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Sheffield is a city of great opportunity, no matter if you live here, work here or invest here. People and businesses achieve...

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  1. 1. SHEFFIELD //
  2. 2. SHEFFIELD: THE CITY OF OPPORTUNITY Sheffield is a city of great opportunity, no matter if you his company’s new European base. After signing the deal, three targets: live here, work here or invest here. People and businesses he praised the “fantastic quality of life” in Sheffield and ■ To be a modern, vibrant, green city where people choose achieve. Sheffield, more than any other city I know, is also spoke highly of the “15,000 skilled graduates” who leave to live, invest and work; full of surprises – and that’s why I feel so fortunate to live our two universities each year. Sheffield is also the city of ■ To operate a council that gets things right first time for and work here. choice for global names like Boeing and Rolls-Royce, who our customers; Throughout its history, Sheffield and its people benefit from our unrivalled credentials in advanced and ■ To be a city where everyone can achieve their full have been recognised as inventive, hardworking and modern manufacturing. potential. entrepreneurial. It’s also a city that prides itself on getting You may know that Sheffield is on the doorstep of the Here’s a flavour of how we’re achieving these goals and on with things. Quietly but effectively, we always get the sublime Peak District. But did you know that Sheffield how Sheffield has re-emerged as one of Europe’s most job done, irrespective of the challenges we face. itself is England’s greenest city and boasts more trees per dynamic cities. However, the only way to really understand It’s this approach that is helping us to attract a raft of person than any other city in Europe? You may also know this city is by spending time here with the friendliest and new investors. Just last year, Capita Hartshead located that Sheffield is nicknamed the ‘Steel City’. But did you most accommodating people in the world. its national headquarters in our city. A few months later, know that we actually produced more steel in 2007 than With that in mind, I look forward to welcoming you to international research consultancy Bunnyfoot began work ever before? Sheffield in the very near future! on its own Sheffield hub. “We recognise the value of what There’s no doubt about it: Sheffield is a great place to has been created [in Sheffield] and its exciting future,” be at the moment. From the recent regeneration of the city Bunnyfoot Sheffield’s MD Alison Rawlings said at the time. centre to the vibrancy of the arts scene and the strength of “We want to be part of that future.” our local economy, everything seems to be on the up. COUNCILLOR PAUL SCRIVEN, She’s not the only one. David Richards, President and So what are our ambitions now? What’s the Sheffield LEADER OF THE SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL CEO of software firm WANdisco, also chose Sheffield for vision? Well, in simple terms, we aim to stay true to our
  3. 3. CONTENTS Doing Business in Sheffield 04 – 05 ■ Advanced Manufacturing 06 – 09 ■ ■ Digital and New Media 10 – 13 ■ Skilled and Loyal Workers 14 – 15 Sheffield City ■ Studying in Sheffield 16 – 19 Council’s Leader, Paul Scriven ■ Attractions and Events 20 – 23 and Chief Executive, A Well-Connected City 24 – 25 ■ John Mothersole 2/3
  4. 4. A CITY THAT MAKES THINGS HAPPEN In Sheffield, the support structures are in place to give every single business the best possible chance of succeeding. That’s why we’re home to thousands of thriving businesses in a cross-section of industries. For hundreds of years, Sheffield has functioned as a catalyst for enterprise and achievement – and Did you know? business conditions are now better than ever before. 43% of people living in Sheffield City Centre are aged 20-34, giving the city a vibrant and youthful feel
