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  • 1. giltuJ=^€f-4+aCffi Oflnlr1t ffi WTheOrgnalandthe Dresent Qeality -i-9.3tt alt r rc 19.;^7-=4t s Dr. Muhammad Abdullah bin As-Saheem Translationand Footnotes: Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Khaaliq
  • 2. 6p.rlJ.r I t t 1 .liUel-{rU.1}11*lt 9r$l @ ;il,al+L/tr|t clllt i:L i-ii .IJl -t", ,r .tr*r r g:r.Jl .&)t- I l - ilrlr JrtYl+l.-.djl a-lxtt.Jrll 111.-AIA--o: JLr-l (i-j;gYl;xJt,J"4rll) dlJbJl-i {r: ll -1/Yqrt IY.6y-r 1 /Iq rt a E rtp 111.*AYA--o: J!r.l
  • 3. CONTENTSIntroduction............... ..,..................4Originof Christianity............. ........6Christ, Messiah: the "Sonof Allih"... ..............2Christ: TheSecond Element theHolyTrinity..:..........,.9 ofTheDivine onewithHumanity as ...,...,... ......1IThe TrinityTheCrucifixion.......... ..................13TheSacriflce Penance and ...........12TheLordsSupper....... .................1gBibliography and Referencesof Books of SomeChristians accepted Who Islam... ...................23
  • 4. 49i1i$;1 In the Name of Alldh, the Most BeneJicen1, Most Merciful the IntroductionAll praise andthanks dueto Allah, Who hasnot taken areany creature a son, nor doesHe haveanypartnerin His asdominion, nor hasHe anyprotector from amongthe lowlycreatures,His greatness greaterthan all else I bear iswitness that there is nothing worthy of worshipin truthbesidesAllah Alone Who is singular withoutparmer, and land I bear witness thatMuhamm P, + ))t ad ,P is Hisslaveservant Messenger. andrft .Sail Allahu alaihi wa sallam - It is the transliteration the of invocationmadeby Muslimsuponmentioning nameof Prophet the Muhammad. It is commonly translated "Peace Blessings as and be upon him" or "Peacebe upon him" Though this renderingis correct in part, it does not fully convey the meaningwhich is explainedin the commentary the verse on "verily Allah andHis alan-Nabiy. you who believet"t; ttL : * V O angels yusalloona sallooalaihi wa sallimoo tasleema". The full meaningofthis passage and the epithet is long anddifficult to concisely convey while simultaneously giving it full justicein the Englishlanguage. It would more closelybe explained meaning as "May he (Prophet Muhammad) be mentioned theheavens in by Allah andHis angels andgiventhebestofsalutations.AndAllahknowsbest.(The Al-Bukhari) Book of Tafsir, Sahih
  • 5. This is a very brief summaryin which I intendto clariffthe origin of Christianity (Nasraaniyah)and its currentreality. It is principally intendedfor the Christianin orderthat he may be aware of therootsof his belief. He willperhaps come to understand how Christianity hasundergonechange and substitutionto the point that it has -evolvedinto a manmadecomposition this,afterhavingonce been a Divine message. I havemadeit a point tobring forth, within this summary,those evidencesthatbrought forth the truth of the matterfrom actualtextsofthe Torah (Tawrah) and the Injeeltr.This was donetoillustrate, to every Christianreader,my intentionto pointout the tnrth and to guidetowardsthat which is correct.ThusI write, seeking Allahs assistance.rrt Commonly translatedand understoodas the Gospels though it rwealcd to Prophet litcnlly rcfcrso ttreScripture (Iesa)ru rr. Jesus
  • 6. The Origin of ChristianityThe origin of Christianity is like that of other Divinerevelations such as the messages Noah (Nuh), Abraham of(Ibrahim) and Moses (Musa) ,,r-,,-r+ r Every divinelyrevealed message is unanimous in its fundamentalreligious creed such as: Belief in Allah as SingularandAlone and without any associate;Belief that He was Belief in Angels and .neither born nor doesHe give birth2l;the Day of Judgementin the Hereafter;Belief in Divinepredestination,and the good and bad of it; Belief in theMessengers Prophets. andThere is nothing in recorded history, since the time ofAdam rx-r L{re up through the last of the Prophets,Muhammad p1dr, d,rirrr, indicating that any known Divinerevelation differs in thesebeliefs. Indeed,the differencesfound among them are connectedto the forms of worshipand their various conditions or appearance. Also, thosethings that were forbidden or permitted differed forvarious reasonsas legislated by Allah to the Prophets,IttAlaihimus salaam- It is the transliteration the invocation(plural of form) made by Muslims upon mention of any of the Prophetsand Messengers. Though similar in wording and meaning to the invocation made upon ProphetMuhammad,it can more simply be understood as "Peace be upon them" [singular .,r_r, Alaihis .* salaam "Peacebe on him"J. Also the nameAs-Sqlaam (peace) is a perfect attribute of Allah which may therefore render another meaning to the invocation that "Allah - Who is peaceand the Grantor of security and peace to His creation - be with the Messenger Prophet."And Allah knows best. or2 There being nothing before Him nor doesHe have any need for progeny.
