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Moglue GMIC Presentation Application

  1. 1. Co-Founders with 14 membersTaewoo Kim Ryan Kim Chris RileyCEO, Co-Founder CTO, Co-Founder CMO, Co-FounderBachelor of Science, KAIST Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in BusinessMajored in Mathematics Korea University Administration, University at AlbanyMinored in Industrial Engineering Majored in Computer Science Majored in IT Management andand Business Economics Finance. Minored in Economics Co-founder of Neon Digital,Interned at SK Telecom Ventures, a web agency (2001~2004) 5+ years teaching experiencea venture capital fundin Silicon Valley (2010) Worked in SK Communication’s 10+ years in music and sound design, Video Division spanning over 50 projectsCEO of MneighborProduced Stictok, 10+ years experience in IT Coordinated in-store marketing,an interest based SNS that used as well as sales and markdownstickers. Won “Asia Top 10 Apps” systems in retail spaceby SingTel (2010)
  2. 2. Interactive ebook Current situationContent creators have beeninspired by Alice for the iPad,and are eager to turn theircontent into interactive ebooks.However…
  3. 3. Interactive ebook Current situationDIFFICULT Content creators have been inspired by Alice for the iPad, and are eager to turn their COST content into interactive ebooks. However… TIME
  4. 4. The simplest way to create your ownInteractive ebook
  5. 5. Moglue’s Solution Solutions Interactive ebook CreationOne Source, Multi Platforms Easy to Distribution Lower Reduced explore iOS/Android Cost Time creativity
  6. 6. Demo Videos Demo Product Moglue What’s Moglue?* Demonstration PromoVideo Video***Pivoted from MoglueBooks to MoglueViewer, an application tailored for content**Featured: MoglueBuilder v1.0. Current version: MoglueBuilder 1.2.1.
  7. 7. Market Size Solutions eBook industry growing rapidly 65% of the Top 100 in the App Store book category are kid’s books Market Share of the iPad will be 33% in 2015 Growth Areas Android Market (Samsung tablets, Kindle Fire) eLearning PC Viewer*Unit: $ Billion*Source : PwC, Apple Insider, Goldman Sachs
  8. 8. Competitive Landscape Competitive information Interactive Moglue TaleSpring Interactbooks DemiBooks Touch Books Base Platform Mac / Window Web(HTML5) Web(HTML5) Mac / Window iPad PC (browser), PC (Mac only), Preview Mobile (Wireless) PC (browser) Mobile(Wireless) Mobile (wired) Mobile (wireless) Interactivity Excellent Good Poor Excellent Excellent Usability Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor GoodFeatures-to-Cost Ratio Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Good Distribution Platform iOS, Android iOS iOS iOS iPad
  9. 9. Go To Market Strategy Market strategeBaseline Marketing Conferences/Lectures/ Book Fairs- Provide tool for free - Attend conferences to pitch and book fairs to exhibit- Viral videos (tutorials, how-tos, etc) - Host or attend lectures.- Interactive ebook competition Share how to use Moglue’s platformCommunity Marketing Partner Marketing - Marketing with contents owners
  10. 10. Business Model Pricing Model
  11. 11. Mile Stone Launch interactive eBook Plans of Moglue builder version1.0 ‘12 -Publish to iOS and Android Launch interactive eBook builder version 2.0 Launch web community for creators Launch digital asset marketplace ‘13 -Advanced builder platform with plug-ins, templates, etc. -Store to sell images, sounds, and templates for people who can`t create contentLaunch interactive eBook builder version 3.0Launch interactive eCard builderLaunch mobile web community for creators ‘14-PC and HTML5 web-based builders-Interactive eCard platform (with templates)
  12. 12. Finance Plans of MoglueRaised $1M in 2010 December, 2012 MarchSeed round from GS SHOP, a large, online distribution company in KoreaAngel round from the founder of, the second largest internet portal in Korea, and Neowiz’s internet fund,which serves a Korean version of iTunesRan open beta (2011-9/2012), which had more than 30,000 users from 90 different countriesGenerated more than $150,000 in revenue, and developed relationships with over 30 partnersSeeking $3M Series ATarget closing date: February 2013Use of Proceeds / Product Roadmap / Goals$1.5M-$2M : Hire 5-7 people for marketing, sales, and support (US), 7-10 engineers, 3-4 people for marketing & sales (Korea),and 3-4 UI/UX designers$200K~400K: Marketing campaigns & customer acquisition$200K~400K: Operations$100K~200K : Content and licensingLaunch interactive eBook builder version 1.0 in September, 2012Estimated monthly break-even point: Q4 2012, @ $45K/month
  13. 13. Portfolio Works
  14. 14. Create. Play. Share.
  15. 15. Thank you for listening / @moglue