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Open Challenge is based on the published article
“Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy
of Space-time Concept.......” in the peer-reviewed
Indian Journal of Science & Technology on the
website (March’2012 Issue-3

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  • West has adopted a scientific perspective where existence of God is just not possible as the result of acceptance of Darwin & Einstein's theories. Now following should reveal that the Einstein's perspective is absolutely baseless.
    Since some of the members in this forum are not physicists & do not know philosophy of physics I would like to inform the members that Einstein changed the paradigm of physics in 1905 by publishing an article “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” on which the present adopted physics is directly & indirectly based. This article is the basis of Special Theory of Relativity. Subsequently Einstein put forward General Theory of Relativity under which mechanism of gravitation is defined. This forms the foundation of Big Bang Cosmology & Black Hole theories. His Special Theory of Relativity is openly challenged on the basis of published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals especially ‘Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe’ (; March2012) which could be read & downloaded by anyone at and once Einstein’s fallacies are rectified an alternative paradigm of physics emerges under which Big Bang Cosmology & Black Hole theory just could not be correct. His Gereral Theory of Relativity & associated Big Bang Cosmology & Black Hole theories have been shown to be fundamentally incorrect & baseless by Stephen Crothers through published scientific article “General Relativity – A Theory in Crisis” published in Global Journal of Science Frontier Research
    Physics and Space Science
    Volume 12 Issue 4 Version 1.0 June 2012
    Type : Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal
    Publisher: Global Journals Inc. (USA)
    Online ISSN: 2249-4626 & Print ISSN: 0975-5896
    which could be read & downloaded at
    As the consequence of this the philosophy of physics changes which is very briefly in understandable terms to even the laymen stated as under
    Aristotle:- Space- absolute & finite; time- absolute, matter-absolute, light/radiation- not properly known

    Newton:- Space, time & matter same as Aristotle; light a wave-motion with corpuscular theory

    Einstein:- Space- interconnected with time & emergent, Time-emergent & interconnected with space & relative, matter & energy (light/radiation) is absolute & transmutable and light/radiation as wave-motion with no clue as to what is light/radiation physically

    Final state of existence:- Space-absolute & finite, time- emergent & relative depending on the motion of the observer/body with respect to aether at rest frame of reference, matter-emergent & finite, light/radiation- a electromagnetic disturbance of electric dipoles of aether creating a electromagnetic wave motion and all forces of nature being electromagnetic forces which is being transmitted through aether, the electric dipoles.

    I have given more than sufficient mathematical, theoretical & experimental evidences which should be sufficient enough to discard the Einstein’s perspective once for all.
    Under the alternative paradigm of physics knowledge & degrees of all the main-stream physicists would be reduced to trash and that is preventing them to openly accept the truth. This is the only problem as the consequence of which all the main-stream physicists are maintaining total silence & ignorance about the open challenge. Open challenge is at and also at

    Now under the alternative paradigm of physics the existence of God is not only obvious & evident but a precondition for existence of the physical universe. The physical universe being the electromagnetic phenomena whereas God being without any electromagnetic properties as such humans cannot see God.
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Open Challenge

  1. 1. Open Challenge is based on the published article“Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacyof Space-time Concept.......” in the peer-reviewedIndian Journal of Science & Technology on the website (March’2012 Issue-3) andthe article is available on the this article it is mathematically, theoretically andexperimentally shown that the very space-timeconcept is fundamentally incorrect and accordinglytheories of relativity are absolutely baseless.