  • 7. each of whom wasordered explainandclariff the law to therespectiveTherefore, [original] Christianity can be termed as aDivine message that calls for Belief in Allah as Singularand without associate, thatHe is neitherbornnor does andHe have offspring. It confirms that Allatr indeedsendsMessengers and Prophets from among menwhomHe haschosen from thebestof people.This, in orderthatno onecan have any argumentbefore Allah after having thusbeensenta Messenger.The question oneis obligedto askis: HasChristianity thatremainedin the state in which it wasoriginallyrevealedby Allatr to His servant Messenger and (Iesarx"l,{,,X JesusIn order to answerthis question, is necessary bring it toout for our mutualbenefit,the realityof Christianity todayand compareit with what hasbeentransmitted both the inTorah and the Gospelsattributed to MosesandJesus r, nfr-,r respectively. This is in order to examine:Is thepresent state of Christianity in accord with the originalmessage doesit differ? Do the textsattributed these or toProphets supportthe beliefs that the current Christiannation standsupon? Does what is related these in booksabout the life of Jesusfv-,rqr. correspondto the imageintroduced in the churches of today asto the personality -and character the Messiah? A personality of whichhasbecomemythical in its proportions thepoint that it can tohardly be accepted in the mind or provento be real. Thefirst of suchbeliefsis asfollows:l. is The belief of the Christiansthat theMessiah the Sonof God (Allah)
  • 8. This is a belief thatis not supported anystatement by ofthe Messiahr1-,r {+r,. In fact, we find the TorahandtheGospelsfilled with evidence, thecontrary, nullifies to thatthis belief. We find in theGospel John19:6,8:"When ofthe chief priests andthe offrcers sawhim, theycriedout,Cruciff him, cruciff him! Pilatesaidto them,Takehimyourselvesand cruciff him, for I find no crimein him.The Jews answered him, We havea law, andby that lawhe ought to die, because hasmadehimselfthe Sonof he tttl)GOd.rMatthew begins Gospel 1:1,with whatis saidto be his C:Jesussfamily lineagewhere he (Matthew)states: "TheBook Of the Lineage Christ,thesonof David,theson ofof Abraham." In this lineage an evidence his beinga is offlesh and bloodmortalin contradiction the claim of his tobeingdivine. It is asif you wereto sayto me,"It hasbeenathibutedto Jesusthe descriptionSon of God, sohethereforeclaimed to be the Sonof God." I respond thus:This descriptionrelated in your bookis givennot only toother Prophets but to nationsand peoples. It is notsomethingpeculiar to the Messiah. To be sureyou canlook for examplein Exodus 4:22,Psalms Chronicles 2:7,22:9-10Matthew5:9,Luke3:38, John1:12.In all of andtrl Unlessotherwise noted, biblical all references from: The Holy are Bible containingthe Old And New Testaments, revisedstandard version,translated from the original tongue beingtheversionset forth A.D. 16l I revisedA.D. l88l-1885andA.D. l90l compared with themostancient authorities revised and A.D. 1952, published by ThomasNelson & Sons.[How strangeindeedthat what is offered by a proof by thosewho insist upontheauthenticity of biblicaltextsis suchan obvious proofagainst themselvesll
  • 9. theseverses descriptions the aforementioned are of groupsas "Sons of God," nevertheless werenot elevated they tothe levelthat you havegivento the Messiah,.In the Gospelof John l:l2,we aregivena definition ofwhat is meantby the "son of God". It shows that it meansa believer in Allah asin the passage "fls cameto his -own home, andhis own people received notl,But to himall who received him, who believed his name,he gave inpower to becomechildren of Godwho wereborn,not ofblood nor of the will ofthefleshnorofthewillofman,but of God."2. The belief of the Christians Jesus r.r,is a god that fx-Jr along with Allah, but he is the secondelement the of Holy Trinity.If we examinethe New Testament order to find the inbasisuponwhich this belief is founded, do not find any westatement that can be attributedto the Messiah.,r:r *,uwhere he makes suchclaim. We are,on the contrary, anysurprisedto find that the New Testament containswhatactually amounts a rejectionof this belief. It to proclaimsunambiguouslyand with utmost clarity that there is noGod other than Allah andthatthe Messiah rd,is but a f)L,rMessenger Allah sent to the Children of Israel(the ofJews) confirmingwhatwascontained the Torahandthe inrevelation (AlJnjeel) sentthroughhim. Herearesomeofthe texts that supportwhat I havejust stated:lll Referring to Jesus rrr,r{.r..