  5. 5. // PEOPLE OF // DOING BUSINESS IN SHEFFIELD SHEFFIELD THE STORY SO FAR Sheffield has long been recognised as one of Britain’s premier locations for business. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the iron and steel industries that put the city on the map – at one stage Sheffield produced half of all the steel in Europe. Towards the end of the 20th century, the focus shifted to advanced manufacturing and digital and new media – both of which have continued to showcase Sheffield’s innovation in the early part of the 21st century. Sheffield has also developed a global reputation in healthcare technology, sustainable energy, computer game development and e-learning. To appreciate the renaissance Sheffield is enjoying, you only need look at some of the world-famous brand names now based in the city. For example, HSBC, Abbey, DLA Piper, Irwin Mitchell and Royal Mail all now run their strategic operations in Sheffield. In the shared services arena, the city has attracted international businesses such as BT, Capita, EDS, PlusNet and Virgin Media. Unsurprisingly, then, the Sheffield economy is thriving. In these tough economic times, Sheffield is proving a resilient city that is well equipped to overcome any challenge it faces. FACTS & FIGURES » SHEFFIELD HAS BEEN INDEPENDENTLY BENCHMARKED AS THE UK’S MOST COST-EFFECTIVE LOCATION FOR PROPERTY AND STAFF » TOTAL OFFICE OCCUPANCY RATES ARE 40% CHEAPER THAN IN LONDON THE EXPERT OPINION » WEEKLY WAGES IN SHEFFIELD ROSE BY 27% BETWEEN 2000 AND 2006, THE HIGHEST OF ALL CORE CITIES AND ABOVE THE “It’s great to do business in of Sheffield enjoy a fine quality committed to the region. NATIONAL AVERAGE OF 24.5% Sheffield. First and foremost, the of life with access to beautiful “Sheffield really is a city where » SALARY COSTS ARE STILL 30% LOWER THAN IN LONDON business community is extremely countryside, excellent education things get done – and this is » BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES SAW GROWTH OF 57% IN passionate about trade in the and healthcare and superb solely down to the attitude and THE 10 YEARS TO 2005 » region and works to encourage cultural offerings. For businesses, spirit of the people here. In my OVER 1.1 MILLION SQ FT OF GRADE ‘A’ OFFICE SPACE HAS BEEN successful enterprise at all levels. this means there is an available view, no other city can match DEVELOPED IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS “In addition to this, the people workforce that is happy and Sheffield’s unique offering.” SUZANNE LIVERSIDGE, MANAGING PARTNER AT COMMERCIAL LAW FIRM HALLIWELLS 4/5
  6. 6. ENGINEERING THE FUTURE Sheffield is the heartbeat of UK manufacturing and remains home to many of the world’s most innovative engineering organisations. With both universities strong in engineering, an Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and an unrivalled heritage in the steel industry, it is little wonder that Sheffield remains a vital player in the world of manufacturing. Did you know? Sheffield is the only UK city whose name is protected as a trademark
  7. 7. // PEOPLE OF // ADVANCED MANUFACTURING SHEFFIELD THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN SHEFFIELD Swann-Morton Ltd produces 1.5 million surgical and craft ■ blades a day. The company makes 98% of all surgical blades used in Britain and has 70% of the market in western Europe. ■ Engineering firm Davy Markham helped create the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, the Thames Barrier flood defences and the Channel Tunnel. ■ Sheffield Forgemasters is the world’s largest independently owned forgemaster, producing and stocking products for mills and presses, nuclear, offshore oil and gas, defence, power generation and materials processing. ■ Industry heavyweights Boeing and Rolls-Royce are the driving force behind Sheffield’s internationally acclaimed Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). ■ Symmetry Medical, the world’s largest independent medical device manufacturer, has built its European headquarters in Sheffield. ■ Gripple, a firm specialising in wire joining and tensioning solutions, was awarded the Best Factory prize in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ (IMechE) prestigious Manufacturing Excellence Awards. ■ Bromley Performance Sports is a world leader in high performance winter sports products. FACTS & FIGURES » ADVANCED MANUFACTURING IN THE SHEFFIELD REGION EMPLOYS AROUND 130,000 PEOPLE » SHEFFIELD PRODUCED A HIGHER VALUE OF STEEL IN 2007 THE EXPERT OPINION THAN IN ANY OTHER YEAR IN THE CITY’S HISTORY » APPROXIMATELY 1,400 STUDENTS PER YEAR GRADUATE FROM SHEFFIELD’S UNIVERSITIES IN ENGINEERING DISCIPLINES “The Sheffield region has firms and universities was centre of excellence was built » SHEFFIELD’S HARRY BREARLEY IS CREDITED WITH THE a pedigree of engineering recognised by aerospace leaders around Sheffield engineering and INVENTION OF STAINLESS STEEL IN 1913 excellence and innovation in such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, ingenuity delivering better, quicker, » THE PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS IN KUALA LUMPUR (THE materials processing. The wealth BAE Systems and Messier Dowty. cheaper and greener parts for WORLD’S TALLEST TWIN BUILDINGS) ARE CLAD IN SHEFFIELD of experience within the region’s Their vision of creating our global future generations of aircraft.” STAINLESS STEEL ADRIAN ALLEN, DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS AT THE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING RESEARCH CENTRE 6/7
