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PCG Pit Stop - coming to a city near you!

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Pcg Pit Stop 4panel Rev A 110429143451 Phpapp01

  1. 1. ® Educate Your Entire Dealership Team SUGGESTED COURSES DEALER/ GENERAL INTERNET FIXED OPS CONTENT / SOCIAL GM SALES MANAGER SALES MANAGER MANAGER MEDIA SPECIALISTImproving Customer Sales People – Improving Customer Fixed Operations Sales People – Communication 10 Steps to Selling Communication Marketing with 10 Steps to Selling Channels: Phone More by Social Channels: Phone SEO, SEM, and More by Social Calls and Email Networking Calls and Email Social Media Networking Energize and Dominate Local Content Strategies Dominate Local Content Strategies Syndicate Search Using Video For SEO, IRM, Sales Search Using Video For SEO, IRM, Sales Your Dealer SEO Strategies & Online Branding SEO Strategies & Online Branding Reviews E ective Digital Dealer Websites & Google Places E ective Digital Dealer Websites &Marketing Strategies Mobile Marketing Optimization & Marketing Strategies Mobile Marketing To Implement Now Opportunities Advertising Using To Implement Now Opportunities Google BoostDealer Chat Solutions Getting to “Y”es: Reviewing Your CRM How to Getting to “Y”es: – Establishing Unlock Gen Y & Internet Lead Di erentiate Unlock Gen Y The Real ROI Buying Habits Management in a Crowded Buying Habits of Online Chat Processes Fixed Operations Market Multiple Attendee Discounts Advanced Registration Required $495 $995 $325 Only $495 Per Person Up to 3 Attendees Per Person 4 or more Attendees PP 1 3 4+ 3 Attendees $995 Advanced Registration Required Questions call Carrie Hemphill at 732-450-8200 x2
  2. 2. ® Education Is Your Dealerships’ Competitive EdgeThe PCG Pit Stop® Program provides marketing leadership:1 Improving Customer Communication Channels: Phone Calls and Email Learn simple processes that can be easily implemented at the dealership to improve all customer communication channels. If your closing rates could be improved you to send your team to this workshop.2 Sales People – 10 Steps to Selling More by Social Networking If you are in sales and have been asking for social networking strategies that can help you sell more cars, then attend this workshop and walk out with a winning strategy.3 Fixed Operations Marketing with SEO, SEM, and Social Media Fixed Operations marketing on steroids includes advanced strategies that leverage SEO, SEM, and Social Media. Learn how to increase online engagement, leads, and revenue for your most pro table business unit.4 Energize and Syndicate Your Dealer Reviews Dealers are learning about the importance on online reviews but few have taken advantage of new strategies to syndicate and leverage your positive customer reviews. Be the rst to jump ahead in your market.5 Dominate Local Search Using Video SEO Strategies Video search marketing is an untapped goldmine for car dealers who understand the importance of Google Page One dominance. This is one of our most popular workshops because the data is eye opening.6 Content Strategies For SEO, IRM, Sales & Online Branding Learn how to leverage content publishing, blogs, and social networks to increase tra c, leads, and sales for all operating divisions: new cars, used cars, parts, and service. Content is King and we’ll share the King’s secrets.7 E ective Digital Marketing Strategies To Implement Now Confused what you should invest in next to market your business? We’ll review the latest trends and technology and give you clear directions on how to prioritize and test new marketing opportunities.8 Google Places Optimization & Advertising Using Google Boost Google Places is the #1 free source for direct dealer tra c yet most dealers have not learned how to optimize their Google Places listing. Once optimized, learn how to leverage Google Boost and Reviews for strong ROI.9 Dealer Websites & Mobile Marketing Opportunities If you are shopping for a new website or interested in new features for data integration, chat, video, or mobile technologies, we’ll review the latest “toys” in the industry and give attendees a rst look at winning solutions.10 Reviewing Your CRM & Internet Lead Management Processes Dealers can save thousands by improving existing lead management processes through better structure, training, and inspection. Get the low down on kicking your BDC into a higher gear on a path to higher pro ts.11 Integrated Automotive Advertising Strategies Are you getting frustrated with your patchwork of advertising and marketing partners? Dealers who are looking for guidance in consolidating their digital marketing and traditional advertising strategies can get advice from the pros.12 Dealer Chat Solutions – Establishing The Real ROI of Online Chat Should your dealership be using chat on your website? Get the clear ROI from real dealer case studies on the impact on leads and sales when chat has been implemented.13 How to Di erentiate in a Crowded Fixed Operations Market How dealers have successfully marketed their Fixed Ops. Trends, what works today, and what will work tomorrow. Topics to be discussed include: Greening your dealership; Good safety culture; Hybrid, electric and economy customers; Energy e ciency, waste minimization and environmental assessments.14 Getting to “Y”es: Unlock Gen Y Buying Habits for 50+% More Revenue Dealers need to understand the unique buying habits of Gen Y consumers. You’ll be surprised how little you know about this important consumer demographic and how to gain their trust and engage with your products and services. We recognize that you have choices where you send your “PCG Digital Marketing hosts some of the industry’s best education events, they are not to beemployees for training so well let your peers tell you missed. Education + inspiration + networking + hands on training + great food + great beverages = PERFECT ADULT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. I would recommend anyone who wants to knowwhy you should consider attending a PCG conference. more about the automotive digital space to check out one of their events.” – David Chan, Director of Marketing for RBM of Atlanta “The trainers had already done the research, testing, and grunt work for the attendees, we simply had the luxury of following instructions and watching success unfold. A fantastic experience that not only drove results right now, but drove an enhanced understanding of the power of SEO as we continue moving into the future. Thank you to Brian Pasch and all of the sta at PCG Digital Marketing.” – Kristin Reid, Director of Marketing, Meade Lexus of Lakeside
  3. 3. ® The PCG Pit Stop format is 1.5 days and designed to give dealers the opportunity to invest in educating their sta . The Saturday/Sunday dates are designed to minimize time out of the o ce.Conference 1.5 Day Agenda: Sat 2:30 Registration Opens Sun 8:00 General Session Sat 3:00 Exhibit Hall Opens Sun 8:30 - 12:00 Workshops Sat 4:00 Technology Showcases Sun 12:00 Lunch with Keynote Sat 6:30 Cocktail Reception Sun 1:30 - 5:00 Workshops Sat 7:30 Dinner with Keynote Sun 5:00 General Session Sat 9:00 Hosted Entertainment Sun 5:30 Cocktail Reception Exhibitors & Sponsors Inspect List Sell For additional 2011 conference dates visit: WWW.PCGPITSTOP.COM Questions call Carrie Hemphill at 732-450-8200 x2COPYRIGHT ©2011 Pasch Digital Marketing, LLC All rights reserved.