  • 10. A.Jesusf)r-rqr! states the GospelofBarnabasl94:l: in"And having said this,Jesus again:I confess said beforeheaven,and call to witnesseverything dwellethupon thatthe earth, that I am a stranger all thatmenhavesaidof tome, to wit, that I am morethana man. For I am a man,born of a woman,subject to thejudgement God;that oflive here like as other men, subject to commonmiseries.""2B. Luke and Cleophus testify to the humanity andmortality of the Messiahwhen they state: "Thenoneofthem, named Cleopus, answered him,3Are you theonlyvisitor to Jerusalemwho does not know the thingsthathave happenedtherein these days?And he saidto them,What things? And theysaidto him, Concerning JesusofNazareth,who was a Prophet, mightyin deedandwordbeforeGod andall thepeople," Luke24:18,19. Lookalsoat Luke7:17and Actsof theApostles at 2:22.rrr This Book is considered a part of the Apocryphai.e. thosebooks found to be inconsistentwith the official doctrine of the church and were therefore removed from the Bibles of Catholics and Protestants read today! It can however, still be found in separate collections of Apocrypha which are comprised of several books. These collections themselves may vary, further illustrating the point that to maintain the authenticity of biblical texts is futile.t2rTheGospelOf Bamabas, Abul Qasim Publicationst3l The context of this story is that Jesus ql, ?lt-,r is himself the questionerhaving arisen but they could not recognize him! l0
  • 11. C. There is the statement the MessiahrLl qr "And this ofis etemal life, that they know Thee the only true God, andJesusChrist whom Thou hastsent."John l7:3rYou can see that Christ f)r-,r,.t-, in the first text, bearswitness before the heavensand calls to witnessall thatlives on the earth that he is absolvedof those attributeswhich elevate him abovehis mortal status. What can thisbe other than that he was no more than a human being? testify thatIn the second text, two of his contemporarieshe was but an honestman of God in word and deed.While in the third text is a resoundingdeclarationof thegreatest truth in this universe which accordseverlastinghappiness to the one who declaresit. Namely, theacknowledgement that Allah is the only true God andanything falsely worshippedotherwiseis utterly spuriousand false. It is an affirmation that Christ was theMessenger Allah. of3. The belief that the Divine hasmixed with the human.If we take a closelook at the teachings Christ r)Lrqr,, ofwe would seethat he never directs anyoneto this. On thecontrary, we witness his teaching to have belief intl It is noteworthythat in the immediately preceding Jesus verses refers to Allah as Father and himselfas Son. This actually illustratesoneof themostproblematic in typeof contradictions the Bible andthe problem usingit aseithera support refutation of or of itself. Namely, one canreada statement indicating singularity the of theCreator followedor preceded that only to be immediately by which nullifiesthatsingularity! ll
  • 12. monotheism (Tawheed)tt pure from anyoffthe sains ofpolytheism(Srrtr$. A very clear proof arethewordsofChrist related in Mark 12:29:"Listen, O Children ofIsrael, the Lord God is but a SingleLord." May beyourperusalof the evidences havereferred in theprevious I topassages, alongwith the oneI have just shown, will showyou whetherthose evidencestakenfrom your own HolyBook supportthis belief or do they conflictwith it andnullifu it??!!4, The belief that Allah is an element the tripartite of commonly knownas"The Holy Trinity."This is a belief held by Christianityalone among allDivine religions. Is it truly supported theHoly Book or bydoes it refute such a belief? One, who honestlygivesthought to whatis purported from Christrr-rr4,, will findthat the basis of the message of Jesusis a call toTawheedztand a negationof attributingto Allah thesimilitudeswith His creation. It is a strippingawayofDivine qualities from all else besidesAllah and anaffirmation that worship belongsto Allah alone. Lookagain closely at theevidence citedin the second third andpassages you will not find anyambiguityor vagueness andtherein. This is from onepoint of view. A second that isChristendom fabricated claimthatAllah is thethird has itsof a co-equal Trinity: TheFather beinga God;The Sonarrt Allah being One andAloneandsingularly worship deserving and devotion.t2 Puremonotheism t2