  8. 8. Winter Garden: the largest urban glasshouse in Europe and home to 2,500 plants from around the world
  9. 9. Made in Sheffield is a brand associated with quality, one of the few city trademarks widely recognised throughout the world – Chris Rea, AESSeal 8/9
  10. 10. THE HUB OF DIGITAL INNOVATION The digital and new media industries in the Sheffield region are growing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the UK in terms of specialist companies and new jobs. Quite simply, Sheffield is an incubator for the digital industries. It is a city packed full of intelligent minds, exciting ideas and successful new media businesses. Did you know? most Sheffield is one of the connected cities in the UK, offering 100% high-speed broadband ADSL coverage
  11. 11. // PEOPLE OF // DIGITAL AND NEW MEDIA SHEFFIELD THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN SHEFFIELD Zoo Digital, which makes software for interactive DVDs, ■ is gaining recognition in Hollywood and recently signed a 15-year contract with The Walt Disney Company. ■ Warp X harnesses cutting-edge digital technology and low-budget production methods to make high-value movies that can reach cinema audiences across the world. ■ DESQ has been creating innovative and exciting digital learning experiences since 1998. The company makes digital learning materials to support formal education in schools and colleges as well as informal learning experiences. ■ Chemistry is a game development studio that is now making incredible products on the next-gen toolset Unreal Engine 3. ■ Digital communications firm QUBA has helped organisations like the BBC, Channel 4, Land Rover and the Carbon Trust to embrace the digital age. ■ Sheffield is home to learndirect, established by Ufi. It’s the largest e-learning network of its kind in the world. IT CONNECTIVITY Sheffield leads the way in IT connectivity, with 100% of local exchanges enabled for high-speed digital services (broadband ADSL) over existing phone lines. As a whole, Yorkshire and the Humber is totally broadband enabled, making it one of the country’s most connected places. Businesses also benefit from the IPNet Sheffield project THE EXPERT OPINION – pre-WiMAX technology offering wireless speeds over 10Mbps for daily use or as a back-up facility. Sheffield is “Sheffield has always been a new district aimed at high optimism within the city. the first place in the UK to be covered by such a network. pioneer in this area, developing technology businesses in the “The universities are also making Sheffield is also part of the South Yorkshire Digital Region: the UK’s first Cultural Industries knowledge, creative and digital a huge difference. Sheffield an EU-funded initiative to bring high bandwidth broadband Quarter 20 years ago. The city industry sectors. The Digital Hallam’s ‘PlayStation Degree’ in access (50Mbps) to the whole region. The Digital Region, is again racing ahead of its Campus will offer 600,000 sq ft game software development is the backed by Yorkshire Forward and the four local authorities in competitors with the Sheffield of scalable office accommodation first of its kind. All in all, Sheffield South Yorkshire, is the EU’s biggest ever municipal project. Digital Campus – an ambitious and add to the growing sense of fully embraces the digital age.” DEBORAH EGAN, DIRECTOR OF SHEFFIELD INDEPENDENT FILM 10/11
  13. 13. Electric Works helter skelter: Britain’s first indoor office slide, taking you down three floors in just seven seconds 12/13
  14. 14. A WORK ETHIC YOU CAN RELY ON Hard-working, entrepreneurial and loyal, these are the people you want working for your business. They are also the people your customers want to engage with – professionals with real personality and a helpful, problem-solving mindset. Did you know? In Sheffield, the average journey time to work is 23 minutes just
