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OAT/Virtuoso Progress Update1

  1. 1. Ali Saeed 9 Slides
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Intro. & Summary of Progress  Egg Vending Machine  User-friendly SPARQL Generator  OAT Visualizations  Live Demo: Interactive parent-child tree  Live Demo: OAT grid & SPARQL Query Generator  Interactive Parent-Child Tree
  3. 3. Visualization/User interface Back-end (Data Storage) Documentation  Learned how to  Developed user-  Commented load UNIPROT friendly javascript code virtual rdf graph SPARQL  This generator presentation  Tested & implemented OAT calendar, grid, svg graph & bar chart  Developed interactive parent-child tree ray t od d Ali Saee c or ey loper on Deve Applicati ali zation & visuali analysis Semantic Capture, ta using ific da of scient ologies W eb t ec hn
  4. 4. [Update] Egg-Vending Machine – The BIG picture SPARQL (query) is very powerful, but takes time to learn and master <SPARQL Syntax> Data is not always returned in a usable Data Output_ form
  5. 5. [Update] Egg-Vending Machine – The BIG picture User-friendly SPARQL query <SPARQL Syntax> generator, requires virtually no typing Data Output_ OAT visualizations for rendering data in usable form for analysis
  6. 6. User-friendly SPARQL Query Generator  Given a graph URI, all fields are loaded automatically as a list: 2 1 5 Filters are added much 3 4 like MS Excel  Clicking Generate Query automatically generates the SPARQL query
  7. 7. User-friendly SPARQL Query Generator 1 3 Load Graph Order By:  Connects to sparql endpoint using OAT.Connection()  Simply adds ORDER BY ?field   using OAT.DataSource(), it queries given URI to get to the query text box for sorting the field names. returned data by the chosen field. select DISTINCT ?p from <" +  document.getElementById('u document.getElementById("uri").value + ">  serquery').value += 'ORDER  where {?s ?p ?o } BY ?' +   Loads a global array fields[] with field names document.getElementById('o  For each field returned, it creates a checkbox, checkbox rderbox').value + 'n'; label, filter-type dropdown, filter-value inputbox & remove- filter button using HTML DOM. var cb = document.createElement("input"); 4 Limit: cb.type = "checkbox"; cb.onclick = function() {...  Simply adds LIMIT xx to the query text box for limiting the Select All 2 display to xx records. document.getElementById('u  Loops through all checkboxes and marks them as checked serquery').value += 'LIMIT  document.forms["sparql"].elements["field_ch ' +  eckbox"][i].checked = true; document.getElementById('l imitbox').value + 'n';  Also adds all field names to the Order By: drop-down list document.getElementById("orderbox").options .add(optn);
  8. 8. User-friendly SPARQL Query Generator Generate Query 5  Loops through all selected fields and retrieves their prefixes from the global array fields[]. Then it combines all prefixes in str_prefix variable. str_prefix += "PREFIX " + prefixes[j][0] + ": <" + prefixes[j][1] +  ">n";  Loops through all selected fields again and generates the select string, str_select += " ?" + selectedfields[i][0]; the where string, str_where += prefixes[selectedfields[i][1]][0] + ":" + selectedfields[i] [0] + " ?" + selectedfields[i][0] + ";n"; adds filters if any, str_filter += 'FILTER regex(?'+selectedfields[i][0] + ', "'+  document.getElementById('sp_v'+j).innerHTML +'")n';  Finally, it combines all of str_prefix, str_select, str_where, and str_filter into one query and displays it in the query text box. document.getElementById('userquery').value = str_prefix + "select"+ str_select + "n" + "from <"+document.getElementById("uri").value +">n"+  "where { n"+ "?s " + str_where + "n"+ str_filter + " }n"
  9. 9. OpenSourceAjaxToolkit Visualizations  SVG graph shows data  Grid shows raw data in a relational table form  TreeView shows relationship graph hierarchy in folder-file style Live Live  TimeLine shows chronological Demo Demo timeline of events  BarChart plots  Line graph shows histogram/barchart of line graphs of numerical data numerical data  PieChart shows pie chart of numerical data
  10. 10. Interactive Parent-Child Tree Combining SPARQL and OAT, we can interactively draw the hierarchical tree of any ontology. Simply double-click on the node of interest and the children/parent will be shown
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