  • 13. second; and the Holy Spirit a third.rrThis is incorrect.They believethattheHoly Spirit emanates from theFatherand the Son. It is not possible eachelement that couldbeequal andwithouta beginning thethird proceeded if fromthe two before it! As well, eachsingleelement its hasown peculiar characteristicswhichcannot attributed be tothe other. Also, the Fatheris always at thetop of thescheme, with the Sonafter,andthe Holy Spiritasthethirdin order. You wouldneveraccept theHoly Spirit be thatplaced at the fore, with the Sonto follow, andthe Fatheras the third. Indeedyou wouldconsider asdisbelief thisand apostasy So how then can they be at all equal!Looking from even another angle, eventermthe Spirit toalone "Holy" as points a lackof equality. to5. The belief of the Christians Christwascrucified that by the Jewsat theorderof PontiusPilateandthathe diedon thecross.The Holy Book itselfprovides refutation this belief. the ofFor in your booktheonecrucifiedis deemed accursed asis shown in Deuteronomy 22:23: "And if a man hascommitteda crime punishable death andhe is put to bydeath,and you hang him on a tree, his body shallnotremain all night uponthetree,but you shallbury him thesame day,for a hanged manis accursed God;you shall bynot defile your land whichthe Lord your God givesyoutll It is well-known that even Christiansare not in unanimous agreem€nt to theexactnature this Trinity. For example, as of some believetheHoly Spiritto be Mary,themotherof Jesus, while some othen maintain to be theArchangel it Gabriel! l3
  • 14. Think aboutit! How canyour godbefor an inheritance."cursed your very own book?? byAs in theGospel Luke4:29,30 of where Allah safeguardedand protected Messiah the from the deception the r:r.rrrJ, ofJews andtheir plottingsothattheywereunable crucifr tohim: "And they rose up andput him out of thecity, andled him to the brow of the hill on whichtheir city wasbuilt, that they might throw him down headlong. Butpassingthrough the midstof themhe wentaway."And itsaysin John 8:59: "So they took up stones throwat tohim; but Jesus himself, wentbutof thetemple"r hid andAlso in John10:39: "Againtheytriedto anesthim,but heescaped from their hands."Thesetexts - and there aremanylike them- confirmthat Allah protected Christf:r-,rr,t from theconspiracy ofthe Jews and their plotting. Indeed, therearetextswhichconfirm that the Jews were not even sure of Christsidentity to the extent that they had to hire someone topointhim out to them(See Matihew 27.3,42t).Likewise,Christ ,r-r.+r said thatthedisciples wouldbestricken with doubton thenight of his beingbetrayed, for You will all fall away;he stated: "And Jesus to them, said The version which the author cites states Jesus ** did so that ,.-r, "Passing throughthe midstof themand,thus,wentaway"t2l The text reads: "When Judas,his betrayer,saw that he was condemned,he repented and brought back the thirty piecesof silver to the chief priests theelders, and saying,Ihave sinnedin Whatis thatto us? See it to betrayinginnocent blood.Theysaid, yourself." He afterwardscommitssuicide. l4
  • 15. for it is written: I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep "will be scattered. (Mark 14.27)Then what indeed was the end of Christ rur+,r,upon thisearth? Allah raisedhim unto Himself, and this is writtenin your book: "And when he had said this, as they werelooking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out oftheir sight. And while they were gazinginto heavenas hewent, behold, two men stoodby them in white robes,and Mensaid, of Galilee,why do you standlooking into theheaven? This Jesus,who was taken up from you untoheaven." (Acts l:9-l l)rl Also: "...for it is written,Hewill give his angelscharge of you,andOn theirhandsthey will bearyou up... " (Matthew4:5,6).Additionally,this is relatedin Luke 4:10,1l.2Did you not see how your book conveyedthe followingfacts?:l. That whosoever hangedfrom a tree is accursed. is2. That Allah safeguardedChrist ff,-r ..*r,and protected him from crucifixion.3. That Christ saidthat the discipleswould be uncertain on the night of his betrayal.4. That Allah raisedhim to heaven.trt This is related as happening after the resurrectiont2t The text reads:"... for it is written, He will give his angelscharge of you, to guard you, and On their handsthey will bear you up, lest you strike your foot againsta stone. " l5