  15. 15. // PEOPLE OF // SKILLED AND LOYAL WORKERS SHEFFIELD The people of Sheffield demonstrate loyalty and passion for the area Martin Edmondson FACTS & FIGURES » STAFF TURNOVER OF 15.6% COMPARED TO UK AVERAGE OF 22.7% » 7.6 MILLION PEOPLE LIVE WITHIN A COMMUTABLE DISTANCE OF SHEFFIELD » THERE ARE 12 UNIVERSITIES WITHIN A PEAK ONE-HOUR THE EXPERT OPINION TRAVEL TIME, GENERATING AROUND 50,000 GRADUATES A YEAR “Sheffield is a city brimming with loyalty and passion for the area London, for example. » HIGHEST LEVEL OF EMPLOYMENT GROWTH OF ALL CORE talented people – and talented that is rarely seen elsewhere. “When you also add to the mix CITIES IN THE LAST 10 YEARS people are the key to any For business leaders, this loyalty the traditional Yorkshire values of » SHEFFIELD BOASTS MORE THAN 7,000 PROFESSIONALLY successful business. But Sheffield’s is invaluable as it means you straightforwardness, hard work QUALIFIED FINANCE, ACCOUNTING AND BANKING STAFF, competitive edge is not just about can build long-term strategies and integrity, you end up with a WITH AN ADDITIONAL 3,000 PEOPLE CURRENTLY STUDYING talent. The people of Sheffield around people in a way that pool of workers to match any in FOR PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS IN THIS FIELD also demonstrate extraordinary is not possible in the middle of the world.” MARTIN EDMONDSON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF GRADUATES YORKSHIRE 14/15
  16. 16. GRADUATES WHO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE Sheffield has two world-renowned universities producing a steady stream of highly educated individuals with the attributes your business needs. Did you know? Sheffield was voted as one of the best places to be a student in 2008
  17. 17. // PEOPLE OF // STUDYING IN SHEFFIELD SHEFFIELD THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD Established in 1905, the University of Sheffield has long been considered one of the UK’s most important educational institutions. At present, the university is ranked 6th in the country for research quality, with particular strengths in biological subjects. The university also has an impressive reputation for teaching, with 29 subjects considered “Excellent”. This makes it the third highest ranked university in the UK. It is currently ranked in the top five in: Architecture, Automatic and Control Systems Engineering, Biological Sciences, Clinical Dentistry, French, Human Communication Sciences, Landscape, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Philosophy, and Russian and Slavonic Studies. The University of Sheffield offers Executive MBA and regular MBA courses, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate courses. SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY Established in 1969 as a polytechnic, Sheffield Hallam took on university status in 1992. At present, Sheffield Hallam is considered “Excellent” in 12 subject areas. It also boasts 17 research centres and institutes and is THE EXPERT OPINION considered the leading research centre in Art and Design in the Midlands and north of England. “Sheffield offers some of the best “Most people who visit Sheffield “Everywhere you go, you find The university works with more than 25 professional educational institutions in the UK would agree that it has a certain friendly people with a can-do bodies and with business and industry leaders such as je ne sais quoi. Our location in but it’s more than that. Sheffield attitude, which means Sheffield is Sony, BP, NHS, Network Rail, Cisco, SAP and Microsoft. offers all of the attractions of the Peak District brings fresh air, a place where things get done. Like the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam the big city – things to do, views and space, making the city “That’s why Sheffield is the city University offers Executive MBA and regular MBA courses, experiences to be had, people to a genuinely pleasant place to live where more students stay to live as well as undergraduate and postgraduate courses. meet – without the downsides. and work. than any other.” PETER HOPTON, DIRECTOR OF VERY PC 16/17
  18. 18. Sheffield’s Cutting Edge: this 90m iconic water sculpture marks the gateway to the city outside the train station
