder in the back which the audience can automatically see that the genre of the film will either be horror or thriller.<br /> <br />Use of title:<br />The way the titles are revealed in the clip of the film are in very big bold capital letters and all are shown in front of different buildings which also help the audience indicate the setting and environment of where the film is based.<br />The title of the film is being shown in the middle of all the buildings and not like the rest of the writing this one is based in the middle which indicates the importance of the title. This could be indicating that the film will be about a trapped persona as it is shown on screen.<br />Miss en scene:<br />Convention: <br />The conventions in this film opening were very different to your average thriller. The opening of this film did not give any indication that it was a thriller. As the audience of the thriller the only thing that gave me and idea was the ticking sound that appeared throughout the middle of the clip because the sound of the ticking is usually referred to a bomb and bombs are usually to do with actions and thrillers but the sound used in the video were to subtle for me to think it was action. All the camera angles titles and images used did not refer to any sort of thriller. That is why this movie seemed unique compared to other thrillers. It seems like a film to build up suspense.<br />