  • 16. Now, to you I raisethis question: whatreason the For iscross considered a holy object in Christianity as whilesimultaneously being the place of Christsr)-trr,ttorture as you believe?Is it not the remembrance an ofoffense? Is it not a symbol of the crime and itsinstrument? Furthennore,do you not see that the qr,crucifixion, as connectedwith Christ ?:r-,t has nohistorical or religious basis to which it can beauthentically attributed? Why are you so preoccupiedwith it to such an extentandwhy is so muchimportanceplaceduponit within your belief??. If you remain contentwith thesebeliefsthenhonestly answer thefollowingquestions:o Who is it that controlledthe heavensand the earth whentheir lord wastied to thewood of thecross?o How conceivableis it thatfor threedaystheuniverse could continue without a god in control and its maintaining stability?o Who is it that controls such enormousplanetsand subjectsthemasHe sowills? death andwhoo Who is it that gives life and causes whosoever wills? upliftsor debases Heo Who is it that provides sustenance mankind and to livestock?o How was the state of the whole universewhen its "lord" wasin his grave.?o Who causedhis "death"andwho thenrestored to him life? t6
  • 17. o How tremendously above is Allah from whatthey far maintain!!ltl 6. The beliefthatChristdiedon the crossin orderto rid anderasefromhumanity inherited its sins.This beliel despite its illogicality and irrationality,contradictsthe basicfundament majortextscontained andwithin yourbook. Suchareasfollows: l. Progenitorsare not killed in substitution their of descendants.2. Everyone with his own sin. dies3. Theoffending souldies.4. Allah accepts repentance those the of who sincerely repent.The textsthat support thesefundamentals are: l. "The fathersshall not beput to death thechildren, for nor shall the childrenbe put to death the fathers" for (Deuteronomy 24:16) 2."1n thosedays they shall no longersay:The fathers have eaten sourgrapes, thechildrens and teethareset on edge. But everyoneshalldie for his own sin;each man who eats sour grapes,his teeth shall be seton edge."(Jeremiah :29,30) 3|lrl It is difficult for a Muslim translatorto interpret thesepassages without a tremendoussense fearat mentioning of what is implied by these beliefs. Suchmusthavebeenthecasefor theauthorwhen posing the questions doinghis research. mustseekrefuge and We in Allah from suchideas! t7
  • 18. Why should not the son suffer for the3. "Yet you say, iniquity of the father? When the son has done what is lawful and right, and has beencareful to observeall my statutes,he shall surely live The soul that sins shall die. The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son; the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself. and the wickednessof the wicked shall be upon himself. But if a wicked man turns away from all his sins which he has committed and keeps all my statutes and does what is lawful and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die. None of the transgressions which he has committed shall be remembered against him; for the righteousness which he has done shall live." (Ezekiel 18:19-22)7. The Lords Supper(The Eucharist)rIn all that is relatedin the Gospelsof Matthew and Markon the story of the Lords Supper,thereis nothing that isjoined with any commandof Christ rl-Jr.J,that makesthis worship a continual act of or religious ritual. You can refer to the story as related in thesetwo Gospelsand you will find it ati I havestated.However, where Paul relates that it should be taken as acontinual ritual, we find the additional statement:"And This iswhen he had given thanks,he broke it, and said,my body which is for you. Do this in remembranceofme. " (I Corinthians l:24) Irrr The Last Supperwith the discipleswhen Christ is purported to have statedthe famous iniunctionto drink of his bloodandeatof his flesh. 18
