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  • 1. IstanbulMohammed Ahmed KaramastajiH00229481
  • 2. Taksim Square• Popular destination fortourist• Very long shopping streetswith lots of restaurantscafes and hotels
  • 3. Bosphorus Bridge• Was built in 1973• Connecting Asia withEurope• 1560 m Long
  • 4. Hagia Sophia..• Was Built between 532-537• Was a church• Then it became a mosqueand now it’s a museum
  • 5. Sultan Ahmed (Blue Mosque)• Was Built in 1609• The biggest mosque inTurkey• Was called the bluemosque because of thelarge number of blue tilesthat’s used to design themosque
  • 6. Topkapi Palace• Was the official andPrimary residence forOttoman Sultans for 400years• Contains large quantitiesof robes, weapons, shields…etc
  • 7. Dolmabache Palace• Was built between 1843and 1856• Have 285 rooms & 43sitting areas• Have the biggest chandler
  • 8. Beylerbeyi Palace• Was built by Sultan AbdulAziz• Was a summer residencefor Sultans
  • 9. Grand Bazaar• Opened in 1461• One of the largest andoldest covered markets inthe world• Have over 4000 shops
  • 10. The Basilica Cistern• Was built in the 6thcentury• The largest Cistern that liethe city of Istanbul
  • 11. Spice Bazaar• One of the oldest bazaarsin Istanbul• Famous in selling spicesand Turkish delight it havealso souvenirs
  • 12. The Maiden’s Tower• Located on an islet nearUskudar In the Asian side• Accourding to a Turkishlegend a princess waslocked up there to be savedbut she died• The tower turned to arestaurant
  • 13. Pierre Loti• Located on the GoldenHorn• Used as a place of burial• To reach the top of the hillwe should use the teleferic• They have the best konafa
  • 14. Mini-aturk• The biggest open museumin Europe• Have more than 105 of themost important historicalplaces from different partsof turkey
  • 15. Camlica Hill• Highest point in Istanbul• Can watch Istanbul froma 360 degree view
  • 16. Why I choose Istanbul• I go there every year there• I enjoy myself so much there• I like every thing about this city and enjoydiscovering new places
  • 17. Thank You for YourAttentiondo you have any questions ?