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Smart textile (1) Smart textile (1) Presentation Transcript

  • Smart Textiles New Generation Of Textiles
  • • Leisure and fun : MP3, keypad *Their is types of intelligent textiles are those which change their colour reversibly according to external environmental conditions, called chromic textiles Solvate chromic External stimuli energy is liquid. For example swimsuits Apart from this, the most important application for chromic materials is, fashion, to create fantasy designs changing its colour depending on the volume of incident light. Wearable applications
  • Massage kimono it gives a soothing massage to the wearer that can be regulated depending on the level of relaxation desired by the user
  • Sports : Phase change materials It’s kind of wears that provide a thermal balance between the heat generated by the body while engaging in a sport and the heat released into the environment.
  • Sports suits give Heart rate Pulse Sports foot wears which Determine Distance GPS & Running speed estimation
  • Professional : Photo chromic External stimuli energy is light. For example : clothes which can store light and these are used in working clothes for road works/repairs in bad light situations or for marking arrows on carpets to guide people during a power failure. Thermo chromic: external stimuli energy is heat. Used by Firemen
  • Thermo chromic : External stimuli energy is heat Used by Firemen. Electro chromic : External stimuli energy is electricity. Businessman garments : Which have a microphone incorporated in the collar and a display and a personal digital assistant in the sleeve.
  • For astronauts: Smart textiles give them the chance to determine easily ; Heart pulse rate Respiration rate Body temperature Location External gasses and temperature Wireless communication to base station
  • Health : Heart rate Respiration rate Body temperature Body pressure
  • Wearable Biosensors – Wound Healing Integration of health monitoring tools into textiles, for safety and comfort • Remote diagnostics to improve early illness detection • Real-time remote monitoring of vital signs, e.g. for sports, elderly, and professionals • Monitoring Wound Healing • Clinical evaluation (visual), analysis of wound exudates
  • Credits: Mohamed mohsengaber Hanyahmedhassan Sohylasamir Maiiabdo el masry Presented To : Dr..Sherweet