  • 19. This is the root of Christianity and its presentreality, andthis reality you have seen - has no link to theMessiahrx-rrcJ, established any verifiablechain. The as byonly link is that it carriesthe name of Christ, whereasitfails the slightest historical or religious investigation.Indeed, the "Holy Book" of Christianity contains textsattributed to the Messiah that contradict and refute thebasic beliefs and important principles on which theChristianreligion is laid.The thinking person is one who disdainsfalsehoodandhates deceit. You should be intent on becomingone ofthose thinkers who has renounced this profound stateofaffairs and who took every hardship and difficulty insearching for the truth, demanding evidence with thedesireto get to the reality of the matter.So, I say: I shall stick to your book that will guide you ifyou give thought to the truth and what is correct. Do younot say in your prayer: "Hallowed be thy name. Thykingdom come..." [Matthew 6:9,10]. Are you up to nowwaiting and saying: "Thy kingdom come"? Has thatkingdom not yet arrived? For if the kingdom hascomeand indeed been realized, why do you still make thisentreatyin your supplication?The kingdom has surelycome and reached realization itswith the atrival ot the prophet who the Messiah,,r-r*,r,himself informed us of when he said: "But theCounselorr",the Holy Spirit, whom the Fatherwill sendinrrr The Paraclete. Originally from theGreek wordParacletos which literally denotes "The one who is mostpraiseworthy". Whichis l9
  • 20. my name,he will teachyou all goodthings,andbring toyour remembrance that I have said to you." (John all1426) He also said: "But when the Counselorcomes,whom I shall send you from the Father,he will bearwitness me". (John15:26). to Who is it to borewitnesstothe message theMessiah of ry-rrr,t declare and him freefrom what the Jews fabricate abouthim otherthantheinformationabout the Messenger Allah, Muhammad of&f ..1, .lf .rf-?Christ also said: "I have yet many things to say to you, butyou cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of Truthcomes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he willdeclare to you the things that are to come. He will gloriffme, for he will take what is mine and declareit to you."(John 16:12-14)Muhammad l-r.4r, Lu !r-Lis indeed the Paraclete (theConforter) to whom Christ fl-rrqr. pointed to. He is theone who guided humanity to the ffuth, and this is becausehe did not speak from his own self. Undoubtedly, hespoke not from his own desire, rather it was nothingexceptDivine revelationsentto him.Come on then and follow the Paraclete who was pointedout by Christ rr-,rr,r, He is the sameParaclete, news of ! thewhom was brought by Moses fx-rter , when he said inDeuteronomy18:18: "l will raise upforthemaProphetlike you from among their brethren; and I will put mywords in his mouth, and he shall speakto them all that Icommand him." The brethrenof the Children of Israel are= equivalent to the Arabic word *r Ahmed which is the name of Muhammad rLr..r,.l, r-. 20
  • 21. the Children of Ishmael, and no Messengersprung fromtheir lineage except Muhammad d-r." str. He is theone, aboutwhom Moses fl-l4u: informed us that he wouldcome from the Mount of Paranas related in Deuteronomy33:2: "He said, the Lord came from Sinai and dawnedfrom Seir upon us; he shoneforth from Mount Paran..."- Paran is none other than Makkah Al-Mukarramah.The residents of Sela sang songsofjoy upon his arrivalamongst them, as we readin Isaiah42:lI "Let the desertand its cities lift up their voice, the villages that Kedarinhabits; let the inhabitants of Selasing for joy, let themshout from the top of the mountains." Selais a mountainof Medinah Al-Munawwarah, the place where the messageof Muhammad,r!,rr went,forth. The idolsfellbeneath his feet (SeeIsaiah42:17",and his message wasgeneral to all the earth. Humanity found happinessin himand thousands upon thousands believed in him andjoinedhim from among mankind. Be one of them and achievetrue happinessin this world and in the hereafter.So, how do you become one of those followers ofMuhammad *-r.*b dr gr, to achievefor yourself what hisfollowers achieved? lndeed, this is a simple matter. Allthat you needto do is cleanse,puri$, and rid your body ofall traces of things impure and afterwardsmake the two q-i : Ash hadupart J5-.2 oir+lir dJll dj ) ,1i tr.r. an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadar-Rasulullah."Know the requirementsof that declaration, tll The text of whichreads: "They shallbe turnedbackandutterlyput to shame,who trust in gravenimages, who sayto moltenimages, "You areour gods". 2l