  19. 19. // PEOPLE OF // STUDYING IN SHEFFIELD SHEFFIELD FAMOUS ALUMNI Sir Harry Kroto Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1996 ■ ■ Sir Peter Middleton Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Chairman of Camelot ■ Dame Anne Rafferty, DBE Judge of the High Court of Justice ■ Amy Johnson Pioneering aviator of the 1930s ■ Sir Hans Kornberg World-famous biochemist ■ Penny Hughes Former president of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland ■ Sir Richard Roberts Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology 1993 ■ Eric Dancer CBE Former managing director of Dartington Crystal ■ Nick Park CBE Academy Award-winning animator and director FACTS & FIGURES » THERE ARE 54,000 STUDENTS IN SHEFFIELD EACH YEAR, WITH 15,000 ANNUAL GRADUATES » THERE ARE 12 UNIVERSITIES WITHIN A 60-MINUTE COMMUTE CATCHMENT, PRODUCING 50,000 GRADUATES EACH YEAR » APPROXIMATELY 49% OF SHEFFIELD’S GRADUATES REMAIN IN THE CITY » IN 2006/07, SHEFFIELD HALLAM HAD 3,200 NON-UK STUDENTS AND THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD HAD 4,600, WITH THE BIGGEST GROUPS COMING FROM CHINA, MALAYSIA, INDIA, GERMANY AND NIGERIA » MORE THAN 70 SPIN-OUT COMPANIES HAVE COME FROM SHEFFIELD’S UNIVERSITIES IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS, CREATING MORE THAN 150 JOBS » SHEFFIELD COLLEGE IS THE LARGEST FURTHER EDUCATION COLLEGE IN EUROPE 18/19
  20. 20. YEAR-ROUND CULTURE AND ADVENTURE With its location on the doorstep of the Peak District, Sheffield has developed a reputation as the number one destination for outdoor enthusiasts. But Sheffield is also one of the UK’s most fascinating cities from a cultural perspective, with an array of museums, galleries and theatres. The city hosts world- renowned arts festivals, has Did you know? produced many of the nation’s most celebrated musicians and is home Sheffield’s Theatre Quarter has the to some truly inspiring architecture. largest concentration With Sheffield, you can be sure that there will be something to see and of theatres do whenever you visit. within a square mile outside London
  21. 21. // PEOPLE OF // ATTRACTIONS & EVENTS SHEFFIELD INNOVATIVE TOURISM Sheffield prides itself on seizing opportunities to entertain and delight residents and visitors with some of the most original and sought-after experiences the UK has to offer. Between May and September 2008, for example, Museums Sheffield hosted the only UK showing outside London of an exhibition showcasing the work of Vivienne Westwood, one of the most influential fashion designers of the last 30 years. This major exhibition featured more than 150 designs selected from the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection and Vivienne Westwood’s personal archive. It brought over £1 million into Sheffield’s local economy. FACTS & FIGURES » HALF OF SHEFFIELD’S POPULATION LIVE WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF OPEN COUNTRYSIDE » IT’S THE ONLY CITY WITH A NATIONAL PARK WITHIN ITS BOUNDARY » SHEFFIELD IS ONE OF THE UK’S TOP CITIES FOR CYCLING, WITH TRAILS COVERING HUNDREDS OF MILES » THE PEAK DISTRICT IS THE SECOND MOST-VISITED NATIONAL PARK IN THE WORLD, AFTER MOUNT FUJI NATIONAL PARK IN JAPAN » THE CLIMBING FACILITIES AND NATURAL FEATURES IN AND AROUND SHEFFIELD ATTRACT ENTHUSIASTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD – AS DOES THE SHEFFIELD ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL » SHEFFIELD IS ENGLAND’S GREENEST CITY, WITH 150 WOODLANDS AND 50 PUBLIC NATIONAL PARKS THE EXPERT OPINION » THE PEACE AND WINTER GARDENS WON THE ACADEMY OF URBANISM’S GREAT PLACE 2008 AWARD “Sheffield holds a number of national parks – and its population “Sheffield also hosts major, » SHEFFIELD IS HOME TO MORE THAN 50 INDEPENDENT annual events of international of outdoor-orientated enthusiasts. well-branded events such as the MUSIC STUDIOS importance. Cliffhanger and the Due to its proximity to the Peak World Snooker Championships » GUARDIAN READERS RECENTLY VOTED SHEFFIELD’S Sheffield Adventure Film Festival District National Park, Sheffield at the Crucible Theatre, an event SHOWROOM THEIR FAVOURITE INDEPENDENT CINEMA reflect both its geographic location boasts the highest population now linked with the city in people’s » MEADOWHALL IS ONE OF EUROPE’S LARGEST – a city of half a million people density of rock climbers of any city minds. This is something that can’t SHOPPING MALLS sharing one of the world’s oldest in the world. be said for many other cities.” MATT HEASON, FOUNDER OF HEASON EVENTS 20/21
  22. 22. WHAT’S APRIL APRIL–MAY APRIL-MAY SENSORIA WORLD SNOOKER PEAK DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS WALKING FESTIVAL Sensoria is the UK’s ■ ON IN (Crucible Theatre) festival of film and music. More than 100 walks and ■ Sensoria’s natural home The climax of snooker’s activities over the duration ■ is Sheffield – a city annual calendar and the of the 10-day festival. renowned for its creative most important snooker Enthusiastic walkers return SHEFFIELD? and technical innovation event of the year in terms of time and again to enjoy and rich musical heritage. prestige, prize money and the stunning countryside world ranking points. and clear their minds of the pressures of everyday life.
