How did you use new media technologies in


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How did you use new media technologies in

  1. 1. Re search The first source of media technology I used for my overall project was Blog spot which is were all the info from my re search, evaluation, planning and construction will go on. This helped me organise my work and follow other blogs helped me keep up with others doing work in my group. It is also very helpful and simple to put all my work on as it can simply be copied and pasted on
  2. 2. Re search Another media consumption I used was Google to find our information on hip hop videos and not only that but helped re search Goodwins theory and gave me a clear understanding of his theorys so i could process them into my re search. Also YouTube Was were I got the music videos from. This helped me analyse 4 different music videos and make helped me get a fundamental understanding on the typical conventions of hip hop videos.
  3. 3. Examples of re search withscreen shots Pint screen of YouTube videos being analysed Goodwins theory being searched on google
  4. 4. Re search YouTube was very vital throughout our project. I would personally say it was the most important source of technology we used as it was used in every aspect of our project. YouTube also helped me in aspects of finding my final track and helped me access many different tracks that i could of possibly used as my final project. Another vital point about using YouTube throughout our project was that it was very easy to access.
  5. 5. YouTube searching screen grab Final track found on YouTube Possible tracks we could of used on YouTube.
  6. 6. Construction Throughout constructing the digi pack and the poster the main media technologies I used were photo shop. This was very vital and very good as it was designed to create professional looking posters and digi packs. This helped me understand how to take many images and put them into one by cutting and pasting and also writing on pictures with many different effects. Another source of technology that was used throughout construction was when print screens were taken from the actual video which was on I movies. This was very usefull as it helped me have an idea on how to make the poster and digi pack go with the actual video within the print screens and taken.
  7. 7. Screen grabs of poster andScreen grabs of photoshop in process forposter Screen grabs of digi pack on photo shop
  8. 8. Construction While in the process of filming many different technologies were used top create our project. One of the main media technologies we used which were very important was the tripod to create still shots of the performer from a lower angle. This was very well in its purpose and helped us throughout recording.
  9. 9. Planning Throughout the planning stages of my project my group used different sources of media technologies such as a digital camera for the story board which is very important due to the story board being clear to read through. Another source of media technology that was used throughout our planning stage was PowerPoint which was convenient for the script. It helped us create a organised script for our music video and section them out into different slides.
  10. 10. Print screen of the script onPowerPoint
  11. 11. Planning Microsoft word was used a lot throughout our planning stages. It was a important source of technology, reasons being that it allowed me to put up images of locations and costumes with information on why I chose them underneath which would make it easier for people to read and understand. Another reason why it was very use full source of technology was because it allowed me to create organised tables and also schedules and duties throughout the weeks. As we used PowerPoint and Microsoft Word throughout the planning stages this caused us to use Slide Share which is another media technology which helps us upload work onto our blogs. This is done by embedding a code onto the blog and uploading it.
  12. 12. Print Screens of Microsoft wordand slide share
  13. 13. Evaluation Throughout the evaluation stages we used many different types of media technologies,. One of the main ones we used were YouTube but for a whole different purpose. Instead of looking for music videos wed create our own on webcam on I movies and then upload it to YouTube and from there get the embed code and put it straight onto our blog. This helped me understand that there are other ways in which media technologies such as YouTube can use used for different things.
  14. 14. Evaluation Another source of media technology that we used was face book. This was used to receive audience feed back on our video, poster and digi pack. This was important as it reached a really wide range of audience and is also accessible to a lot of people you may not no. it was very easy to upload the images of the digi pack and video to receive audience feedback.