A Guide To Healthy Eating Plans


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Once your body is used to a good routine with a balanced diet, the process of maintaining the diet will become easier over time. It can be very hard at times to gain a clear understanding of what is expected of us when undertaking healthy diet plans and this is often due to conflicting advice given.

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A Guide To Healthy Eating Plans

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  2. 2. Many food plans tell you what to do but do not give you advice on the exact foods you should and should not eat. Here we will break down the food categories to really help you get started with your healthy eating plans.
  3. 3. Fruit and Vegetables To maintain a healthy balanced diet eat 5 pieces of Fruit and Vegetables per day. Fresh Fruits/Canned Fruits Oranges Pears Grapes Star Fruit Plums Pineapple Apricots Frozen Vegetables Sweetcorn Carrots Peas Cabbage Beans Courgettes Lettuce Cucumber Tomatoes Other Lentils Baked Beans Pulses Beans Below is a list of these foods…
  4. 4. Bread, Potatoes & Cereals For a healthy eat planning 5 portions of these foods are recommended each day. Noodles Pasta Rice Oats Potatoes Bread These include… Your aim should be to include one of these foods into each meal you have throughout the day!!!
  5. 5. Milk and Dairy Foods The healthy eating level for milk and dairy foods in 2-3 servings per day. These include: Fromage Frais Cheese Yoghurt Milk Always eat these foods in moderation and try not to exceed the daily guideline. Foods like cheese are high in fat and are hard to breakdown in the digestive system. In measurement form the guidelines are as follows; - A glass of milk is 200ml per day - Yoghurt is 150g per day - Cheese is 30g per day
  6. 6. Meat, Fish and Alternatives The recommended daily amount for meat and fish per day is 2-3 servings. When buying meat it is advised to trim the visible fat. Poultry Beefburgers Eggs Meat Fishcakes Fish Some of these foods can be high in fat so always spend a little more time looking for the lower fat options. There are also the alternatives to non-meat eaters which are good for you when choosing the lower fat options, these include: Kidney Beans Tofu Vegetable Protein Nuts Mycoprotein
  7. 7. Fatty and Sugary Foods The recommended amount is 0-3 small servings per day. Foods containing high fat & high sugar; Cream Fried Foods Margarine Butter Crisps/Chips Oil Mayonnaise Foods recorded in high sugar; Soft Drinks Jams Sweets Foods high in both fat and sugar: Chocolate Honey Pastries Ice-Cream Sweets Cakes Biscuits Fizzy Drinks
  8. 8. To find out more about losing weight and maintaining a good diet visit… HEALTHY EATING PLANS Learn How To Lose Weight Instantly Click Here
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