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  • Allow the parents to log-in as their child to view/explore the program’s content.
  • Parent ppt 2012

    1. 1. PARENT OBJECTIVESAt the end of this session, you will be able to: Log in to Study Island Assist your child to start studying Check your child’s progress Access support options
    2. 2. Web-basedEducational Program
    3. 3. Designed to help your child master state standards while preparing them for the state’s test
    4. 4. • Every subject has topics written from your state’s curriculum standards • Common Core Standards available (where applicable)
    5. 5. Topics includelessons, questions, and explanations.
    6. 6. Every student has their own username and password(Parents can use this to access child’s account)
    7. 7. How will my child use Study Island? Go Forgot your password? Call 1-800-419-3191, Option 3
    8. 8. How does my child Start Studying? Select a Subject Select a Topic CHECK OUT Animated Lessons and FlashcardsSelect a session type and the number of questions
    9. 9. Student GOAL: STUDENT GoalEarn a BLUE RIBBON for each curriculum topic
    10. 10. NOW Login to the Study Island website:1. Select your child’s grade2. Choose a subject3. Explore topics (lessons, flashcards)4. “Start Studying” in the game and test mode
    11. 11. How do I check my child’s progress?Select “My Reports”
    12. 12. Easily monitor progress with REAL-TIME reports: Students receive blue ribbons when they master a curriculum topic. Hazard Symbol and Building Block activities when they do not pass a topic
    13. 13. NOW Return to theStudy Island website: 1. Select “My Reports”2. Review these 3 Reports:
    14. 14. How much time should my child spend in Study Island?• Ask your child’s teacher for recommendation• Every child learns differently and some may require more time in some topics and less time in other topics• Ultimate Goal = Complete each of the topics in a subject/grade level, earning a blue ribbon for each (Look at your child’s Subject Reports or Suggested Topics Report to
    15. 15. HELP is just a click away! Click on the “Help” tab Take advantage of the numerous resources available to you
    16. 16. THANK YOU!We appreciate the time you spent learning about Study Island . . . Now, have FUN with your child exploring Study Island!