  • 22. while understanding meaning- thatthereis nothing itsworthy of worship in truth exceptAllah andthatHe isalone in this right to be worshipped obeyed in He and andis the CreatorandSustainer.Also that Muhammad the ismessenger Allah andtherefore of follow andobeyhim inwhat he has ordered believein whathe hasinformed andus of. You must stay awayfrom thosethingswhich heforbadeus from andrebukedus for. Testi$ that Jesus wasa servantof Allah, and the Messenger a word from andHim as bestowed upon Mary, and a spiritt from him.Also that Paradise a reality as is Hell, andthatAllatl iswill raise the dead from theirgraves.If you makethis areality in your life thenyou will be welcomed become toof thoseinheritors the Garden Paradise arewith of of whothe Prophets,the truthful ones,the martps, and therighteous.If you would like even more writingsandreferences topoint you toward the truth andguideyou to thestraightpath, for you is a list of someof thebooksauthoredbysome Christian clergymenwhom Allah has guided toIslam. They havewrittenin these bookswhy theymovedtrr Arabicword cr;Ruh whichis usuallytranslated spirit or souland as occasionallycauses some confusion as to the conect belief regardingProphetIesa ,:r.-r,.,r,. may bethecase This especiallyin light of theChristian beliefthatJesus partof a Trinity containing is the Hoiy Spirit. The term Ruhin reference Iesa,u ., like the to souls of other creatures exceptthat lesa fr-Jr indeed er, holdsa specialstatusin this Rui being attached the Nameof Allah to Himself. It doesnot imply that lesa,r-r, is at all a partof Allah .,r, any more than when Allah refersto thewholeof theheavens and the earth as His, does it meanthattheyarea partof Him or vice veftia. 22
  • 23. from Christianity Islam along with the reasons to thatcaused them to leaveChristianity. They include thoseproofs and evidences whichtheywereguided know by tothat Islam is the Final and Everlasting Message. Thesebooksareasfollows: l.ReligionandState Ali bin Rabbin by At-Tabari 2.Faithful Advice on exposingthe Realiry of the Religion of Christianity by Nasr bin Yahya Al- Mutatabbib 3.Muhammad the Holy Book, published Arabic in in andEnglish theMinistryof IslamicLaw in Qatar. by 4.The Gospel and the Cross, by David Benjamin Kaldani, who acceptedIslam andadopted name the Abdul-Ahad Dawood. S.Muhammad/-r rc,.rrru in theTorahandtheGospels andtheQur6n. 6.Forgiveness Islam and Christianity lbrahim in by Iftalil Ahmed,a former Christianministerwhose name beforeIslamwaslbrahimPhillips. T.Allah: Oneor Three? 8.Christ: HumanBeingor God?by MagdyMorgan. 9.TheSecret My Islamby FuadAl-Hashimi of l0.The RadiantLighthouses thepitchDarknesses in of this World by the guidedMuhammad Zakiud-Deen An-Najjar.This is blessed groupwhohaschosentruthoverfalsehoodandguidance overmisguidance. you consider Do yourself 23
  • 24. more knowledgeable Christianitythan them?? Then ofwhy have you not asked yourselfabout reasons the thatlead them to abandontheir former religion anddeclaretheir migration to Islam? What are those proofs andarguments which they read that drove them towardsguidance light? andI say to you that this blessedgroup is not theonly onewhich left its religion and declared its Islam. Theyareindeed but a few of those learned Christians who haveacceptedIslam. I havementioned themto youjust asanexample. Therearemanyotherslike themandwe witnesscaravans of faith in their daily travels on their waytowards Islam, proclaimingthat there is no deity exceptAllah and Muhammadps*dr,/- istheMessengerofAllah.Our final prayeris all praises thanksareto Allah, the andLord of all theworlds. 24