  23. 23. For the definitive guide to what’s on in the city, visit JUNE–JULY JULY OCTOBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER/ NOVEMBER SHEFFIELD CLIFFHANGER GRIN UP NORTH OFF THE SHELF SHEFFIELD DOC/FEST DECEMBER CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL GALVANIZE Cliffhanger is one of the This two-week festival ■ Sheffield’s annual Sheffield Doc/Fest takes ■ ■ ■ This two-week festival UK’s largest outdoor-pursuits celebrates all that is good celebration of writing This annual festival place over five intense ■ ■ provides more than 20,000 festivals, based in one of in UK and international and reading includes celebrates contemporary days in November and children and young people Sheffield’s biggest green comedy. The programme workshops, walks, talks, metal design and provides is recognised as one of from more than 130 spaces. The aim of the event includes a rib-tickling blend exhibitions, competitions an insight into the city’s the three most influential Sheffield schools with the is to inspire and involve. of stand up, funny films, and more. vibrant creative metalwork documentary film festivals opportunity to develop their comic quizzes, lectures and industry. in the world. creativity and to take part in general larking about. a range of cultural activities. 22/23
  24. 24. SHEFFIELD IS AT THE HEART OF EVERYTHING Look at a map of Britain – Sheffield is about the most central city on there. It is also well-connected to other cities in the UK as well as the rest of Europe and the world. AIR LINKS East Midlands Airport services more than two million Sheffield is in the unique position of lying between six passengers a year and provides a large number of international airports, none more than 65 miles away. domestic and European flights. This makes Sheffield a wonderfully accessible city ■ Leeds Bradford International Airport: 40 miles north of whether you’re visiting for business or just to spend Sheffield, Leeds Bradford operates flights to the UK and time in this beautiful part of the world. Europe for both business and leisure. ■ Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport: 20 miles ■ Humberside International Airport: 60 miles away, north-east of Sheffield with a range of scheduled and Humberside International Airport offers scheduled flights charter flights to Europe and North America. to Scotland and the Netherlands. ■ Manchester International Airport: 35 miles from ■ Liverpool John Lennon Airport: 65 miles to the west of Sheffield, the main international gateway outside Sheffield, Liverpool John Lennon Airport offers scheduled London can be reached by train in under an hour. flights to UK destinations and continental Europe. ■ East Midlands Airport: 47 miles south of Sheffield,
  25. 25. // PEOPLE OF // A WELL-CONNECTED CITY SHEFFIELD EUROSTAR LINKS ■ Paris: 5 hours 30 minutes to the heart of Paris (pick up the Eurostar at St Pancras, London) SHEFFIELD ■ Brussels: 5 hours 20 minutes to the centre of Brussels (pick up the Eurostar at St Pancras, London) RAIL LINKS AND TRAVEL TIMES Sheffield is easy to get to via train, with direct routes to and from many of Britain’s most important cities. ■ London: Direct trains in just 2 hrs ■ Manchester: Direct trains in just 50 minutes ■ Edinburgh: Trains (many direct) in around 3hrs 30mins ■ Bristol: Direct trains in just 2hrs 46mins ROAD LINKS ■ North – South: The M1 runs past Sheffield on its route from London to Leeds. The M1 is just a 15 minute journey from Sheffield city centre. ■ East – West: The M62 travels from coast to coast between Hull in the east and Liverpool in the west, via Leeds and Manchester. ■ Sheffield Supertram: The Sheffield Supertram helps residents and commuters to travel between suburbs, shopping centres, leisure complexes and commercial areas. Did you know? 36,000 people every day Sheffield’s Supertram is used by 24/25
  26. 26. GET IN TOUCH: FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CITY OF SHEFFIELD CONTACT: DOING BUSINESS IN SHEFFIELD STUDYING IN SHEFFIELD CONTACT: TOURISM IN SHEFFIELD CONTACT: CONTACT: Paul Scriven Richard Jones Leader of Sheffield City Council Chief Executive of Yorkshire South Ian Bromley University of Sheffield Email: Chief Executive of Creativesheffield Jane Chafer, Director of Student Email: Telephone: +44 (0)114 273 4240 Email: Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing Telephone: +44 (0)114 281 4048 Telephone: +44 (0)114 223 2345 Email: Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 1255 Go to John Mothersole Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council for all reference sources. David Fletcher Email: Director – Business Investment at Sheffield Hallam University Telephone: +44 (0)114 273 4002 Creativesheffield Janine Fisher, Interim Head of the Email: International Office Telephone: +44 (0)114 223 2345 Email: Telephone: +44 (0)114 225 4188
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