<ul><li>Acknowledgements and gratitudeWe start by acknowledging the Wesley Guild Circuit Executive for allowing us to use ...
Tshireletso wesley guild 31st anniversary celebration report back from 24 to 25 september 2011
Tshireletso wesley guild 31st anniversary celebration report back from 24 to 25 september 2011
Tshireletso wesley guild 31st anniversary celebration report back from 24 to 25 september 2011
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Tshireletso wesley guild 31st anniversary celebration report back from 24 to 25 september 2011


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Tshireletso wesley guild 31st anniversary celebration report back from 24 to 25 september 2011

  1. 1. <ul><li>Acknowledgements and gratitudeWe start by acknowledging the Wesley Guild Circuit Executive for allowing us to use this day which they could have used for the circuit and for always communicating with us and informing us of their availability. Your support is highly welcome and appreciated.We acknowledge and appreciate Reverend Tube and Evangelist Kopeledi for their support and unwavering contribution as always in all our activities and for also giving us the workshop on how to conduct the C’sWe highly appreciate the presence and support of other Wesley guild branches who from the start of the day till the end of the day were part of the celebration. You all made such a difference in being part of our celebration and we will send letters of appreciation to each of you as the time rolls onwards.We acknowledge and appreciate our societal stewards, our mothers and fathers of the society for loving us to such an extent they are willing to walk this long road with us. We feel your loving warmth as we try our best though we fall and stumble in all our activities we do in the church. We know we worry you most times and we try to take responsibility without complaint as we strive to always receive your approval. Thank you for accepting us as your children in Christ. We acknowledge and appreciate all the members of the montshiwa society for having patience with us and for the parents of the youth in Wesley guild. Your influence and love for your children shines through in their commitment to this movement and the church. Thank you for the efforts you put in preparing your children to be the best they can in the presence of others and this movement. We acknowledge and thank all the contributions and all the support that were made by other mission groups in our society and all the efforts they made to support us. As we try to grow within the structures of the church and we draw examples and strength from you we believe we are an apple that does not fall far away from the tree. Thank you graciously. We acknowledge and thank former members of Tshireletso far and wide and those who could make it for giving us a legacy that is today this movement. We are glad to hear that we are still keeping to the traditions of the founding members of this movement and we strive to learn more and know more so we can do more to keep the heritage of this your movement and our movement.We thank and acknowledge the organizing committee of this anniversary for all the sleepless nights, challenges faced, own resources used, constant follow up, receiving all disappointments with grace and most of all for reaching the heights of planning as a team of people for this massive project that very few can do in their sleep. Our movement is stronger because of every idea shared, every hand that touched anything to do with this project. We thank and acknowledge every single member of this movement who worked super hard and spend long hours slaving for the celebrations to come off as it did. We know Tshireletso members are always at hand when their movement needs them and they never complain about the job at hand and they ensure everything is done according to the standards demanded upon us. May your spirit continuously be blessed and may your commitment be a continuous heritage for our movement for years to come.We acknowledge and bless two brothers who have kept this movement in a heavenly shine by leaving their families and committing to our growth. Brother Moss Masukela on Sunday was caught by surprise that he was supposed to do the whole 10h00 service and because of his strength in the lord he delivered one of the very best sermon that many commented positively about throughout the delivery and post the delivery of the service. Our humble gratitude goes to you sir. Brother Oatile is also our shield of amour we have in this movement. With grace and panache he hosted the gala evening with such precision and humility befitting a gentleman who loves his movement and his lord. He pulled together a crowd that almost was not happy and he made an evening to remember our of it. To you our captain in the spirit of the lord we shine because you never backed down. May the grace of the lord richly multiply your blessings. Lastly to the tshireletso members far and wide, we acknowledge your spirit on the day and the weekend that was present with all of us. We thank you for your prayers and for believing that Tshireletso is live and well because you remember us in close quarters with the almighty. Together as one we continue to achieve so much more. The 31st anniversary of Tshireletso Wesley GuildFriday 23/09/2011The organizing committee met at church in the vestry to call every one, to update the program and to plan for the day ahead. We had only received a longer list of the members who used to be in Tshireletso the day before and we had to call all of them though many were already committed at that late hour to other things. We thank Brother Leburu and Mme Noko for all the support and hard work and for continuously updating us with other names. Saturday 24/09/2011The day started later than planned because of low attendance but in the end we started. We had a wellness discussion followed by the aerobics session which we followed with such energy. Thereafter we prepared the church for the gala evening by bringing in tables and chairs and decorating everything and sweeping to ensure everything is clean. In the late afternoon reverend Tube came to give us the foundation of how to conduct our C’s by giving us a workshop. During that time the mothers who always support us came to give us a hand with the cooking and the kitchen started to smell good. All other arrangement regarding certification and programs that had to be printed was done at that stage. The gala dinner started off slowly and late because people were not coming in as expected. The lady who was arranged to do a presentation on food because she is a dietician was cancelled as she had other commitments. Eventually the crowd arrived and the evening started and in the end only one table out of ten had no people. It was an exciting evening with lots of wisdom and celebrations. The evening closed with dinner and thereafter the tshireletso members cleaned the church, washed the dishes and pots, arranged the chairs in the church to be ready for Sunday 7h00 service and when everything was finished well after midnight, we then went home for a short rest. Sunday 25/09/2011The 7h00 service took place and during that service sister Waitsi read a poem written for tshireletso. After the church service, the congregation was served cake with Juice and once everybody left, the church was made ready for the 10h00 service. The 10h00 service was conducted by our very own Moss Masukela and during that service presents were given to all the mothers who had helped to cook for us and supported us with all the dishes and glasses etc. sister Waitse did the poem again and after closure the congregation was given the biggest cake of the celebration and some juice to their happiness. After the end of everything the Tshireletso cleaning crew cleaned the church, returned the tables and chairs and dishes and cutlery that they had washed themselves. This cleaning was done till well after 14h30 and thereafter the day was done.Thanks We once again are grateful for all the help and assistance and prayer from the entire church and our movement and those we may have missed during this weekend, we will make sure to connect with them again and to ensure they are acknowledge, appreciated and thanked for all their contributions. Thank your Tshireletso for being a home for many of us to shine like we do.All mistakes on the minutes are accepted to be fixed as there will always be some when minutes are taken.